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40% off Sumatra Blend 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 & Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Hey guys and gals….
Here’s today's deal:

40% off SUMATRA BLEND until Midnight Sunday AEST.

Roasted Saturday and Sunday and shipped Express Post Monday - Wednesday.

Just in case you were wondering, we care about your order and you are in safe hands……

Here’s why:
QUALITY - All of your orders are FRESH roasted.
SPEED - All of your orders are EXPRESS shipped for no extra charge.
HEALTHY - All of your orders are made with 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Arabica beans.
APPROACHABLE - Any problems at all just reach out, we want to help.

BONUS Stuff:
We care about your happiness with our products. If you don’t like the blend you choose, send it back and we will refund you or swap for something else.

Did you pay full price in the last 48Hrs for the same product? And then this deal popped up for the same blend??
Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

Need help choosing a blend?
Need help dialling in your machine?
Not sure what grind to choose for your kit?
Any questions at all?

Ask Dan!

You can reach out any time, any day, by email [email protected] or the chat app on the website. We will always try and help where we can.

Your feedback is super important to us, good or bad. Please let us know by email or reviews or social, wherever it suits you, how we are doing.

Thanks so much….

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  • +5

    nice, 1kg per month regular order now

  • +4

    Damn, just bought a kilo of airjo a few days ago and 2kilos of inglewood on wednesday! Been wanting to try sumatra so maybe next time.

    Still, worth mentioning these guys have an incredible customer support. I entered my wrong address during checkout so the package couldn't be delivered. They just shipped me a new bag and were super friendly and nice about it.

  • These seem really popular on OzB.

    Just wondering if any coffee snobs have tried it and can compare the quality vs let's say a reputable local Melbourne cafe?

    • Try Airjo and thou shall see… XD

    • +12

      These beans taste good and there are millions of other beans that taste just as good all with different flavour profiles. You may not like popular melbourne cafe #1's coffee and might prefer popular melbourne cafe #2's coffee. You could interview 200,000 coffee drinkers and they might all tell you a different cafe that they like. There's really only one way to find out if you'll like these beans.

    • I'm a coffee novice but I've never had anything I'd describe as bad from airjo, all the descriptions on the blends are quite accurate, worth a try IMO.

    • These seem really popular on OzB.

      it's cheap(er), but tasty = good value for money.

    • +2

      yes yes yes. I order from Lime Blue, Inglewood and Airjo - the Sumatra blend is spectacular and competes with any good Melbourne cafe!!

      • +2

        Agree with this.. been buying Airjo for sometime, except the dark roasts are the standouts for me - Timor, Stargazer and Thunderchild.. all of them are far superior to Inglewood or any of the Melb beans I've found.

    • I guess it depends on which Melbourne cafe you’re going to and what your taste preferences are? In terms of flavour profile, I personally don’t enjoy this as much as some of the other blends I’ve tried but I’m also not paying $40-50 per kg.

    • I have machinery costing $4000+ and I am particular about my coffee to the point of refusing to have coffees at most coffee shops. (I had a Jamaica Blue this morning - nope not again)

      I have tried a few Melbourne brand names and just keep coming back to these guys because of taste and consistency - Enterprise is my go to. I've had good beans from others, but at a much higher price.

      Try it - the price is right and it is freshly roasted. You will have to experiment until you find a taste you like - don't get hung up on brands.

    • Yep…just took some beans from an October roast of this blend out of the freezer this morning (plenty of debate over freezing beans of course), decanted to a coffee container, and they smell great. Looking forward to pulling a shot with them.

      Airjo are my favourite beans overall to date. Now that I've exhausted my freezer stock, I'll order a bag of these again!

  • just in time

  • Perfect timing!! Ordered 500g!

  • Light roast. Does it mean it is suitable for filter (syphon)?

    • +1

      Yep. I love a light roast in my French press. Acidity and brightness is welcome.

  • +2

    Thanks OP - this coffee is pretty good, comparable to other $50 bags. I haven't had to fuss around with the grinder chasing the right setting, very consistent.
    $30 with delivery is a steal.

    How much more expensive would this be if you ensured all you green beans were Fairtrade?

  • How do people rate this VS enterprise (which is my favourite so far not just Airjo but also VS other roasters)… I do like a full body/strong bean

    • +1

      Just finished my first bag of Sumatra and now a dozen mugs into my first bag of enterprise.

      I make filter/pour over mugs and of the two prefer Sumatra but no complaints for enterprise, its good to keep trying new blends

      • Ok thanks will give it a try… Mines grinder + espresso machine.. Appreciate the feedback

    • +2

      I prefer Sumatra over Enterprise for filter coffee; Sumatra has more bean taste whole Enterprise has more roast taste.

      • Thanks for the info.. Appreciate it.

