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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti UDM SE Dream Machine Special Edition $856.92, LG 32GP850-B 32inch Monitor $549.67 Shipped @ Sydneytec eBay


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    Kinda feel that a 'deal' on the SE would be for it to be under 800. The 10% tech coupon on ebay Plus the other day brought the digiLife listing on eBay basically down to this price. So I'm holding out for a better EOFY option on this .. hope I'm right.

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      I got tired of waiting for the SE in Australia and ended up getting the UDMP at $500 a month or so ago.

      IIRC from the teardown, it's actually the same switching chipset as the regular UDMP, so you really only get a 150W POE module for $350 extra… I already have a US-8-150W switch, which retails for $350 (it shouldn't… but it does currently).

      As an ex network tech I've seen my fair share of failed POE ports, so I'm fairly happy with my decision. No idea what the failure rate is on these - the UDR had concerning numbers of failures last year while it was in EA, which are presumably fixed by now.

    • Given the original has gone bellow $500 and more recently has fairly frequently been $540, personally I can’t see the step up being with shelling out any more than $700 or close to. PoE being built in is nice, but at $800 I’d just grab a seperate switch.

      In the US the models are $120USD apart which is about a $170AUD difference.

      I’m sure it’ll get near $700 in time, but it is new so understandable it’s high currently.

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    Wait till we get 2.5GBps NBN, then I'll upgrade…

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      I’m dreaming of anything over 75Mps :(

      • Sitting here on 750Mbps and happy :)

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          Sitting here on 25Mbps and am happy I can still stream movies

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            @theSav: I went from 5Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up to 750Mbps down and 60Mbps up. Was a great day.

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          I cannot imagine how amazing that would be, can’t wait till it’s my turn. Happy for you!!!

    • I’ve got UDM, if we have 2.5Gbps NBN, I can easily upgrade the WAN2 interface with a 10Gbps SFP+ module

    • Wait till we get 2.5GBps NBN, then I'll upgrade…

      Narrator's voice: It was a long wait…

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    Unifi U6 Pro down to $230.88 with the 20% off, best price I've seen on those so far.
    -> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125191435871

  • Wish they'd compete on the normal udm pro

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    I know! Instead of fixing the UDM let's just release a new and more expensive product!

    • What’s broken in the UDM? I know of issues with all Ubiquiti products I’ve touched so hearing that doesn’t surprise me…

      • Just going by the comments on previous threads. It's enough that I decided not to go ubiquiti

      • Nothing is wrong with the UDMP. The only difference is that it doesn’t have POE - it’s identical in every other way.

        Even at sale price, these are about 20% dearer than US RRP. The ideal price is around $700, but there’s a combination of Australia tax, supply shortages and sellers attempting to set an expectation of high value of $1000 gtfo lol.

        • Broadly correct but a couple more differences based on my research
          - POE vs non POE
          - 2.5 Gbps vs 1 Gbps WAN
          - 128GB SSD built in for NVR

          • @ksdazhahs: Fair points! I am ~98% sure that I actively pushed those facts out of my memory - partially because SSDs a cheap as chips these days, and I'll never have 2.5gbps in my area :(

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        The software is garbage. I can access it via the cloud portal maybe 5% of the time. It frequently says "something went wrong" when trying to load pages etc. Granted the latest update is better, but to do that upgrade I had to remove the drive and upgrade manually via ssh because of course the regular method was broken.

        I like their hardware, but the total package leaves a lot to be desired.

        • I’ve been using the Network on container, Dream Machine and UDM for the past two years and haven’t had any issues.

    • Yeh, the UDMP isn’t broken at all. Sure it has some oddities, but it’s rock solid.

  • Wow $850 for a router! My $120 ERL3 is stil going strong after 6 years of constant use.

    • My main router is the freebie Technicolor from Belong's free one month NBN with free router. Works perfectly supporting over 100 wifi devices via my Tenda Nova mesh setup. All this for less than the price of one Ubiquiti Wireless AP…

      • How much visibility do you have into that network though? Multiple VLANs, handling an assigned public IP block, limiting device bandwidth, VPNs. Home routers are for home use and can go far but some things if you need for business you pay for.

        • Yeah was debating whether to upgrade but read lots of bad things about Ubiquiti. Seems to be two camps fanboys and users putting up with pain. Probably look at an open source option instead.

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            @julz: Maybe vocal minority? I have Ubiquiti (wifi, and cameras) and have been pretty happy with the product, have only seen 1 issue with my doorbell which a reboot resolved. I wouldn't call myself a fanboy, if it didn't work I'd switch to another product.

          • @julz: There’s a lot of entitled people that have a love hate relationship and feel the need to constantly whinge and criticise.
            I’ve got waps, cameras and a Cloud Key G2 as an NVR. I had a USG but it’s super old tech and I didn’t like the security visibility Unifi provided so moved to pfSense for security/router.
            For the quality, being able to own your data with no subscription required and regular updates and fixes for the price point it’s solid.

            • @Roger Ramjet: Ah yes I was considering pfsense but haven't had the need yet. One day perhaps

    • Dive into the world of business routers and be surprised how much money you can spend on a router.

  • I would kill for this.. I already have a UDM Pro and the most egregious problem with it was the lack of POE on the switch.

    • You are a fairly low cost hitperson !
      I suppose if we are going to need a low cost one, we would find you on ozbargain.

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