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Nintendo Switch Console Neon $348 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon have now price matched Harvey Norman for the standard Neon Nintendo Switch Console

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    They still have the non-OLED one?

    And 350 is still a bargain for it?


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      If you were truly Gandalf the Cheap, you'd buy this in a flash.

      • +7

        But then you would never own any games for it, as they seem to all be a rip off still.

        • +3

          Cheap console, expensive old games!

          • +4

            @kaal: Yea I got given one as a present, and I was blown away by the prices. Insane! And they don't go down much at all even after many years. Easily the most expensive console long term.

          • +1


            Cheap console, expensive old games!

            Is it really cheap though?

            It was already underpowered on release, compared to its rivals. Now it's no longer even technically current-gen. It should be half the price of the series S or discless PS5.

            • @GandalfTheCheap: Not cheap for power… cheap for it’s the only legit way to play Mario/Zelda etc etc Nintendo games.

              • -2

                @basketcase86: I mean, there's nothing illegitimate about emulating switch games on the PC if you've bought the game on switch. It's even legal to do so.

                And PC with 4k and 60 FPS is inarguably the best way to play some of the best switch games, like Breath of the Wild.

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                  @GandalfTheCheap: I can’t argue with that but it would still require buying the game…. Not the console I guess but who would actually do that just to be legitimate? Each to their own I suppose.

  • What’s with the crap load of Switch console discounts lately? Are they revealing the new Switch soon? (It’s June)

  • +12

    Don't do it.

    The OLED for has been around low $400's numerous times with Ebay offers or similar deals. It's well worth the extra $50 and will also likely have far greater resell value than the OG Switch.

    Refer to 2nd hand pricing for 3ds consoles as a comparison

  • +19

    Damn, I should have held off.

    I paid $380 for my Switch 3-4 years ago.

  • Promised the kids one for Xmas but might have to buy early! Although I think it'll probably stay around this price (or be on special again) before EOY…

  • Typical I got one like 2 weeks ago from Amazon 🤬

  • Bought $299 from Ebay Plus deals few years ago

    • Lowest is from amazon, maybe 219? Early bird deal

      • yeah probably only 1 in stock to meet that number and then bait and switch

  • Thanks OP. Called JB as the Harvey Norman near me didn't have stock. Was told they would price match.

    Drove down and was then told $407 was the lowest price as that is what the staff could get using employee discount.

    Explained that it doesn't say that in the price match, was told to drive to otherside to Melbourne to get it.

    Said that i understood Amazon can be a bit iffy with different models but HN have it. He went away and said because Amazon did it he can match that….

    Was very bizarre but got one

    • +5

      All that effort why not just get it from Amazon?

      • +7

        had fuel to burn

      • Missus b day on Monday and when a store around corner says on phone they can match woudn't you go in rather than waiting for delivery?

        • +2

          Next day delivery via Amazon, save on petrol and get it before Monday. Not sure why you drove around for the same price, cost you time and money.

    • Just try a different person, I got it price matched after 3 salesperson

  • switch 2 is coming?

    • +1

      Not for a while if Switch one just keeps on selling at this price.

    • +5

      Issues with your comment

      1. Different systems (one is portable and cartridge based, the other must be connected to a monitor/TV screen and uses discs.
      2. Switch is portable and also dock able to a TV, the PS4 isn't
      3. Yours is used and this is New
      4. Your purchase is on the used market and not everyone can get it.
      5. This console has warranty your used one doesn't

      You might as well go into an Apple store and tell them you got a last years model Android phone for 1/2 of the price and complain to them your reasoning to get the Iphone cheaper and see what they say.

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    Jeez was tempted to buy this for Super Smash Brothers but the games $74 on Amazon. Didn't know switch games were so expensive!

    • Games have always been this around this price for decades

      In fact games is one of the rare items that has not been adjusted for with inflation over time. nowadays games have more content and bigger in size so to be fair prices are very reasonable .

      Look at the history of prices in old catalogues


      You pay to watch a movie which lasts around 2 hours on average and costs around $15-20 on a normal day.

      A video game for for $74 at rrp ( who the fudge pays retail) gives you hundreds if not tens of hours of gameplay

      I think games are fairly priced tbh and there is always other options if you’re too poor to pay rrp. You can wait for a sale , but it used , or work a bit harder and earn more money

      • Not true. Only Nintendo first-party games still have 1990s style prices.

        On PC, plenty of the very best games are free to play, or free on Epic, or included in Game pass, or are 75% off within the first year or two.

        Xbox has gamepass, and both MS and Sony Online stores have solid discounts (though not as soon as PC).

        Nintendo have allowed proper discounts on some third party titles, especially indies, but still 2, 3, 4, 5 times the price of PC (comparing best discounts on the same games).

        And Nintendo have loads of eye-watering ye olde full prices on 5+ year old games.

        • You're on a different topic now of digital games.

          We were talking about physical.

  • Amazon and Harvey Norman are showing $348 now :)

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