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[VIC] LG C1 65 Inch OLED Smart UHD TV (OLED65C1PTB) $2499 + Delivery or Free Pick up @ Stan Cash


Great deal on the LG C1 65 OLED, possibly cheapest ever? Certainly cheaper than recent popular deals. Credit to wombat_58 who mentioned it in the comments of the 48 deal.

Edit: Looks like delivery (and pick up) only available in Victoria, title updated. $69 delivery to metro Vic.

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Stan Cash
Stan Cash


  • Wow. Wonder if JB will match?

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      I got price match with TGG for 2499 pickup.
      Jbhifi price match includes their delivery fee and if you wanna delivery you gotta pay delivery again

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        Sounds like there is no reason to price match if you want it delivered.

        It also sounds like a misleading 'price match' promise.

        • Reason is you can use JB gift card

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      Confirmed JB is price matching over live chat

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        Just got matched on the phone for ADL no delivery fee

        • Adelaide here too and maybe I'm too late and they've cottoned on but I rang and advised of Stan Cash and straight away she said "they only deliver to Melbourne addresses so we cannot price match them for you in SA". Said the best price she could do was $2699. Worth a shot I suppose.

          • @BradH13: Hey Mate- porky pies they don’t deliver to SA! Look to Stan Cash’s delivery options, 8.99 for pickup at a Norwood hub, that’s how I sold it to JB’s, old mate didn’t even bat an eyelid, a total “oh yeah no worries, we can do that, I’ll send you the link for a cart.”. As always, YMMV.
            Just picked it up, the screen check was a new one!

            • @johnsomble: "no delivery options available" for any SA post code I've plugged in.

              The product page even says as the first product feature "Melbourne delivery only".

              • @BradH13: Just tried JB phone again and got a different voice and they said the same thing again without even looking into it, same as this morning. I'd say they've been given a memo not to.

  • Great price, though looks like Melbourne delivery only, unless I've misread.

  • Very cool, I don't really see it getting any cheaper than this?

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      Give it 12 months

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    I think the rule on ozbargain is that you must buy if it's a bargain, even if you can't really afford it.

    • Or need it. My C8 is looking fragile right about now.

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    Please read reviews of the seller before buying.

    There are horror stories resulting in chargebacks for non delivery and protracted dispute processes.

    Believe they are the same as Billy Guyatts.

    Best bet is to try to leverage this price to get matched somewhere else.

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      And stack with discounted GC.

    • Yeah I bought from BG. Delivery was ok. The heater I bought was defective…wouldn't turn off. The whole return process had to be done with SC. They are very unorganised and it took over a month to sort out. However I would assume any warranty would be done direct with LG?

      • For its first year yes LG in home warranty applies, but anything ACL they would probably have no idea

  • The same price I got from TGG this Thursday.
    EOFY is coming!

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    Just walked in to The Good Guys and picked one up for $2400 plus delivery! Winner winner, chicken dinner…

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        Walked with his legs im assuming

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          Thanks genius.

      • Just depends on the sales person and if they have stock instore, best to check online first and make a beeline for those stores… I was actually wanting to get an A80J but Sony prices haven't moved much and stock is pretty slim everywhere.

  • Anyone have a suggestion for a soundbar to pair with this TV ?

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      I would suggest getting the TV first, and then deciding if you need one. The sound that comes out of TV speakers is amazing. So good actually, I removed our soundbar for a cleaner look.

      • I have the 48 inch , Which sound settings do you use ?

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          I think the speakers are slightly different on the 48 vs 65 (others may be able to confirm?). But I keep my 65 on AI pro most of the time and it then automatically defaults to Dolby Atmos when available. It's an awesome TV especially at this price.

        • Use cinema sound

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        You must have a very bad soundbar if you think the LG C1's speakers are good.

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    I was lucky enough to score this tv recently during JB’s click frenzy deal ($2,156 after discounted GC etc)
    I have to say it is amazing! Plenty bright (wife thinks it’s too bright) and sound is way better than the 46” Samsung (2008) we upgraded from.

