Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Cashback up to $450


New Cashback deal for Winter which starts on the 1st June and ends the 31st August 2022. Promotion flyer PDF

Up to $450 for ducted
Up to $400 for multi systems
Up to $250 for splits

Just need some good deals on these units!

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning


  • looking to buy a 5kw split system for a 36 sqm room. MHI , panasonic or Fujitsu?

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      MHI or Daikin from my experience.

      • Second this

      • Third this

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        Don’t go Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, go Mitsubishi Electric. MHI use the name but are built in China cheaply, ME are built in Japan.

        • ME are made in Thailand now, same as Daikin. Still excellent units though.

        • I have a MHI unit, it's made in Thailand, not China.

      • forth this

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      I like Fujitsu… Daikin if you can afford

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      My Fujitsu splits have been fantastic. Nicely designed, beastly powerful, plethora of functions, intuitive maintenance, faultless.

      If I didn't go Fujitsu (decision was primarily based on high quality, secondarily on value in the high-end market, thirdly on reputable independent contractor who works with these units), my top preference would have been MHI.

    • Unpopular opinion but my repair guy doesn’t rate MHI anymore. He says regular Mitsubishi are better for warranty etc. Just a thought. (We have mostly Fujitsu)

      • Is there any other downsides besides warranty that you could comment? Will you still choose Fujitsu over the Mitsubishi (regular or MHI) now?

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          I guess because he’s a Mitsubishi (elec, not HI) warranty guy, I’d just go with that.

          Just depends if you know someone decent who installs/repairs x brand.

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        My aircon guy said the same thing. He recommends Mitsi Electric or Fujistu now, due to the Aussie based warranty.

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          Daikin used to be the best. But not anymore.

          From my repair guy Daikin used to be good 3 to 5 years ago.

          Now a days you end up needing to replace all whole indoor units after a couple of years.

          Be careful when comparing MHI and ME. Differnet product and differnet service.

          mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioner (MHI) and mitsubishi electric (ME).

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        Mine said the same thing, to avoid MHE and go regular Mitsubishi. Better quality control on the device in assembly and better warranty.

    • There's a reverse cycle poll on the My Efficent Electric Home facebook group and the order goes: Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric. Question for the poll is "Which brand(s) of reverse-cycle air conditioner do you own right now AND you are happy with AND you would recommend to other Members?"

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        Problem with those polls is many owners probably bought their units long time ago and so their votes don’t reflect the current products.

        From the comments above it seems like Daikin and MHI used to be good but now ME and Fujitsu are the new favourites.

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          Yeah, obviously not scientific at all, but still offers a start point. In the comments on the poll there’s not really any consistent negatives about any of those mentioned brands. There’s a huge range of models though, so some could be duds, others great. I’ve done a bit of research and ended up with MHI 7kw bronte series in quite a large room. It’s been great for the 6 months it’s been in operation. An energy assessor recommended that particular model and he wasn’t on any commissions as he just linked the product at Bunnings. Anyway I don’t think you can go wring with any of those brands, particularly if it’s to replace gas heating and/or evaporative cooling.

          • @herbo: how large is the room herbo?

            do you know how your electricity consumption has changed since going with this?

            • @the4thzodiac: Room is about 12 x 10 metres. It pushes a bit of heat up a corridor as well. It’s getting a good work out right now as I’m in Ballarat, Vic and it’s icy here at the moment.

              Haven’t had a relevant electricity bill since it’s been installed. The end of summer and most of autumn were quite mild and it wasn’t needed very much. It’s only been over the last couple of weeks that it’s been on relatively consistently. Only other observation I have is that it heats/cools the room up to temperature much quicker than what it replaced, granted the gas central heating and evaporative cooler here previously were quite old.

  • Has pricing gone up from last year?

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    Any Bunnings units for price match?
    Love a small 2 or 2.5kw under $500

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    IME, these cashback amounts are a small fraction of total cost.

