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ASRock AMD RX 6600 XT Challenger D 8GB OC Video Card RX6600XT CLD 8GO $449 + Delivery @ Pc Byte


Noticed the 6600XT is currently $449 at Pcbyte!! Prices keep dropping

Shipping is $9.95 to Victoria inner suburbs

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    I am guessing HODL? Hopefully 6600 non XT will drop below 400 soon. Hopefully $350 for the non xt?

  • This price for a better looking one with a decent backplate and I'm sold

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    Buying it now would be like trying to catch a falling knife. Don't regret it if you get cut

    • So you mean we should hold off??!! !

      • I'm saying if you buy it now and the price drops dont have regrets

        • Seemed like it but I dont know how much lower it can go!!

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            @FrozenFred: Probably another $50 before next gen and then these completely disappear and only next gen at a new higher msrp is available… That's the usual cycle so baring another chipcastrophe we should be back or close to the usual old model before new is announced cycle …

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    :( I bought it 2 weeks back when it was $499, so cut. Guaranteed pricing scheme on my credit card only covers minimum $75 difference.

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      you might be able to get to that price in a week or 2.

    • could have mined $14 back in the 2 weeks to offset the loss :D

    • Can the price guarantee be used unlimited number of times

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      Why didn't you hold? It just keeps them more expensive longer for everyone else. Perfect karma

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        Play nice. Other people have needs that isn't just about money.

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          The million other people forced to hodl because others don't hodl also have needs.

          No sympathies displayed for them only those who bought on eve of pricefall. The have nots can be forgotten, but sympathies all around for those who overpaid.

          • @Jimmy77: I bought a 3060ti for $850 in August last year while everyone was screaming g to hodl. Sold it today at a small loss after 9 months of great gaming on it that was well worth it.

            Picking the bottom is hard.

  • hodl a little bit longer ….. , I may go for a game laptop …

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    I thinking it might be the time for me to bite the bullet in the interim while waiting for the next gen.
    My poor RX480 is dying.

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      I'm sitting on my trusty 570 4gb lol, very tempted by this

    • -3

      I'm on 970. Only reason I haven't bought this is because it's 8x pcie/128 bit memory. For 1080p is fine but you don't want to buy it for 1440p. Besides the core it's cut down compared to nvidia and even past amd cards

      I would even pay AMD $480 for 16x lol. They probably saved $5 leaving it off the card.

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        i play all my games at 1440p max on my 6600XT… no idea what your talking about…. the 6600XT is as fast as a 1080ti/2070 Super and both those cards do 1440p fine..
        just check out a single review

        The 6600XT gets zero benefit from PCI-3.0 or PCI-4.0 … the 128bit means nothing when the GPU has infinity cache its beating almost every last gen 256-384bit card

        The ASRock AMD RX 6600 XT Challenger D 8GB is a very ugly GPU :)

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            @Jimmy77: Regarding your comments about 970.Umm. I have a 970 now and it cant do shit at 1440p. Barely manages cs go properly at 144hz on low, Let alone shadow of the tomb raider above prob 40 frames. God of war like 35 frames medium or some shit.
            I'm a budget gamer so i accept some of this but a 970 is crap for gaming, esp at 1440p. Itll run the game but it's not fun. 6600xt for 1440p gaming would expect only like 80 frames on average

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            @Jimmy77: The 6600xt is faster at 1440p vs a RTX3060 with full 16x PCIe and 192bit bus lol
            How do you explain that?

            I trust hardware unboxed over some random person on a forum

            The 6600xt is not effected one bit by the changes AMD made.. it also uses way less power to do it VS Nvidia. Its just as good as 1440p vs a 3060, 2070, 5700xt, 1080ti

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              @vid_ghost: I don't know the numbers, but the 6600(xt) will age worse due to the lower mem bandwidth. You can see it if you compare the relative performance of the cards at each resolution, the bus-limited cards' performance drop off quicker the more data needs to be pumped across it. That data is often textures, hence why people are associating higher data use with 1440p and 4K.

              Another way to look at the situation, is that AMD themselves have, from the beginning, marketed this card as the ultimate 1080p card. This is precisely because of this bus width limitation that hasn't been present at this price/marketing tier before. You're right that it's a great architecture and the new cache is a good boon, hence "ultimate" 1080p card.

              it also uses way less power to do it

              I seriously doubt the reduced bus width is contributing significantly to the lower TDP of the amd cards. Happy to be proven wrong if you have source that demonstrates this.

