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Apple Watch Nike Series 6 44mm (GPS + Cellular) $399, Other Variants $499 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


JB are clearing out the Series 6 model - $399 for the 44mm versions. There were quite a bit there but they are starting to clear out (in fact, I think there is only one left) … get cracking before they are all gone.

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  • Bought Apple Watch Series 6 40mm Graphite Stainless Steel Case GPS + Cellular for $599
    Hoping to get $20 cashback with commbank card.

    • the 44mm one is $50 cheaper

      • +2

        not in graphite

  • Nice post, grabbed 2

  • Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable charger for Apple watch 6 series?

  • bought the nike one and then placed another order for the gold stainless steel but they cancelled my stainless steel one, now my near store is sold out and delivery is not available to my address

    • how can they cancel your order at late night?

      • have no idea, i think its the stupid system, use the same credit card for two orders, I prefer the gold one but its now sold out, so I can only buy the silver one which is successful and got the confirmation, but still not happy

    • I’ve just ordered one as well, no cancellation from JB yet

      Time to sell my Series 5 :))

      • Which one did you get?

        • +1

          The gold stainless steel 44mm

          • @bargainsgrabber: This is going to sound weird. But I bought the gold 44mm SS one a few weeks back for like $749. And I have credit card price protection.

            I thought I took a screenshot of the whole site but now it’s sold out. Could I possibly PM you for a screenshot or your email with the price per chance. Or if anyone else has purchased and would be kind enough. Hoping to get some $$ back :(

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      the same thing happened to me, I tried again and they cancelled again, then I tried one more time but with different payment method (PayPal instead of Apple Pay) and I selected click and collect instead of delivery. One of those changes meant that it didn't get cancelled

    • This is going to sound weird. But I bought the gold 44mm SS one a few weeks back for like $749. And I have credit card price protection.

      I thought I took a screenshot of the whole site but now it’s sold out. Could I possibly PM you for a screenshot or your email with the price per chance. Or if anyone else has purchased and would be kind enough. Hoping to get some $$ back :(

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    Thanks op I ordered a Nike one to be delivered (I don’t care about the stainless steel tbh).
    I have a 7 months old 44mm se which I will sell or pass down to my child if she wants it (lucky :)

    Edit: kind of regret not having bought one of stainless steel lol, but I paid with gift cards and can’t be bothered swapping and too late. Good night ozbargain

    • +1

      It's never too late. I swapped 9 gift card

      • That's the spirit

  • -2

    Can you use these with a Samsung Android phone? Galaxy and Pixel watches are just rubbish compared to these.

    • +6

      Naughty naughty you want to look like team IOS while actually being team android… naughty naughty 😆

      • Hahaha yeah I think I'm in an Android unwelcomed thread judging by the negs.

  • +4

    I tried to warn this would happen… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12067548/redir

    • I actually held up based on your comment from the previous post !
      THANK YOU 😊

    • Apple website doesn't have AW Series 6 price list anymore.

      they may want to clear their stock and ready for series 8 . LOL

  • +1

    I just dropped my series 4 and it shattered the glass. Was considering getting glass replaced and initial google search shows cost will be around $150-200

    Should I just purchase a series 6 for $399? I can use budget rewards to get another 5% off with GC

    Decisions, decisions

    • This is ozbargain. Yes.

  • Pretty sure tomorrow FB marketplace and Gumtree is going to be flooded with Brand New Apple Watch Series 6 or SE

    • Lol there are still tons of offload to come from HN ( with bonus GC), GG and possibly even DJ

  • Just got a confirmation of pickup for the 6 44mm gps cellular

  • +2

    Been looking since yesterday. Now available stock is 100km away, phewwww finally it decided for me that I should save up, and if need be proper Swiss watch is more valuable. 😂

  • +1

    Called up JB for the 44mm S6 Nike Apple Watch. All out of stock except Narellan I was told. So don't bother to try your luck in store and waste your time.

    • +1

      I have one i was going to cancel if you want it
      Just have to meet me at JB bankstown

      • Thanks for the offer but too much trouble for me to get there. I hope someone close by can take it up and PM you.

    • I just returned one to Booragoon WA
      Apple Watch Nike Series 6 44mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular

  • Thanks OP, ordered the Gold Stainless Steel 40mm GPS + Cellular for $499. To be delivered tomorrow by Toll.

    Would’ve liked the Milanese Loop strap but wasn’t there in gold. My mom’s very pleased and already has a third party Milanese strap she can use it with.

    Now, I’m waiting for the series 8!

  • Thanks op, can't resist, got one.

  • Man - paid $600 for two of these Xmas 2021

  • Nike Series 6 GPS + Cellular price went back to $499

    • +2

      This is 40mm still the same price from yesterday. It was 44mm version was cheaper for $399 gps+cellular now sold out.

    • SS 44mm silver and gold still $549, same price from yesterday. worth to additional $5.99 for delivery.

  • anyone picked up their watches?

    • my order is ready to pick up bit I don't have time today

    • pick up 2 this morning. no problem at all.

    • Walk in buy today @ 9 am. Lucky last

    • Picked mine up around 12:30pm without issue.

  • Amazing deal!

  • +4

    on a series 5 still might wait for series 8 to come out.

    • Yes, I don't think it's worth it from 5 to 6 tbh.