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      Insightful, value add.. would subscribe to your blog and Spotify podcast

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      yeah no deal unless the cashback is at the very least equal to the total cost

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    If you live in a tropical climate, make sure your spilt system has a "Fan Only" mode to remove moisture in the head unit. Also make sure the blower drum is easy to remove and clean. These will help with mould build up in summer. If your spilt system has a musty smell then you have mould.

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      Or a “dry mode” would be even better?

      • Dry mode will operate the unit with the express intent of drying the room, not the unit itself. It does this by focusing on attracting more water to the metal so that it can drain outside via the drain pipe.
        I think it achieves this by running the fan slower or faster. And by possibly using else of the indoor coil.
        If you are trying to dry the actual unit then a fan only mode is what you want.

        I am not a technician so feel free to prove me wrong.

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    Can anyone recommend a good installer in Melbourne?

    • John from VU Electrical for any installs in Melbourne. Very prompt and excellent feedback.


      You should get a few quotes but I was really happy with these guys. Had 5 installers quote but OzAir suggested the best positioning of outdoor unit (for a multi split), even though it meant more pipework for them.

      They also have their own sparky rather than needing an external one.

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    Got two Mitsubishi MSZ-AP25 reverse cycle air conditioners from HN in Dec 2021.
    Cost was $905 each plus $60 delivery.
    Installation was via HN preferred installer and they charged $499 per unit (PLUS $125 per unit for clearing out my old broken Air Cons). Total was $1248 for install and removal of two split units.
    I love the air conditioners and so far there have been no issues.
    If purchasing from HN, make sure you also buy lots of HN gift Cards via the carious Coles/Woolworths Ultimate HOME Gift Card etc deals to help reduce your total cost.
    You can pay up to 10% of the installation costs at HN (but no more than that as it is a deposit) so can save a bit there as well with using gift cards.
    Not sure what the prices of these Air Cons are now but hopefully the above numbers will help you guys.

    • Could you please elaborate a bit more? Does it mean we cannot pay more than 10% of the total cost in gift cards?

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        I asked if I could use gift cards to pay for the entire installation cost but I was told only 10% and the rest was paid directly to the installers.
        I paid for 100% of the actual Air Conditioners via gift cards though.

    • Sorry your maths isn't adding up for me could you please clarify

      • I bought at HN 2 AC units. Total cost was AU$1870 ($905 x 2+$60) including delivery. I used HN gift cards to pay for this.
        Along with buying the HARDWARE, I also needed to get an installer to do it.
        This cost me AU$1,248. I wanted to pay for all of that on HN gift cards but the sales person said I could only put in the 10% deposit and that the installer will send me a separate invoice for the remainder.

    • This is a Mitsubishi Electric branded one which is different to MHIAA -

      I recently got an MSZ-AP42 and they are currently doing a gift card deal too -

  • Good honest installer - splits r russ

  • Good installer - splits r Russ

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      But is he honest??

      • Honest for about 2 minutes

      • Much more reliable than the similarly named company Splits n Runs

  • Anyone know of a Aircon retailers in Brisbane offering cheaper price for 2kw or 2.5kw mhi reverse cycle split which I can use to pricebeat Bunnings?

    • I've been thinking same but can't see that Bunnings has any stock? Cheapest I've seen is about $780 for 2.5kw

  • For a MHI ducted system around 22kw I can't find any with compressors blowing upwards to get the hot/cold air up and over the fence. They're all horizontal, which is fine for a roof or a wall. But for my install at least looks like will have to be particular models of Fujitsu, Daikin or Actron.

    • I am just curious. What's the total installed cost of a 22kw ducted system? Ballpark figure…?

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        I think 12k ish depends on how many ducts, zones, single or double storey etc. The unit itself is around 8k.
        You can see the 72 model has a vertical blowing compressor, that's what I meant.

  • Retailers?

  • Always seem to hear good things about MHI - are they good for a ducted system? And is their zoning controller/ app any good, or am I better going with a 3rd party solution (e.g. MyAir)

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    We installed a Daikin 20kw ducted system less than a year ago. While it was alright in summer, the system is having issues with heating. It starts to pump warm air and after a few minutes it just blows cold air. I have tripled check the settings and put in a service request with Daikin. The customer service is pathetic to say the least, you have to hold on the phone queue for about 20 to 30 minutes and all they say is that they will inform the technician.

