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Cygnett Armoured 60W USB-C to USB-A Cable 10cm Black for $3 (RRP $18.95) C&C Only @ Target


Was looking for a small cable to use for Android auto in the car. Looks good for $3 with 5yr warranty 🙂

Bought the last two available at Target Blacktown.

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    this doesn't make sense, it says it was $5 not 18.95. And also is it really just 10cm, that feels extremely small to me

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    what do you do with a 10cm cable?

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    Had to get a replacement within 3 months…. Price without quality

  • Target were doing 40% off all cygnet earlier today (at Chadstone Target at least)

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    These cables are terrible quality for the price, had it break twice after getting the first one warrantied.

  • Keeps dropping price weekly, I think i seen it for $10 few weeks back

    • Yeah saw it a few days back for $3 and said 'was $10' rather than $5 which it displays now

      • I was close to getting it then realised it's soo short

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    those small usb-a to usb-c cables come with every piece of electronics anyway, so yeah I can see why they are desperate to move some.

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    10CM serious 10cm length if true wtf and usb 2.0. Looks pretty but that is all

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    Is this an error? i don’t know any usb-a output chargers that goes higher than 30w (12v x 2.5A). only usb c to usb c supports anywhere close to 60w

  • DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre. The Armoured USB-C to USB-A (2.0) offers 3A/60W fast charging technology an data transfer speed at 480Mbps. Good specs. Like these quality short cables for in bag, in centre console, in pocket even.

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    Bought two of these online a few days ago. Picked them up in store via click n collect. There was exact cables in store with $18 stickers on them. $3 is great. They’re short yes. Perfect size for in the car so phone rest next to the usb plug without a long cable getting in the way. Bought a second as I’m guessing it won’t last long but has a long warranty.

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