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[eBay Plus] Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse - Graphite $118.40 Delivered @ digiDirect eBay


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Standard Mouse
Item Height: 12.49cm
Maximum DPI: 4000
Model: MX Master 3
Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
MPN: 910005704, 910005698
Programmable Buttons, Grip, Thumb Button, Adjustable DPI
Item Width: 8.43cm
Tracking Method: Darkfield
Number of Buttons: 7
Colour: Graphite

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  • +6

    with 3s around the corner… already released on US… this is less attractive

    • Depends what the local price comes in as. The upgrades are fairly minor on the new model.

    • Honestly, unless you're using it for gaming or have a massive multi-monitor set-up, the 3S isn't worth the price premium. 8000 dpi is totally unnecessary for a general-use mouse on a normal desktop.

      The only other upgrade is the silent switches, which again is great but unless you think a normal mouse click is far too loud, completely not worth the price premium

      • These are terrible for gaming anyway. There's baked in acceleration and lag.

        • Exactly.

        • its the 125hz polling rate that's the true sin

      • Mx series is not for gaming, high DPI but low response rate is nothing to gaming.

      • +2

        this is for the people who use multi monitor setups for excel sheets and visio … not gaming.

    • Meaning this will inevitably drop further in price. It's not really a deal at this price even. <$99 and then it might be worthwhile getting.

  • +1

    Great mouse, but a 3S version just got announced which has a higher DPI and is quieter

    • +2

      What’s the higher DPI for, to move between cells in Excel faster?

  • +5

    if not under 100, no deal

  • Great mouse.

  • +1

    $111 at Kogan at the moment

      • shipping
      • True, if anyone has one of those memberships its free I guess

  • I know the master is meant to be the 2nd coming of Christ when it comes to video editing, but tbh I find the large amount of key binds on the g502 more helpful then scroll wheels

    • wouldn't a stream deck be better?

  • Any recommendations for a good gaming mouse?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/701369
      is what i use … but to each their own.

      • Thanks for that. I love the super light weight but doesn't look very big for my big hand. Ice tried the corsair ones and I like how they fit. Have you tried corsair before?

        • nope. my impression of corsair is always their PSUs, never their peripherals… so that has never crossed my mind.
          i guess i'm old. I default to logitech mostly because of my experiences with their MX series so i naturally just picked their G wireless kbd/mouse when it's time to upgrade from my razer kbd/mouse.

          i used to have backup razer mouse/kbd because they break randomly within 2 years (unfortunately they are overseas stock)… now i don't hve this issue with logitech. never looked back.

          • +1

            @slowmo: Thanks for the recommendation. I bought the logitech x pro superlight. Great mouse !!

            • @Turbonetics: glad you like it. :)
              it's a surprisingly light mouse, and i'm reading that some people are hacking to shave off more weight. lol.

    • I have a Logitech g903 and I don't recommend it. Apparently switches in that mouse are very susceptible to breaking, and it happened to me. The battery also has a really annoying short lifespan, for a wireless mouse I spend a lot more time leaving it wired.

  • do people actually want/prefer a quieter mouse (mx master 3s)? that sounds terrible to me

    • If I want quiet I use my magic trackpad/wacom pen

  • Anyone can comment about the middle click on this? I had the first MX master years ago and middle-click was un-usable (needed too much force to press which resulted in scrolling while doing).

    • I've had mine for almost a year now; no issues

      • It wasn't a fault thing, pretty sure it was like that by design - do you find it's as easy to click as it is on other mice, without the magnetic wheel? (Do you use middle click often? I imagine people who don't wont really mind the difference). Just trying to understand if they changed it - tried to look for some videos but no one seems to click the middle button.

        • Like I said, no issues. I use the middle button extensively to open links in new tabs or close tabs.

          • @kerfuffle: Thanks. That's now convincing enough for me to buy one 🙏🏼

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