        • If you don't add milk, I'd recommend trying Sumatra first

          • @Fobsessive: I add a dash of milk, I'm nearly done with enterprise… Haven't tried the sumatra one yet so thought I'd ask on what everyone thought about it… Got a pack now so can't wait to try it 🙂

  • Which grind for French Press?

  • Anyone use Breville BES870BSS ? Want to know expresso setting ??

    • +1

      I use grind setting 3 for slightly older beans, and 6 for completely fresh ones.

      • What is the logic there? Older beans needs to be finer or the other way around?

        • from experimentation, the older beans have less gas release when wet, and offers less resistance to water. Finer grind to try compensate for that.

          If i tried grind 3 for fresh beans, the machine chokes (the gauge gets to max pressure).

    • Depends on top burr adjustment as well, the numbers people give you might not work if you’re not running stock or if they’re not running stock.

      • yea, that's true. The top burr at factory is the middle setting (6 iirc). Normally, don't change this though, unless you know what you're doing.

        The top burr is meant to allow the grinder to continue to function after a bit of wear and tear over a few years of use, by making the blades closer. People have tried to make the grind finer by changing the top burr to lower setting - this will actually damage your burr if done too low (past 3, when factory new).

  • +3

    Please please please start offering delayed dispatch.

    • +1

      I second this.

      I have no idea how practical it would be for the way you operate but it would make the world of difference to many consumers.

      As it is, if people already have a week or two worth of open beans left the fresh roastng and express posting is wasted. So consumers are better off waiting for the next deal - even if it's from a different provider they believe to be of slightly lower standard.

  • +1

    Just bought The Barista Pro as well would love some input on grinder settings if anyone else has the same coffee machine!

    • +2

      Grind size 8, grind time 12 seconds. Gets me 18g of ground beans out. Using airjo enterprise atm

      • Thanks will give it a crack!

  • +1

    Thanks so much and I love Sumatra!

  • Saratoga vs Sumatra.. any suggestion? I like full bodied coffee..and use french press

  • -3

    Hi, first time ordering. Could you offer 40% off stargazer? Thanks!

  • +1

    Ordered 500g.

  • Tried it on Bambino plus. Light roasts don't work well and taste remains at best sour. Will try dark ones next time.

    • +4

      It was probably underextracted. I’d actually avoid light roasts because they’re notoriously difficult to extract without a good grinder as well as coffee machine.
      If anybody is curious, a lighter roasted bean retains more water and is therefore more dense and less brittle. This is because water escapes from the bean during the roasting process resulting in a more porous and brittle bean.
      As a result of a lighter roast, your grinder has more difficulty grinding the denser bean consistently. It still can grind the bean to the same size as any other bean, brittleness does not factor into actual ground size. However we recommend grinding finer because of another problem.
      That is, the fresh grounds still retain water and have less opened pores, this is important as the process of extraction attempts to flush water in and out of these pores for flavour compounds acquired during the roasting process. So now we need to raise the puck pressure to extract the bean, we can achieve this through grinding finer, increasing temperature or raising brew pressure.

      • Contrary to what most people believe, more pressure doesn't actually have any direct relationship with the extraction.
        What's more important is flow, the reason why you need more pressure after you have ground finer is the increased resistance from the puck.

        • i've found that grinding finder is a balancing act because the puck can channel easier at finer grinds, which paradoxically makes the coffee less extracted.

          Higher temp (95c), and putting in a higher dose (like 19g, or even 20g), at a normal grind (rather than super fine) is likely to produce a better outcome. you waste a few more grams of coffee, but easier to achieve good results

        • yep, once you go past 9 bar the pressure compresses the coffee so much that water can't flow through it easily and you get channelling.

    • Are you using stock baskets?
      Fresh ground?

      • Yes. SGP tried finer till 8 and coarser till 14. 16 or 17g. Single wall basket. Ordered fresh from airjo.
        Best notes I get at 12 grind, 25-30 sec extraction time, and 1:2/2.5 ratio. I do manual timing and stop just when it is blonde and about to get watery

    • I have heard that the Bambino in particular, struggles with lighter roasts due to low brew temperature.

      • True that. The brew temperature I have measured is max 75c , while it should be 90-95c when it comes out of shower head

  • How does this compare to Aldi single origin Columbia or Brazil (my two favourites)?

    • Are they available at Aldi?

  • Settings recommendation for a Delongui Dinamica? Thanks!

  • I'll try this one. Perfect timing, my DeLonghi is coming this week. Thanks OP.

  • OP, any chance of dark or at least medium roast deal soon?

  • Just wondering how do we send back the beans if we are not happy with them?
    Love your beans have tried them all but hated the Turkish grind, it wasn’t powdery enough for my liking.

  • +1

    Missed the deal. Was due to place an order too!!!

  • It arrived yesterday. Really, really good blend. Will try the others from same roaster.

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