            • @vid_ghost: Hardware unboxed lists the 3060 as being faster at 1440p in their most recent benchmark. The fact that AMD loses to Nvidia as resolution increases (despite usually having more VRAM, particularly at the high end) does suggest that they would have benefited by having a faster memory bandwidth.
              But Nvidia really messed up the 3060 by giving it 12GB of VRAM, so they can't price it competitively with the AMD cards in a similar performance bracket.

              • +1

                @iseeyou1312: 3060 MSRP $320
                6600xt MSRP $379

                The ONLY reason the 3060 was prices so high was demand from crypto and gamers..

                Both these cards are not future proof and neither memory bus is enough to make one better vs the other… DLSS and FSR2.0 will give them a bit of a lifeline down the road but they are both conparable today at 1440p… Elden Ring runs faster at 1440p on the 6600xt ..thats a very popular 2022 NEW title i play. But like i said.. no graphics card has ever really been future proof. .. saving money for an upgrade is always.. always the best option as next gen midrange tends to be faster or the same as current gen high end… plus more efficant ext.

                • @vid_ghost: The 3060 MSRP (like other Nvidia MSRP prices) was fake. The 3060 was never able to be profitably sold for $329, with VRAM prices being so high.

                  Lovelace is possibly less than two months away. Any card you buy now is going to age poorly.

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      I guess thats why they have the infinity cache, but ya, technically 6600XT should not be your choice for 1440P+ Atleast a 6700XT/3060Ti/3070 at a minimum for future proofing.

      • Yeah haha pretty much. 3060ti outperforms the 6700xt at 4k when 6700xt is 5% faster.

        So the gpu works harder with 192 bit bus & infinity cache vs 256 bit without.

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    lol.. i only buy if this under $400

    • Nah, maybe at $350, since new cards are coming in a couple of months.

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    Household electricity bill is raising 8-18% in Sydney. It's about right for this price, or even lower. HODL.

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    Meanwhile the 3060 has slightly increased in price…

    • it's non-lhr bro

    • It has more VRAM (like ~$100 AUD more than the 6600XT) and with LHR fully unlocked hashes at 50 Mh/s. The 6600 XT only does 30.

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    I'm HODLing like crazy now. Still on RX480

    • +1

      you call that crazy? GTX560 here

      • I sold my GTX 560 Dec 2020 and bought a GTX 1080 for $320. Which I sold for $700 and since been stuck with a 970 (which I bought for $210 after selling the 1080). I also sold the 560 for $60 at the peak of crypto

        These miners have caused me nothing but anguish I tells ya. Sure I made on the 1080 but I can't justify handing that much money back to companies like nvidia/amd.

        • +2

          I feel your pain you’ve been busy. I was selling my 1070 this year and still had the original box realising I had an old 6970 in there sold that for $100. atm I’m doing some sort of deprivation hodl with no gpu at all lol fun times

    • 7950 gang - although I'll probs cave on this one

  • How's pc byte when it comes to warranty claims?

    • +2

      Simply amazing. I had to ship back a defective item after a few months using it and they paid for postage return upfront (which I was not expecting at all), found it to be defective on the same day the post delivered it to them and paid out a full refund.

  • I think one more week or so…then I'll drop the cash without regrets. Next gen is around the corner and I would like to snag a 6600xt below $450 before the new stuff comes out

    • We wont see a 7600xt or RTX4060 until next year sometime.

      New cards will all be expensive high end.. dont see prices of low end being effectes too much.. but a trickle down will effect the low end somewhat as the older high end cards drop down a price level

      • you think we can still see these sorts of prices or even lower for 6600xt/6600 in november this year?

        • +1

          No body knows.. but the closer to the 7600/4060 we get the cheaper 6600/3060 cards will get.. but at some point those cards wont be made anymore and priced will go up for old stock.. its a bit tricky

  • Any new RTX 3070ti deals coming up?

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    Wow, with the prices falling this hard, I don't think that the next gen mainstream/mid-range cards will actually increase in price that much. If you can wait, I think that by easter next year, you should be able to get a 4060 or 7600xt for a great price. Personally, I hope that my 580 holds out for that long.

    The enthusiast cards will increase by a ridiculous amount though.

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    HODLing as well. sold my 6900xt for 1600 and will buy back in when I get that performance for 700 - 800aud max. My trusty old gt730 is still going strong.

    • gt730 wow.. i guess its better then a gt710 :)… both play games from the mid 2000's well

      • its just good enough as a display output. Youtube 4k its sitting at 50% usage and its good enough to play CnC remastered. Lucky there aren't any games at the moment.

    • im rocking a gtx770 from 2013

      its been a long wait between GPU's for me

  • I can't hodl anymore!!! Bought!!

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