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Switch to Origin Energy, Get Additional Credits from Origin and Get up to $200 Woolworths Bonus eGift Card @ Econnex Comparison


To be eligible to receive the $200 Woolworths Store Bonus eGift Card you must signup up via https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-originenergy/ and have successfully switched your energy supplier.

Save big this June on your energy and gas bill with Econnex Comparison. Origin has tailored plans for customers whose energy uses are low to medium, medium to high, and solar-specific plans offering higher Feed-in tariffs.

• You get the following with an Origin plan
• 12 Month Energy Plan Period
• No Lock-In Contract
• No Exit Fees
• You get extra additional credits

This offer can only be clubbed with the specific Origin Plans* T&C Apply

*** Terms and conditions applied. *** Please see the site for details.

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  • Are these variable or fixed rates plans?

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      I just had a quick look and was only offered variable plans with Origin

      • Thanks for doing that mate. I was going through to the point where they asked for your details before you can see the options. Pass from me

        • Hey mate, Based on the information you provide the rates and plans are factoring in your requirements. Rates change based on several elements and so we try to give you the most accurate information possible

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            @Manyo: You can show me the options without knowing my email address and phone number. At least other providers can.

    • Hey Amer, AS for now Origin is only offering variable plans, kindly go through https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-originenergy/ to view plans and details.

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        That's a big no to deal, as everyone is expecting a substantial increase in rates next month. Everyone should at least seek for some sort of fixed rate plan and watch for the rate change. You may easily lose much more than $200 if the rates go up dramatically and you miss the last chance to fix rates for a year before the increase.

  • Offer valid until 3rd June 2022.Marked expired already?

  • How much additional credits for gas only?

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    The initial page says $100 gift card for electricity and $100 for gas but after you enter your data the origin offer indicates $50 credit (including GST) prorated daily* (same as the AGL offer) i.e. not $100.

    Also, how is the cashback accessed?

    • $100 gift card by ecconex, $50 credit by origin

    • I think you EITHER get the Cashback https://www.cashrewards.com.au/origin-energy#coupons (which looks like $112) or the Ecconex Woolworths gift card of $100.

      Seems like Cashback is a better deal if only getting electricity?

      • You get $200 with econnex if you sign up for both gas and electricity & only $112 with cashrewards.

        • Yes Just noticed that Cashrewards is only $70 if only getting electricity.

          There is also the option of the Woolworth Reward Points https://www.originenergy.com.au/campaign/rewards-points worth $100 or $150 for both electricity and gas? However the Ecconex deal looks to have better rates.

        • Hey Everest, According to the terms and conditions this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other corporate offer or discount. it can only be clubbed with the specific Origin Plans and offers.

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            @Manyo: Are you saying that the $50 offered by Origin and stated in their offer is not valid? OR are you saying that if Origin gives me the $50, you will not provide the $100?

            • @Ozitravel: Hey Ozitravel,
              sorry for the confusion, let me please explain further, if you sign up through https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-originenergy/, you will be eligible for $100 gift card if you switch your electricity, and $100 gift card if you switch your gas and $200 gift card if you switch both.

              In addition to this offer, there are credits or offers from Origin energy as well, which in other words are retailer-specified offers.

              If you switch through the link provided, you will be eligible for both the offers, one from Econnex and from the retailer as well.

  • Is this stackable with the current Everyday Rewards offer as well?


    • Hey Marcus, According to the terms and conditions, this offer can only be clubbed with the specific Origin Plans.

