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MYER: 30% Cashback (Capped at $100, Excludes Chanel & Dior) @ Cheddar App


There is 30% cashback at Myer when you order through the Cheddar app. This is capped at $100 and cannot be used for Chanel or Dior products. You cannot use Myer Gift Cards to pay and need to order through the Chadder app (and not Myer App).

You may be also able to get $20 signup bonus when you download Cheddar from https://www.getcheddar.com.au. I am not sure if the existing $50 signup bonus still works using https://getcheddar.app.link/web50sup. More info OzBargain

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$25 for both referrer & referee, after first purchase. Link only works from mobile.

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    Negging due to Cheddar - avoid if you actually want a trouble-free cashback.

    • +6

      Agreed. None of my purchases have ever tracked and I need to go through support every time.

      • +5

        Same, no tracking of any of my purchases

    • Totally agree, this app is highly unreliable.

  • Wow, That's a great cashback, on apple products too. If there was anything on the myer online store…

  • +1

    Off topic - anyone still waiting for $10 cashback from the last UberEats deal on Cheddar? Almost two months now :(

    It's not like you can return food orders so I don't understand why it takes so long

    • Tracks in 10 days and cashback in around 84 days or something right?

      • Mine tracked on the 4th day and am on day 50 something today waiting for it to be confirmed. Sent an email to support asking if there is any update and got the standard response i.e. it can take up to 90 days

    • +1

      I put through 3 orders during that promo. 2 tracked pretty quickly and i messaged them when the third one didn't like 2 days later. But then the 3rd tracked before support could reply to me two days later.

      As for the payout, all of those orders were approved within the last 5 days and i got the money just yesterday.

      I signed up to cheddar when the initial $50 bonus was going on and despite the orders linking to that promo going through. My sign up bonus hasn't. Weird.

      • That's great! When did exactly you place your order(s) if you don't mind me asking. Mine was on 4th April and has been waiting since.

      • Oops - I take that back. Just checked my app again and it seems the $10 has now been approved. It says purchase date is 4/4 and approved date is 8/4 so it only took 4 days. But I checked the app few days ago and it was still pending so it must've been updated on the app recently.

        But you are right, the $50 bonus is still pending.

        • Glad to hear. I'm less worried about the $50 since that was just the cherry on top for me.

          I'd be more annoyed if i placed orders with the expectation of cashback only to be denied them.

        • +1

          Email them and they will process it manually.

          • @sharepoint: Yep just did it - fingers crossed

          • @sharepoint: Wow they responded quickly this time and approved the sign up bonus :)

        • same here, used eat $10 offer in Apr, which were all approved yesterday, and the $50 bonus is approved today, all withdrawn now

  • I just emailed them at [email protected] today and they approved my Pending cashbacks manually.

  • +3

    Cheddar is the new JamJar?

    Where they sign us up, get all our details, offer great intro offers, receive a bunch of royalties from shops, immediately close shop and never pay out a cent to any of their customers?

    • I mean Cheddar is X15/CommBank so probably not aye

      • That's some comfort I guess, although lack of tracking mentioned by others does seem annoying.

        Think I'm still filthy JamJar owes me $20.10 🤣

        • If you email them they'll sort you out manually, but it's just a pain in the butt to keep track of things and send out emails, and then keep track of the responses. If you're going to save a bunch then I would still do it

        • Haha, mate, forget jamjar. Before that was pricepal. Old shool.

          I've been holding a grudge about that $20 i never got forever. It's not worth the therapy ;)

          • @justtoreply: Haha I want to but I can't. Including therapy I'm down $2400.

        • Same here, they owed me $20 too! Think that was the sign up bonus lol. I think their final name was plastiq or something. There needs to be an icac in this industry.

    • True, I got scammed by jamjar. Can't trust these small timers yet

  • Anyone know if the $50 sign-up bonus still works?

  • I got cash back on my 4 April purchases this week. Approximately 26 May or 7.5 weeks later.
    I am still waiting for my $50 to go through

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