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Apple Watch Nike Series 6 44mm (GPS + Cellular) $399, Other Variants $499 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


JB are clearing out the Series 6 model - $399 for the 44mm versions. There were quite a bit there but they are starting to clear out (in fact, I think there is only one left) … get cracking before they are all gone.

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    Just to add - there are some SE models that are on clearance for $299 as well (also from JB) but only in the 40mm variants.

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    Not really an upgrade from series 5

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      Hey look - eastern culture is still alive. You were OG OzB royalty. What happened?

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        Now OG in other places haha

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        Totally lost, can you school me, please?

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    Great first post OP!

    Here’s a full list:

    Apple Watch Series 6 40mm Black Aluminium Case/Black Unity GPS + Cellular - $399
    Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Black Aluminium Case/Black Unity GPS - $399
    Apple Watch Nike Series 6 44mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular - $399
    Apple Watch Series 6 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular - $499
    Apple Watch Series 6 40mm Gold Stainless Steel Case GPS + Cellular - $499
    Apple Watch Series 6 40mm Space Blue Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular - $499

    Okay I’ve typed enough on my phone, the rest are here, sorted by price.

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      Thank you jackary for that - I just saw it and wanted to share it with others. Hopefully it'll be the first of many more. Thank you again :)

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      And the SE’s! Couldn’t help myself.

      Apple Watch SE 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case GPS - $299
      Apple Watch SE 40mm Gold Aluminium Case GPS - $299
      Apple Watch SE 40mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS - $299
      Apple Watch SE 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular [2020] - $299

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    Anyone knows why Apple hasn’t added a camera on their watches? I have seen kids smart watches with cameras, so surely the tech already exists to do this.

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      Why would you want a camera on your watch? For your spy shots?

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        Face time, Face ID.

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          Maybe Apple thinks it's not worth it at this point. It will increase the cost, needs additional space for the cam and it will kill the battery faster.

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        i use my apple watch for short burst calls , not for anything longer than a few minutes at most…cant imagine doing a zoom call or similar on it…

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      They will in the future. There was a patent made public a few days ago showing a camera on an Apple Watch.

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        Apple patent ideas all the time - most of which never see the light of day.

      • Thanks!

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      Mainly battery, letting you do facetime on it will reveal how bad baterry life is.

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        This. Video calls consume a huge amount of power.

  • 6 or se?

  • Good luck getting one. Looks to be click and collect only and minimal stores for the SE at least 🤷‍♂️

  • How’s 6 different from se?

  • Just thought about it and got a series 6 44mm to claim under my buisness.
    Ill sell my series 5

    • Really you can claim this on business? Can my wife claim this for her beauty business too?

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        Tip, don’t take tax advice from random people on the internet.

        Do you really think an Apple Watch is a legitimate work related deduction? Is it worth getting audited for?

        • If it's cellular can't you claim that it receives calls and messages?

        • If linked to your work phone why not?

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    Why is the 44mm cheaper than the 40mm in the Nike version?

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      Don’t ask! Just roll with it (I have no idea if there is a logical reason behind it)

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    Excellent price for a 44mm gps plus cellular watch! Needed gifts, bought two!

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    Was expecting the Series 3 to be being thrown out for super cheap considering they are no longer supported.

    Yet they’re still being sold for $299. Imagine paying that much today not knowing.

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      They must still be supported as they’re still selling in Apple Store.

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        Well they're not. They won't be receiving the next watchOS update. This was announced yesterday.

  • Since the pricing is the same for cellular and gps only and as some 40mm are the same pricing as 44mm models, I’m pretty sure this is a price error, like last year (where all orders were cancelled). Anyway, one can always try so I grabbed 2.

  • Buy now, think later!

    • you need to think, use your brain.

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      Think now, be financially secure later.

  • Join Jb Hi-Fi Perks and get $10 voucher which brings it down to $389.

    Just bought the nike one, it sucks that I can't use the ultimate gift cards online, I just placed an order with my credit card to pick it up, will ask if they can refund me the credit card payment and then redeem my gift cards in store.

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      The Specials gift card works 😉

      Tho I’ve used all mine up haha

  • So have people managed to go full watch and let go of their phone? I want to stop being so attached to things like youtube videos, and have something convenient even for running. 32gb internal is super concerning though.

    • No, how can we stop buying all these shinny new or discounted Apple toys? iPhones and iPads are essentials to Apple users.

      • Yes, but I'm not an Apple user lol. so I've been looking for a neater solution.

    • My phone is always in my bag, but I can forget about it while going out, hanging with friends etc. My watch still shows notifications from phone but it can be silenced.

    • 32gb internal is super concerning though.

      It's a watch, what do you think you're going to store on it?

      • Music and podcast, lots of it.

    • well i guess you'd want the celluar version for one -

      and 2, i guess if you literally dont need any other functionality other than calls/text it's fine?

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    The stainless steel variants are more of a bargain than the Nike. You get the Milanese Loop which sells for $139 on Apple itself

    $549 for both the 44MM gold and silver stainless steel colours

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      $399 + $139 = $538?

