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Norton 360 2022 Edition License Key, 1 Year, 1 Device for $10.50, 3 Device for $20 - BONUS 60 Days @ IQ Technology



Norton 360 1pc @ $10.5 -bonus 60 days

Norton 360 2pc @ $15 -bonus 60 days

Norton 360 3pc @ $20 -bonus 60 days

Norton Security PREMIUM 5pc @ $34 - no bonus days

Trend internet security 3pc 1 year @ $14.75 no bonus days

Kaspersky total security 3 PC/ 1 year - @ $14.50 no bonus days


Digital Key send via Email.

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    Norton is a massive resource hog. Avoid.

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        This too!!

    • Was* not according to av test and av comparatives. Norton less resource intensive than windows defender.

  • I'd go for Kaspersky just for its great password manager, but it is usually sold for cheaper by SaveOnIt and I would not trust a Russian software on my PC these days.

    • +2

      Smart. Let's think in how many scandals US software companies were involved and in how many Russian ones.

      • Well, dealing with one evil is better than two right?

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    The last time I paid for a Norton product was while they still sold them on floppy disks

    • +1

      Probably the last time they were relevant too

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    Hang on, people pay to install Norton?

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    Won't use it even free

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    Lol good to see Norton still maintains a bad rap as it did 10 years ago

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    Norton should be paying me to use this crap… Pass

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    Last time I put that on a computer it slowed it down quite a lot, next minute it got uninstalled. Bitdefender much better IMO.

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  • Had a client ask me to set up their laptop recently and they had purchased a Norton activation card at OW.

    During installation, they wanted credit card details + auto-recharge on by default—- or you couldn't install & activate it! I told them to return it. What a bunch of [email protected]! Demanding CC when it was already paid for!

  • +1

    Paying to install a crypto miner? No deal for me


    • That link indicates the crypto miner function is US only.

  • -1

    Geez can’t believe people are still self-harming their computers in this way.

  • Buyer beware, really poor experience with unsolicited Norton bloatware in the past.

  • No! orton! Awful!

  • There is a reason stores have a fee for removing MacAfee and/or Nortons…

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