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      I had this problem on a split, maybe 6kw (Panasonic).
      It would blow hot for a while. Then after maybe 2-3 minutes you would hear it change modes and start blowing cool.
      After lots of persistence the original installer came back and fixed it. He told me that the unit wasn't fully gassed up.

      But I'm sure there's plenty of things that could cause it, just keep persisting.
      It's also a lot easier to diagnose a split performing poorly since you can put temp probes directly in front of the unit. I think me making a video of the unit with a temperature probe showing what's happening is what finally got action.

  • I'm looking for the smallest split systems you can get, for a home office room in my house that is like 2.5m by 4m - I found the mitsubishi MSZ-AP 15/20 Mini Series from an article that says it's the smallest in Australia. Has anyone used this model?

    • You don't necessarily need the smallest. These days they can scale down, they don't just do 100% on until they reach temp, then turn off.
      The model you are looking at, the MSZ-AP 2kW version runs in the range of 0.6 to 2.7kW. you will find most 2.5 units also operate near the same range.

  • I think all these newer split air cons are pretty much the same these days. I put in a Carrier a few years back and it's going fine

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    I got the MHI from TGG a year ago - apparently TGG no longer do MHI :(

    Anyone can recommend a good installer for Perth?

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    Fyi good installer in sa is Josh at nailsworth services

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    Hi alll! was wondering if anyone might be able to share their experience buying a ducted reverse cycle unit.. how were you able to choose which unit to purchase.. im thinking of sourcing a unit and getting someone to have it installed, but I am not so sure which unit to choose. I have a rough idea how much kw and zones.. just not sure about which model and was wondering if anyone might be able to share their thoughts

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    This is heavy.

  • I got the MITSUBISHI SRK95ZRA-W 9.5kW for $2331. Bunnings price beat another competitor which were selling it for $2579.

    With the $250 rebate it will come down to $2071.

    • Who is the other competitor? I am looking to purchase the same model.

      • Hello Heating and Cooling (Melbourne based)

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    Do the MH units weigh more than regular Mitsubishi units.?

  • I had many aircons installed over the past years, including 3 Fujitsu, 5 ME, 4 MHI, Gree, etc. Some aircon companies and electricians always recommended ME over MHI to me, however my own experience tells a different story. MHIs have better design and quality while MEs had more noticeable vibration and noises.

    Gree is also stylish and reliable. Fujitsu is OK, but once a gecko made her way into the outdoor unit and burnt the main board.

    So my personal rating would be MHI > ME > Gree > Fujitsu.

  • The cashback claim process was very iffy. Had mine rejected because it was organized through the property manager. Had to fight with them to overturn the decision.

  • How good! I'm booked in this week for 4 new units. Great timing!

  • I have had 7 air-cons installed or replaced due to compressor failure across rental properties and my own place in the past 5 years.

    I have bought each aircon on any oz bargin deal from all 2.5kw units Kogan - Hyundai recently, MTI, ME, Kelvinator, Panasonic. The electrician i have used suggested any brand as long as it is not a complete Chinese unknown brand due to warranty complaints and issues if there are any. I personally prefer the Hyundai due to its price point and I see aircons mostly for summer time.

    He told me its how the outdoor unit is mounted if its in a high risk water area where water pools best to raise it to get the most life span out of it or keep it under the eves.

    Never had an issue with tenants complaining of a cheaper model.

    If you need a sparky in Sydney, I can put their details on here.

    • Tried DM you about sparky details, but you don't accept DM. So I'll ask here, could you pleas share your sparky details?


      • +1

        DW electrical contractors in Sydney

        • Thank you very much!