    If you are looking to purchase but think it might go cheaper… don’t risk it!! Buy it now! (Just not from Stan Cash. As nickeveli said, leverage to get a price match elsewhere)

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      Agree with the sentiment eg CX, C9, lows were 2.4 - 2.6k too.

      You're basically gonna have to get lucky or sweet talk a salesmen to get it much lower than this. We saw the risk of waiting with the 77" last week, by the time that great deal comes along sweet fa stock left.

    • Nice, how did you manage to get it down so cheap? I thought the lowest it got with the discounted GC was $2425?

      • Very very lucky.
        Rang local JB and asked them to price match an online retailer that has subsequently been found to be dodgy/fake (I had no idea when I called)
        Price match was 2,665 and they were extremely happy to do so. Further 10% off with clickfrenzy code, then used ultimate home gift cards which were also 10% cheaper at the time.

        • That's so awesome :D

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    Such a good TV can confirm on my wall.

  • Dam hurts to see it go so cheap by $500+

    • I bought the cx for 3300 and was glad about it only a year ago……

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    Too bad they don't have the 77"

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    Went to the Brooklyn store today and ordered one for pick up. Great staff, great service. One of the reps gave me $10 off bringing it to $2489 and another rep gave us a free George Foreman water bottle as a gift for the TV purchase.

    From what the one of the reps told me, $2499 seems to be cost price for them. Good to see some healthy competition and old school sales service in brick and mortar stores.

    • There's a post above saying that Stan Cash's service is bad, but they are indeed awesome in store. Great customer service, always willing to do their best price for you and quite often they are already cheaper than the big players

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      lol, the cost price is definitely not 2499. Saleperson speak for "buy now".

    • hi @daowiies

      Can you please share the reciept?

      • Would have to be redacted as it's got my details all over it as it's scheduled for pickup this Sat.

        • Any chance of cutting out your details pls? 2850 is the lowest Im getting.

  • Bruh, I literally purchased the same model at JB HiFi for 2.7k after discount 2 days ago :(

  • How does price match work at JB if a store doesn't have stock? Can they still price match it for delivery from elsewhere?

    • You can call JB on their number for a price match and get it delivered.

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    Woo! Price matched at JB and paid in CG. I'm not sure I needed it, but it's on it's way now! Woo! :)

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    Price matched at The Good Guys.

  • Anyone found a deal for the 77" - Too bad there wasn't any availability at Jb Hifi, last deal was a killer at ~$4300!

  • Price has gone up to $2599 now.

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    thx fellas, grabbed a 65" at $2499 + $69 delivery from my local JB (in frankston VIC this morn via email) TGG's didn't respond on email/chat etc. Had option for delivery tomoz but getting on Wednesday. Last TV i bought was a Panasonic ST-50 plasma for $997 delivered from a deal here a long long time ago when appliances online was pretty new and the ST-50 panel still looks amazing and will be going downstairs. but wanted a C1 oled for a bit, this price/size combo finally moved the press pay button (even if of course i'd have preferred a 77"+ tho we sit pretty close to the box in our living room) anyway thx again!

    • I was about to finally pull the trigger on my plasma upgrade but too. V20A. $100 more now and just can’t do it :(

      • honestly luv the panel on this St-50! the pannys were/r so good. only issues we have had since going thru using synology nas / telstra tv since we went android shield it has continually crashed the tv when powered on or randomly powered off… which is a known problem but enough that once the C1 got low enough for a big enough screen while i wanted a bigger screen… all the ozbargain/whirlpool/rtings scene seems to say take the 65" w the better screen quality (so in ozbargain style- why not)… how is the v20a holding up?

        • +1

          Holding up really well considering it was a ‘faulty’ $100 gamble. Dusted it out and has been trouble free for the 8yrs since.

    • hey mate, can you pls share reciept if possible?

  • Can anyone please share the reciept?

  • +2

    not sure if this helps? bottom of my receipt tho i can upload properly when home…. https://ibb.co/vxD6sXg

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