  • I have done a quick comparison using https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/results

    with the recommended supplier in electricity and gas, Origin's price is not the best. It should be good only for 1 year contract together with the cashback, woolies GC and bonus credit.

    rate    supply rate     

    OVO energy 0.275 0.847 715.99 0.22515078
    OVO energy 0.275 0.847 77.077 0.09900090
    OVO energy 0.275 0.847 22.022 0.09900090
    lump sum
    rate supply rate
    Origina 0.3315 0.8002 842.115 0.440967698
    Origina 0.3315 0.8002 72.8182 0.038276891
    Origina 0.3315 0.8002 20.8052 0.038276891
    lump sum
    rate supply rate
    Alinta 0.2948 0.913 768.01 0.314177023
    Alinta 0.2948 0.913 83.083 0.184637343
    Alinta 0.2948 0.913 23.738 0.184637343
    lump sum
    rate supply rate
    Lumo 0.3157 0.8305 808.480 0.3834133
    Lumo 0.3157 0.8305 75.5755 0.0775918
    Lumo 0.3157 0.8305 21.5930 0.0775918
    lump sum
    rate supply rate
    EA 0.3273 0.8324 835.468 0.429593486
    EA 0.3273 0.8324 75.7484 0.080057091
    EA 0.3273 0.8324 21.6424 0.080057091
    lump sum

    Hope this will help!

    • Different distributor network will have different prices…

      • Yep, that is right, this is only applicable for my suburb. Since I have got only 1 distributor in electrivity, meaning that the reference price will be the same, it all depends on what rebate, discount, benefits, cashback will be credit to your account.

  • +1

    Pardon my French but what is that *** of a site? So you need to fill in some data to see the details of that plan??? On top of that, that Origin has all kind of fees:

    Fees and charges

    One off fees
    Move-in / new connection fee - $51.13

    Other fees
    Paper bill fee - $1.75
    Payment processing fee - $2.70
    Late payment fee - $12.00
    Disconnection fee - $51.13
    Other fee - $13.39
    Credit card fees apply

    Thank God they don't have a Leap year fee, nor a odd day of the invoice fee nor a pre-payment processing fee nor a sunny day fee.

    P.S. I would like to see how big of a saving one can get and also save compared to what?

    • +1

      Good luck finder a provider with reasonable plan costs that doesn't have those fees. Most of the fees are easily avoided.

  • The Origin plans called 'Origin Advantage Variable' are these the plans that qualify for the gift vouchers?

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      In addition to this offer, there are credits or offers from Origin energy as well, which in other words are retailer-specified offers.

      If you switch through the link provided (https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-originenergy/ ), you will be eligible for both the offers, one from Econnex and from the retailer as well.

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    'Save big this Autumn on your energy and gas bill with Econnex Comparison'
    OP posts on first day of winter.

  • I'm already with Origin can i sign up for a new plan with you and get the gift cards?

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    Origin do offer fixed rates? Not sure about this deal though. I signed up Origin Go direct where they guarantee rates for 12 months!

  • OP, any chance of doing a Lumo one soon, cause they have locked rates?

    • Hey Mate, there would be new upcoming deals, keep an eye out!

      • Thanks…hopefully soon. Took your simply energy but want a lock in rate now, as reamped energy taken out and reduced main competition in Vic

  • what is solar FiT for Sydney?

  • I have applied, but the confirmation email does not mention anything about the promised bonus. Who can confirm me that I am eligible and when to expect the egift card ?

  • Hey mate, if you have signed up https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-originenergy/, then yes you are eligible for the gift card, eligible recipients will receive Woolworths Store Bonus eGift Card by email up to 90 days after successfully switching your energy.

    Please note, In case the switch or connect is canceled within the first 30 days the transaction would be deemed invalid, in case you face any issues, kindly email us at [email protected]

    • Your support people say that "you will receive the $100 eGift Card within 120 days from the date of signup"
      I read this in the email from Harsh Nathawat

      • +1

        Hey Alexshel, that was certainly a miscommunication from our end. I assure you that you will receive the gift card within 90 days from the date of signup. Our support team has sent you another email correcting and informing the same.

        Sorry for the confusion, hope this clears out now

  • so ELI5 but how do I sign up over the phone and take advantage of this offer?

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    Hi Manyo, May I know when will I receive the bonus gift card for this Feb deal? I still haven't receive it for signing gas with AGL, and its way beyond 90 days now

    • Hey SilverFang, Apologies for the inconvenience, kindly email us your reference number and your query at [email protected] or call us at 1800 1300, so that we can track your application.

      • Thx for help. email sent

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