  • Oh no … I got 2 Mitsubishi Heavy units installed 2 weeks ago. Missed out on $300 Cashback - but already saved my $150 in reduction in bills for just one months of running. I had a very old (1985) ducted gas system which I finally retired and replaced with these 2 split systems - so much cheaper to run than my old gas system. I combined the switch to these systems with draught proofing my old 60s house (windows, doors, cracks, service pipes, vents, … ) and insulating to a higher standard - makes such a difference in comfort.

    I have an Avanti Plus 2.5KW and a Bronte 6.3KW. Too far they are working fine - holding up on the cold day yesterday.

    Make sure when they get installed that you seal up around the service pipes at plasterboard level (so no cold air can come through in winter) - a lot of installers just leave a massive hole in the wall.

    • Could you please elaborate on what is sealing up around the service pipes at the plasterboard level? I thought all the installations would be the same.

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        The pipes for the refrigerant and electricity for a split system usually go through your wall (connecting the indoor unit with the outside unit). To achieve this you need to drill a hole in your plasterboard and then through the bricks or weatherboard). It's important to seal up the surrounds of this wall penetration so that no cold air from the wall cavity can come to your room. (Of course also sealing on the outside wall is important).

        Hope this explains it a bit better:

        • Thank you for the explanation. I think I understand it, although tbh the FB post confused me (when they guy said ihe still left a hole on his unit), probably because I'm not familiar with the installation process. Will keep it as a reference though for my future air con installation.

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            @GreenRomeo: Depending on your location and I guess installer, I would expect to have insulated pipes coming out of my external house walls running to the external units. These pipes should be protected by a metal sheath (looks like a roof gutter but running vertical) that runs along this pipe (connected to the wall) and should hopefully be only exposed at the bottom area where the insulated pipes are connected to the units.

    • This pissed me off too. When i got a reputable with good word of mouth installer he left out sealing the hole. I have to end up stuffing paper in the inner plasterboard wall and tape it. The hole is covered by a plastic cover so it is not exposed.

  • One thing I’m not sure about is whether we should get advice or recommendations from the repair guys when they said ME is better than MHI? Isn’t there a conflict of interest here? Wouldn’t they get more jobs if these air cons are less reliable?

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      If you read a lot of reviews, you'll more often see MHI and Daikin up near the top than other brands. The harder part is finding a competent and trustworthy installer. Even a good brand will not reliably last long if shortcuts are taken during installation.

  • Mhi air conditioners have very confusing remote control, no backlight and odd symbols. Hyundai is back lit and much easier to use.

  • Recently went through the process of replacing an old Daikin split system for my unit. Had narrowed it down to a 7.1kW MHI, ME or Fujitsu. Prices were all pretty similar. Ended up going with Fujitsu which was the recommendation of the installer. Very happy, can keep it on low speed in the low twenties to maintain a bearable temperature inside compared to having to blast at 26 on high to stop from shivering with the old Daikin. My electricity bills already smaller too.

    • which state is this Ori0n?

      • ACT

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    I got a quote for 4 x Mitsubishi ACs 18 months ago which was $9k installed. I deferred it then but asked for an update last week and they told me due to copper pricing and supplier increases the price has gone up 19%, so it is now $11k.
    It was for 2 x 3.5kw, 1 x 5kw and 1 x 7kw units.

    Does anyone have a supplier recommendation for SE Melbourne?

  • +1
  • Getting one through frost air conditioning at castle hill nsw

    • Let me know how it goes, thanks. Just got a quote from them (Steve) and wondering if I go ahead. Keen to see how good a job they do.

      They recommended Fujitsu.

      • so far so good, no dramas

        • I've had a hard time trying to get a hold of another quote from them, was hoping to get more energy efficient ACs. Called them late last week… :(

          • @HAL: It took weeks for them to finally get me a quote with the right capacity and the machines we wanted. They kept undersizing and assuring me it was fine, had to constantly check and double check their quotes.

            It's was a pain having to chase them up continually.

            In the end the quote was a fair bit more than the intial numbers we got, they wouldn't budge on price despite messing me about.

            Definitely wouldn't recommend.

  • Did anyone find any good deals on SRK25ZSXA-W 2.5kW?

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