expired Fresh Food Specials Sydney


Good specials from non supermarket stores

Inner West

Fresh Chicken Thigh Fillet NOW$5.99/kg SAVE $2.99/kg
Fresh Chicken Breast Fillet NOW$6.99/kg SAVE $2.99/kg

Green Mussles Product of New Zealand NOW $3.50/kg SAVE $1.40/kg

Round Steak NOW $9.99/kg SAVE $4.00/kg
Diced Beef NOW $10.99/kg SAVE $3.00/kg
Pork Fillets NOW $9.99/kg SAVE $12.00/kg


Harris farm Markets - Pennant Hills Butcher
Pennant Hills Market place shop 15
4-10 Hillcrest Rd Pennant Hills, NSW 2120
Tue 15/5/12- Sun 20/05/12
Chicken Breast Fillets $6.99 Save $4
Pork Neck $9.99 kg Save $4
Beef Round Steaks $7.99 Save$7

Anthony's Gourmet Meats Open 7 Days
Shop 20 Dural Mall, Round Cnr, Dural
Tue 15/5/12- Sun 20/05/12
Lamb Loin Chops $14.99 Save $10per kg
Whole Scotch Fillet $24.99 Save $8 per kg
Whole Organic New Yorks $20 per kg Save &7 per kg

Rouse Hill Town Centre
Tue 15/5/12- Sun 20/05/12
Lenard Chicken
Chicken Parmigana and Cordon Bleu 4 for $13
Bush's Meats
Lamb Grilling Chops 2kg for $15 Save $6per kg
Country Growers
10kg Brushed Potatoes $4.99

Free Fresh Farmers Day at Carlingford Court
11am onwards cooking shows, taste testing and kids ent
Plus one day specials from all fresh retailers

Village Fresh Grocer
Shop 5 , 11a Bay drive Meadowbank
Tue 15/5/12- Sun 20/05/12
Imperial Mandarins $1.49
Pink lady apples $1.48
Hass Avocodos 99c each
Zena Veg Oil 4ltr $9.99
Leg ham of the bone $11.9 per kg


Harris farm Markets - Penrith Butcher
Shop MM1 Ground Floor, Westfield Penrith
Penrith NSW 2750 Tue 15th - Sun 20th may
Tue 15/5/12- Sun 20/05/12
Chicken Breast Fillets $6.99per kg Save $4
PorkCutlet $7.99per kg Save $5
Beef round Steaks $7.99 Save $4

Penrith - Bulk Food Warehouse
Unit 4, Abcoe Centre York Rd Penrith
Whole Budget Beef Rumps $8.99 per kg
Whole Budget Beef Scotch Fillet $12.99 per kg
Premium Beef Mince $6.99 per kg

Penrith Westfield -

14th - Sun 20th may
Joe's Meat Market
Round Steak $9.99 per kg Save $3per kg
Diced Beef $10.99 per kg save $4 per kg
Peters's Meat
Whole economy rump $5.99per kg save $2 per kg

Parramatta Westfield
15th - Sun 20th may
Fresh Growers express
Bananas $1.99 per kg
Just Chicken
Chicken Breast $6.99 per kg


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closed Comments


    How is Penrith - Bulk Food Warehouse's Whole Budget Beef Rumps @ $8.99 per kg a bargain?

    Peter's Meats also in your listing has them for $5.99 per kg - Peter's across Sydney have a standard price of between $5.99 and $7.99 for that every day of the year….

    This looks more like spam for some of these "deals"


    $1.99 is the absolute maximum I've seen bananas for at Parramatta Westfield IGA. How is it a bargain for the nearby fruit shop that usually gouges you for bananas to become competitive for a limited period?