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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Green, Import Stock) 512GB $1676 Delivered @ BecexTech via Kogan Marketplace


Good deal for for the 512GB version, cheapest i could find.


Found a cheaper one as well:


Write up below:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s dynamic AMOLED 2x display with vision booster is glare’s worst nightmare, hitting 1750nits at its peak. And the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate keeps the scroll smooth, adjusting to what’s on screen for an optimised view.

6.8” Dynamic AMOLED 2X display
108MP wide camera, 10MP telephoto camera, 12MP ultra-wide angle camera, 10MP periscope telephoto and 40MP front camera
12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage
Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450, Octa-core processor
One UI 4.1 (based on android 12) Operating System

Galaxy pro-grade camera

With the massive pixel sensors and shape-shifting pixels, this phone has Samsung’s most advanced pro-grade camera yet, packing the power of a professional’s kit in one handheld device. Shoot into the night without sacrificing quality.

First Galaxy S with built-in S pen

S Pen fits right into S for the first time. Eject it from the bottom of the phone to write, sketch or control your phone. Low latency in Samsung notes makes every pen stroke feel as natural as ink on paper – and you can convert those hastily written ideas into legible text.

Fastest chip

The 4nm chip works its world-class power into nearly every aspect of your phone – resulting in epic night shots, incredibly clear photos from day to night and an optimised mobile gaming experience to lead you to victory.

Durable material

The polished armour aluminium frame acts like a suit of armour and the front and rear are equipped with the tough Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. And both Galaxy S22 Ultra and S pen are IP68 rated.

Long lasting battery

AI takes 5000mAh of power from one day into the next, intelligently adapting to the way you use your phone. Long story short: it saves power for when you need it most, for a battery life that keeps on going.

Super fast charging

Full speed ahead. Get hours of power from only minutes of charge, when you plug into the 45W Power Adapter.

Wireless powershare

With all that battery power, there’s plenty to spare. Give your friend a boost or wirelessly charge your earbuds on the go.

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  • +5

    Mixed reviews of BecexTech's ebay store … YMMV

    • Its not the ebay store though, i personally havent had any issues with Kogan marketplace but once again YMMV

      • I might have the name confused with another another market place seller that has a similar name

        i personally havent had any issues with Kogan marketplace

        You'll see the same sellers on various marketplaces - amazon/ebay/kogan/catch/mydeal/etc.

        Marketplaces like kogan and ebay, you really need to look at the reputation of the seller, because the marketplace will just wash their hands of the issue (despite whatever ACL says). Amazon seems to be an exception - hopefully they don't change for the worse.

  • +5

    if you have access to samsung edu, it's $1599.20 for the 512GB on there.

    • @iuselect - What do you require for access to samsung edu - just a family member who has an edu email address?

      • +1

        yes just edu email address.

      • Also If you are with westpac, you get access to they're EPP

        • Easier to get access it via Westpac. However, there is a price difference. Currently the 512GB is $1699 on Samsung EPP, where as it's $100 cheaper on the Edu store. But both ultimately better options than going grey import.. I bought a grey import S8+ years ago and Samsung refused warranty so I'll never do that again..

      • Correct. Alternatively, if you know anyone who works in the government, then you can most likely get access to the Samsung Gov account.

    • Does JBHIFI price match that?

      • usually not, but you can always try your luck.

  • +14

    Better stay away from BecexTech. A lot of complaints in ACCC on them.

  • +9

    Most likely a gray import and not Australian/Samsung stock.

    Horrible reviews - https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.eclipse.co.uk

  • +1

    need some indian regulations here

  • not sure about the seller, but i have the 256gb version and love it, best phone ive ever used. if i could go back, id get the 512gb version, lack of expandable storage really sucks, especially if you do a bit of filming with it (and you should, the camera is amazing)

    • I came from the Note 9, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I miss the Bixby button. Of course, it was remapped to switch between sound/vibrate/silent, but the extra button to map to whatever was fantastic. Camera is amazing though, for when I don't have my kit with me, it's more than adequate.

      Of all the things Android manufacturers copy from Apple (notch, no headphone jack, etc), I really wish they'd copy the sound/vibrate switch. Get on it, please, Samsung/OnePlus/Sony/etc

      • Hi bixby, turn my phone on silent for 2 hours.

      • Can’t you map the power button. I have the s21 ultra and have mapped the power button as double click to turn the torch on and off.

  • is this the physical dual-sim, if not (yikes that's expensive and not a deal)

  • Get the s22 plus. I regret upgrading to the ultra. It's heavy, still heats when you charge wirelessly, battery lasts maybe a day if that, cameras the same as year before, you don't need the bulky camera or the note pen, stick with the plus

    • Doesnt the Ultra have an additional camera compared to the Plus?

      • +2

        Honestly the 100x zoom is as useless as it gets unless you have a professional tripod. And it's that unnecessary component which makes the phone heavy as shit. After the note 10 plus, galaxies have become thicker, overheating, and heavy as shit. If you ever drop this on your face as you're laying in bed, you will die 😂

        • 100x is for taking photos of the moon which is does very well at without a tripod.

          For everything else you use 10x, which the s22 plus does not have.

        • +1

          "If you ever drop this on your face as you're laying in bed, you will die" - Good warning to put on the outside of the box.

          I wonder if a gimbal would make the 100x more usable?

    • +1

      Agreed 100%

      I had the S22U

      Personally, the zoom is more of a tool than a useable lens for photography.

      I barely used the s-pen, but for my sole use case to take screenshots and annotate, it was hindered by the annoying curved screen.

      I moved to an iPhone 13 Mini, and the only thing I like is the size.

      If I could turn back time, I’d have kept the S22U, or going back further, would have opted for the flat screen S22+

    • +2

      i get 3 days light use easy, 1.5 days heavy use

  • +5

    Couldn't think of any worse two websites to buy through

  • -1

    Jb hi-fi happy to Price beat Amazon au
    $247 upfront instead $399 for s22 ultra 256G
    $447 upfront for $512
    Both with $79pm/24.

    • Is there a offer on Amazon for the S22+ too?

    • What do you mean…?? Amazon Australia did have a deal n his to get Price match?

      • Yes

        • Care to share the link?

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