  • is it worth it to get the JB-HiFi Extra Care for Apple watch? Replacement cover for total 3 years

    • Apple are usually good with warranty and most of the time cover faults for 2 years plus. Replaced a phone that was 4 years out of warranty last year

      • No free upgrade right? Apple's warranty is great, but for an ancient device which you don't want the iOS / firmware update, after getting the refurbished unit from Apple, it will be on a later, if not the latest firmware. For my ancient iPod Touch, the replacement / refurbished unit runs an iOS that really slows the phone.

        For Samsung SSD warranty replacement, I got the latest SSD model at the time and 2X the storage. Obviously, it is unrealistic to expect getting an iPhone 13 with 64GB for faulty iPhone SE 32GB.

      • Impressive! I had face-id issue on my ip11pro, they refused to fix it for free coz my phone is almost 3 years old. I already mentioned ACL cover but they insisted only cover 24mths.

        • I find it can be inconsistent. Not sure whether it is staff and store dependent. I am also finding it is harder now.

  • +1

    Must have been a pretty good deal judging by the comments from the staff member I picked mine up from. “Dude how did you manage to get a series 6, and for that price?! That’s an absolute steal, well done!”

  • Is the $150 premium worth it for the stainless+sapphire glass over the regular aluminium?

    Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Silver Stainless Steel Case GPS + Cellular $549

    Apple Watch Nike Series 6 44mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular $399

    My use-case riding/swimming/running

    • +3

      I always go stainless steel just for the sapphire glass. I’m clumsy as hell so I’m always accidentally scraping my watch face along benches and doorways, stainless steel Apple Watches have always held up flawlessly for me.

      • +1

        When my wife bought her series 6 early last year I was tempted to get the granite stainless 44mm but the price was way too much. I work in the building industry and I don't think the aluminium would handle it. This sale makes the watch around half price, too good of offer to pass up. And its my birthday in a few days, perfect timing.

    • +1

      Scratching the $1300 dollar Apple Watch - is it really 'Sapphire'?

      If this watch is something you yearn for, then get stainless steel. If there is sufficient FOMO factor, then get aluminium. Series 6 isn't that great in today's standard.

  • +1

    Picked up both Nike and stainless, returned Nike on the spot. No issues

    • I did the same.

  • Ordered last night, one black and one silver (aluminium + cellular). The black one was shipped this morning from Liverpool, the other one is still in unfulfilled status. Should have done C&C, I bought with JB vouchers so not keen to buy one in store on card with the risk of getting the other one refunded as a GC.

  • +1

    Has anyone received their shipping confirmation email from Toll or Aus Post yet? my status is still in unfulfilled

    • +1

      Yup, received a tracking number via Toll earlier this arvo

      • I don’t need it since I’ve a Series 5

        So, you cannot resist either.

        • +1

          I couldnt resist too.
          SS will hold its price when i sell next year and upgrade to 7 with yearly JB sale

        • Yup haha, my Series 5 was aluminium so I guess I can sell it for around $250-$300

  • Hope they will drop the 44mm graphite stainless steel to $549…

    • +2

      Gonna try go in and swap the silver colour for graphite. Will report back.

      • Update: Decided to keep the silver. Graphite looked too similar to the space grey aluminum.

  • How much will be the next Apple Watch?

    • I guess Series 8 will be the same price as Series 7.

  • +2

    I like it but I dont need it as I have a garmin and an amazfit GTS watches. I slept on it, 2 nights and still woke up today really wanting it. iJust got an sms that my 44mm stainless steel graphite is available for pick up in 1hr. oh well….now have to do a lot of explaining to the missus. :b

    • +1

      You didn't get one for boss as well?

    • +2

      Lol, I’m lucky I am the missus. My husband puts up with me being the one that wants to upgrade and buying.

  • Got mine delivered by Toll just now. Was well worth it. Thanks again OP, a good deal!

  • I just got mine …

  • Just got mine (the Nike + 44 mm and the Stainless Steel Silver 44 mm), NO IDEA which one I'll be returning! How did everyone else weigh this decision up so easily?

    Kind of want to take the money win and go for the cheaper one in case I decide to upgrade in a few years, but appreciate the SS version will look nicer at more formal events and at work (also my Series 3 is very scratched so the better Sapphire display would be nice).

    • +1

      I also ordered both. I am keeping the ss because the Milanese loop is worth a bit and the toughness of the sapphire. Planning to keep mine for a few years and the sapphire will save me to have the silicone protector which I normally use with my apple watches.

    • Keep both and buy more to keep. Lol

  • Mines just got cancelled ffs.
    40mm rose gold, delivery.
    If I had known, would have seen where I could C&C instead.

    • Same with my 40mm silver - should have gone for C&C.

  • +1

    Did anyone successfully pair apple watch 6 with iPhone which running IOS15.5? To pair apple watch 6, need to update apple watch first, and every time got error“ Unable to Check for Update - Not connected to the internet”… Tried to use different wifi, use different iPhone.. Always the same error

    • +1

      Yup, no issue earlier this morning
      For info: I’m on iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 15.5 updated last week

    • +1

      I had that same issue. I just had to re-pair the watch and it worked second time around.
      I also had trouble getting the ECG app to work. The error was “unavailable in your region” even though it is. Again I had to unpair and then pair again and it started working. So the re-pairing seems to do the trick for any weird errors.

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