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        $399 is aluminium
        $549 is stainless steel

        According to Bing Lee’s RRP, the Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop models retail for $1189

        • Oh the watch body is made of stainless steel? I suppose if that's something you want.

        • Gah. This is making me think if I should grab this instead.

          • @zeno: Just buy this and return the other 😊

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              @georgev: Done. Just found out that stainless steel model also has sapphire glass. That's what actually convinced me. LOL

              • @zeno: Good job 👍

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                @zeno: You’ve saved your OzBargain badge too 😉

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                @zeno: Sapphire crystal face is almost indestructible.

                I bang mine against door frames and kitchen bench tops and never a single dent or scratch.

              • @zeno: you convinced me as well

                • @RichardF89: My order for the stainless steel version was actually getting cancelled. Seems like having 3 successive orders prior got me flagged by their verification system. After the 4th try placing my order, I finally remembered I have JB gift cards from the past Telstra deals accumulated and placed 2 additional orders successfully using those! Ended up with 3 Nike + 2 Stainless Steel with Milanese. AW for all family members sorted! Fingers crossed no more cancellations. LOL

        • you convinced me as well, bought one silver.

    • At the same time u can get alternatives not Apple brand for way cheaper.

      • I’ve tried with non branded Apple sports strap and the plastic gets too sticky

    • seriously considering changing my order but at the same time, I view these watches as a tech gadget more than a timepiece. I’ll stick with the aluminum version and upgrade it down the line.

      • +1

        No point getting SS if you wrap your watch with a case snd screen protector.

        I personally prefer link style metal straps as it makes it look more like a real watch

        If you like saphire glass, buy a real automatic time piece haha

    • Yea great price on the 44mm stainless steel models, Apple is still selling refurbs of those for $899. Just picked one up for a present later in the year.

  • If only I didn't have Medibank Live Better I would surely snag one of these!

    • What's does Medibank live do?

      • +1

        They have this Live Better program where you earn points to get some gift cards/Apple products. You can redeem Apple Watches if you have enough points.

    • Yes, pretty good deal. However, if you do a conversion, Apple Watch SE 44, GPS + Cellular is approximately $384 (compared to convert the points towards insurance premium).

      • You'll need 25k points to redeem a $200 payment to your premium, which is still not that great compared to other items. I'm at 60k points atm, so I'm pretty much just saving it until the 8 comes out later this year, which would hopefully be a good deal considering I'm only paying $15 a fortnight for an extras cover which I always max out.

  • bought the Nike S6 44mm one for $399 - I choose click and collect at the JB store and I received a confirmation email. Do you reckon I can pick up tomorrow? I will order a nicer strap from Amazon for cheap.

    I thought the cellular + GPS is a free service looks like needs to cost extra from the mobile carrier..

    Its a good price for s6 as refab ones are still a lot more expensive

  • any wonder why the 40mm stainless steel models (599) cost more than the 44mm stainless steel models? (549)? i thought 44mm would cost more?

    • The 44mm stainless steel with Milanese loop is the best bargain.

      I have a silver stainless series 7 and series 3 and tempted to get a gold stainless haha

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    This is becoming a trend. Every year around this time looks like the clear out existing watches, will have to set an alarm for June 2023

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      WWDC just happened

  • damn I ordered the click and collect by PayPal for Nike $399 one and now I am tempted to get the stainless steel one.. is the refund process easy? I should have paid by credit card for easier refunds :(

    • not sure, on the same boat. also place another order for stainless steel. Buy first and worry that later.

      • I paid with gift card but I am still placing another stainless steel order now

    • https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053005194...

      Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product not faulty) - eg change of mind.
      100% Refund 30 Days Exclude Commercial Sales

      • I wonder if I can just call the store tomorrow and cancel the order over the phone or I have to go in person still. Damn the stainless steel order is now only available in another store so I had to go to two different stores after work for this damn :(

    • I ordered Nike one for $399, this is an upgrade from my SS series 3. The Stainless Steel is heavy when doing sports, even for daily wearing I feel it heavy, the Milanese Band is not friendly for my hairy wrist LOL. So I choose Nike this time. But the SS one is best value ever.

  • Just bought the gold stainless steel 44mm , will cancel the nike one.

    • Was going to buy the gold, but reading reviews the paint may get scratched , so got silver

      • I have silver series 3, scratches on Sapphire glass, more scratches on stainless steel.

    • This is going to sound weird. But I bought the gold 44mm SS one a few weeks back for like $749. And I have credit card price protection.

      I thought I took a screenshot of the whole site but now it’s sold out. Could I possibly PM you for a screenshot or your email with the price per chance. Or if anyone else has purchased and would be kind enough. Hoping to get some $$ back :(

  • +7

    Grabbed the ugly $399 nike with the intention of getting a new band.

    After seeing the comments here grabbed the silver 44m stainless steel with milanese loop for $549.

    Will just return the ugly nike when I go to pick it up tomorrow.

    I really need to get off ozbargain, you dont save any money, you just spend it.

    • LOL

    • It does look better on the tax bill when claiming for buisness .. bought this too.

      Will probably give the nike to missus on her bday

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