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Free $10 Digital Mastercard (First 7,500 Entries) @ BWS 21st Birthday (Excludes NT)


Like the recent Bulla Spade 'Competition', here's an easy 'win' (giveaway, really). If you want to get more money, you need to do harder tasks!

The first 7,500 valid text/written Messages received and accepted by the Promoter (having passed the moderation process and deemed deserving by the Promoter's representatives based on merit) will win a $10 digital Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®.

For the easiest $10 you’ll ever make, head to bwsbirthday.com.au, Not a problem - just head to bwsbirthday.com.au, enter the promotion & in the text field provided, wish us happy birthday. It needs to be at least 10 characters long.

Please make sure that you follow the rules of the promotion and please avoid cursing. See, we told you it would be easy.


Competition Post

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  • +1

    Now I need a birthday wish generator.

    • They need to manual approve them and I guess they've only just put this up.

      • +27

        Poor bastards, it will be an awful Friday going through 7500 Ozbargainer's posts.

        And then these 7500 emails and phones they get will be the most worthless marketing data ever.

  • +23

    Can we get the Ozbargain choir together for the $2k?

    • +1

      sure… what city do you live in ?

      • +5

        Let's do an OzBargain meetup in Sydney.

        • +2

          Sure.. i enjoyed the last meetup with you.

          • +5

            @Savas: How I Met Your Mother

          • +1

            @Savas: We should go big or go home.

            $5k for vid of popping out of b'day cake in front of BWS store, holding a sign + dance + singing Happy Birthday + wearing BWS Birthday outfit (Task 4 - 4 prizes)

  • +12

    I did the sing happy birthday one for $20

    • +7

      mad lad

    • +2

      Me too, ft my dog!

    • +31

      My dignity is worth more than $20.

      • thank you

    • +1

      why stop there and not do the dance

      • +9

        I thought of it and pictured myself in my head contorting my body into a B, a W…. but a S seems pretty backbreaking for a non-flexible middle aged man

        • +1

          Can just use your arms for the S.

        • It's because an S bend is not common these days, U should know that

        • Chicken dance!

      • +1

        Why stop at a dance when you can gather 20 mates and sing Happy Birthday.

    • +2

      Can I have my leg back?

  • +3

    Lol avoid cursing, it’s as if they were expecting it

  • +8

    Happy birt

    • +3

      Happy Bort license plate!

  • +4

    By entering, you consent to the Promoter keeping your personal information on its database to use for future marketing purposes, including contacting you by electronic messaging.

    Come on BWS, my private information is worth more than $10

    • +4

      A spam email address and a mobile number that can be unsubscribed at the first spam SMS is fine by me.

    • +6

      Meanwhile, you have everything about yourself on Facebook.

    • +3

      Laughs in 1 cent KoganMobile and Free Amaysim.

      I did two so other people bots can get some too

    • +4

      "If you are a winner, you must take part in all publicity, photography and other promotional activity as the Promoter requires, without any compensation. You consent to the Promoter using your name and image in any promotional or advertising activity.

      The Promoter may collect your personal information directly (in accordance with its Privacy Policy bws.com.au/help/privacy-policy) or through its agents or contractors, including through The Zoo Republic Pty Ltd (ABN 77 160 534 869) (Privacy Policy https://zoorepublic.com.au/privacy-policy/) and Pilgrim Communications Pty Ltd (ABN 32 609 801 578) (Privacy Policy https://pilgrimmcp.com.au/privacy-policy). The Promoter, The Zoo Republic and Pilgrim Communications will use your personal information to conduct and manage the competition. The Promoter may disclose your personal information to its related companies, agents and contractors to assist in conducting this competition, communicating with you or storing data. This may include disclosures to organisations outside Australia including in places such as New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and Japan.

      By entering, you consent to the Promoter keeping your personal information on its database to use for future marketing purposes, including contacting you by electronic messaging. By entering, you consent to receive email and SMS messages from the Promoter without any functional unsubscribe facility.

      The Promoter’s Privacy Policy (see bws.com.au/help/privacy-policy) includes information about:

      how you can seek access to the personal information the Promoter holds about you and seek correction of the information; and
      how you can complain about a privacy breach and how the Promoter will deal with such a complaint."

      Yeah… Nah… … $10 isn't worth it… I don't even know if the bold words above are legal…

      Link: https://www.bwsbirthday.com.au/terms#collection-personal-inf...

      Edit: I realise that most of it is for the major draw… but I wouldn't risk my information being sold and mobile compromised for just $10.

      • +3

        By entering, you consent to receive email and SMS messages from the Promoter without any functional unsubscribe facility.

        Sounds illegal.


        Make it easy to unsubscribe

        You need to make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your electronic mailing lists.

        Under the Spam Act, every commercial message must contain an 'unsubscribe' option that:

        • presents unsubscribe instructions clearly
        • honours a request to unsubscribe within 5 working days
        • does not require the payment of a fee
        • does not cost more than the usual amount for using the address (such as a standard text charge)
        • is functional for at least 30 days after you sent the message

        You cannot force people to give extra personal information or make them create or log into an account to unsubscribe from marketing messages.

