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[Afterpay] Samsung Odyssey G5 27inch 165Hz QHD IPS Gaming Monitor $297.90 Shipped @ Scorptec eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Decent 27" gaming monitor with QHD resolution, 165Hz refresh rate.

Credits go to karturo for post the original deal and MiscOzB for pointing out the Scorptec deal in the comment.

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  • Sorry I asked this before but will it be sufficient for studying and basic office use or better wait for Dell S2721qs to go on sale again?

    Not able to make a decision as I am not good with computers.

    • +2

      It is sufficient and yes better to wait.

    • +2

      it will be much more than what you need, ips monitors are really nice on the eyes for productivity, but if you’re not gaming then it’s probably overkill

      • Kids would love to play some PS4 games but they are not really into gaming or anything. Was asking because atleast thia gives an option as a better gaming monitor for same price as S2721 qs dell just in case.

    • This is a gaming monitor - so it can definitely be used for office work.

    • The high refresh rate will be gentle on the eyes for long bouts of studying and office use.

    • -1

      you can just buy literally any monitor for that need. lol.

  • Can these use the VESA mount?

    • 100x100

      • Wall Mount
        75 x 75

        Edit: Oh you're right, that's a different G5.

  • Is this a different monitor to the other deal tagged? G5 vs G52?

    • It's the same one I believe.

    • Same Manufacture PN:


  • this one or Dell S2721S, which one is better for gaming and overall (design/movie)

  • Pity this thing is so fugly

  • Delivered on Saturday, for anyone wondering can confirm S2721dgf is a better monitor in just about every way. Not too fussed as I've bought this as a secondary monitor to be used in portrait mode but for anyone looking for a gaming monitor you're better off sticking with the S2721dgf even if it sets you back $100 more.

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