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Logitech M720 Triathlon Bluetooth Mouse $57 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as cheap as two weeks ago, but still a great price for a great mouse.

Easily switch between 3 devices using the USB dongle or bluetooth.

This is eligible for 5% price beat at Officeworks for $54.44, add something like this pink pencil case for $0.75 to get free delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Highly recommend this mouse

    • -1

      It's good but you won't feel the quality of a high-end gaming mouse,

      the scroll well makes noise on infinite scroll
      the mouse is too small so your fingertips sit on the sharp edge causing discomfort
      and the scroll lock, the page moves a tiny bit on its own, which is so weird

      for 40$ it was worth it for me from JB as my G703 starts making issues in humid weather, 8yo old mouse lol

      • Mine doesn't make noise on infinite scroll, but yeh it is a little small. Good mouse especially if you use the 3-device switch.

        • Noise on infinite scroll would be a fault, and would also make the scroll less infinite (as there would be more friction).

          • @OzyBe: I'll try to visit the store and see if they can replace it :s

  • I love the shape of this mouse. Mine stopped working after 10m though

    • Did you get it replaced under warranty? I've had mine for 4 years.

      • Got refunded and got an Mx anywhere

  • this or the anywhere for travel?

    • +2

      depends on whether you like rechargeable lithium or eneloops/dispoable AAs.

      I have one of this, and it runs off a single AA for a really long time. It is hopeless on glass surfaces though. but i suppose when you say 'travel', you can get AA batteries in most countries.

      for the mx anywhere (also have this), you have to pack a microusb cable , and you should probably need a new charge in about 3-5 days of continuous use. (this is my experience, so ymmv)

      the m720 is a bigger sized mouse, so that form factor might be important to you.

    • I have both and I prefer my MX Anywhere 2S: better quality, control, smaller, lighter, clicks are much better.

      I just need to charge it once in 3-4 months from normal daily use.

      Have been using it for over 3 years, no issues so far.

  • Got one for $36 from JB.
    Not sure I'd pay close to $60 for it.

    • I concur regarding price but I really like this mouse.

      I wish Logitech software was as good as Microsoft software though.

  • Good quality so far after 2 weeks. A bit pricey now

  • Yeah I grabbed one for work and like it a lot… but got it for $49 from Amazon back in Jan.

  • +1

    I got mine from JB, returned it as the middle click had a high failure rate.
    the replacement also had the same issue.
    is this a known issue?

    • Yes it is.

      • damn! i couldnt find anything on google specifically on the m720.
        would you know if there is a DIY fix for it?

        • I have always found the middle click a little difficult, but would say it is due to design rather than fault.

          Apart from that, I think it may be one of the best mice I have used (I have not tried the more expensive gaming mice).

          Get really good battery life out of it, only seem to change the batteries a couple of times a year without turning the mouse off.

          Would be nice if it was a laser mouse rather than optical - I usually carry a mat around for it, as it wont work on glass, and can be a bit patchy on some other surfaces (as optical mice can be).

  • +1

    Does anyone have infinite scroll issue? Mine scrolls the page bit up by itself after I finish scrolling down.

    • yes, great mouse and shape but have had to replace two :( wil keep buying it though, might consider M280 which sits a bit lower

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