        Unsubscribe examples that are clearly worded


        To stop receiving messages from us, simply reply to this email with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

        If you no longer wish to receive these messages, please click the 'unsubscribe' button below.


        Reply STOP

        Unsub: (1800-number)

  • +26

    Roses are red, violets are blue, my liver is wrecked thanks to you! Happy Birthday.

    • +12

      My face is red, my kidneys are blue, my liver is wrecked thanks to you! Happy Birthday.

    • +5

      my Big nose is red,
      my Wallet is feelin' blue,
      my Sobriety is a goner, no thanks to you
      …. happy 21st!

  • +3

    Manual review required, don't use throw away email etc.

  • +3

    Told them not to drink too much.

    • +1

      Told them not to celebrate too hard.

    • Told them they are now legal in U.S.

  • +3

    Great!!! This is going straight to onlyfans

    • +2


  • +1

    Birthday Dance says: Dance to this song and this song only…

    What song?

    • +1


      • not BWS song ?

        • To the YMCA tune

        • Young man, there's no need to feel down

    • +3

      Get On The Beers feat. Daniel Andrews and the Purple Wall

    • +11

      My bots completed the BIRTHDAY BONANZA 7500 times. Easiest $37.5m I ever made!

  • +1

    Should bake some cake and get more money

    • +2

      That's what I intend to do! :D
      Not sure about the filming of it though.. going to need somewhere to prop my phone and edit it down into a supercut 🤣

      • +2

        is it 7500 entries of every $ category , or just all up first 7500 only

        i guess if latter , 7500 already finished by now , even before you bake your cake

        • +1

          Fine print has different values per entry. Think cake was 225 or something, better be quick 🙂

      • +4

        I just finished up submitting a cake bake! I enjoy baking, I enjoy cake, might as well get $100 on top as well!

        Had to juggle the phone a bit - 90 second limit to the video so dont go to hard, I just filmed short bits and cut it together

        • Haha editing mine now, didn't know about the 90 second limit.. have to go back and trim the vid.

          Mine turned out not great but hey, an entry is an entry ;)

          • @Stoibs:

            have to go back and trim the vid.

            Trim the bit off the end where you pass-out drunk face first into the cake ;)

          • +1

            @Stoibs: Yeah my icing spread out pretty hilariously, doesn't hold a candle to some of my other baking ventures but a decent effort for a whatsit from the cupboard sponge!

            The $10 ran out quick so glad I went for the cake

    • an old biscuit tin or shoebox and $10 of icing might do it

  • Congrats to whoever has the motivation to do the $5k challenge.

  • +6


    Ozbargain meet up choir? Even if it’s just 10 ppl, it’ll be 200 buckaroos each

    • +4

      Has to be 21 people according to t and c. Not a great payout pp.

      • 95pp for 20sec song, why not?

        • 20secs of singing and how long setting it up?

      • +1

        Oh yeah ok then

  • +1

    They'll use all this for years 🤣

    Maybe I'll sing, not sure a video is worth $50 🤣

  • +2

    Just did a 10s dance, hopefully will get $50 lol

  • Done ✅

    Let's see if any of these entries track AND payout :D

  • +1

    Look like I sold my info to someone in UK for $10 (sms from +44)

    • +1

      And thus, $10 richer.

  • 'searches frantically for pearls THAT'S FREE ALCOHOL!

  • Highly likely going to be OzBagained very soon, 6666 clicks right now :P

  • +2

    I can't imagine people lining up to video themselves singing we're doing a dance that possibly could be used for marketing purposes for eternity

    I guess some have no shame 😂😂😂

  • Just about to hit 7,000 click throughs! The power of Ozbargain

  • +5

    Sang them the best birthday song they've ever heard.

    Is $20 worth my integrity? Sure is!

    • +2

      Was gonna do the birthday song as I thought it’ll be voice only.

      Backed out when I saw it has to be a video. Don’t want my face appearing in some cheesy tv ad lol

      I’m happy with $10!

  • Does anyone know if the vault app shows the CVC or will I need a NFC enabled phone?

    Where is this Vault app downloadable from? It's not even on the play store. Seems dangerous?

  • +1

    Say hello to spam calls

  • +5

    The Amaysim free SIM card keeps on giving!!

    • Epicness right here.

      1 cent Kogan SIM card for me, but i'll take it!

  • +5

    The birthday surprise comes months later when your details are leaked.

  • +2

    Couldn’t open the text message so whored myself singing for $20. Let’s hope they pay up.

    • lol 10secs 20 bucks. Good one haha

  • In the T&C’s: “By entering, you consent to receive email and SMS messages from the Promoter without any functional unsubscribe facility.” yikes, everyone use a fake email and number

    • Can't use a fake number, need to verify.

      I sold my soul for a $10 entry, I expect they'll add to the random spam calls I get.

  • +7

    You can bet your ass I made a cake tonight

  • +5

    I did a video, was a good time to make a fool of myself for $50.

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