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ASUS TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6900 XT OC Edition 16GB Graphics Card $1199 Delivered @ PCByte


New low for the ASUS TUF version of the 6900xt card. Personally would buy this over the Gigabyte Gaming OC card as this has a better cooler (same/similar heatsink and fans to the RTX3090 Strix). Note: This the OC edition, not the TOP edition - only slightly lower clocks I believe.

Edit: As per tootski's post below, you can buy the card for ~$1150 here (for today 14/06 only I think): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265729400424

Link to Wireless1 eBay Deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/706134

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  • +3

    nice price. Think this model was around 1260-1300 from a few vendors for the last few weeks.
    Not a big jump but the competition helps the prices slowly slide.

    • +4

      Seem like prices are dropping between $50-$100 every week.

      • +13

        Remind me to buy this in 18 weeks.

        • +1

          in 30 weeks, the PC shop will pay you to have it.

          • +4

            @couger: I'm Soviet Russia, video card buys you

  • If it continues this way we will have it for around a grand by the end of the month

  • +7

    BARGAIN. I love my 6800xt. Unfortunately i spent $1650 on it. But its still great.

    • Honestly you wouldn't notice a difference between the 2. 6800xt is more than anyone needs

      • can it do RDR2 at 4K, max settings, 144fps?

        • -4

          Why would you need 4k or even max settings though? Also NPC games are kind've pointless. Just a bunch of 0's and 1's and bots. No other human players

          • +2

            @Jimmy77: nobody needs games at all. it's a want. How do you determine that games with NPCs are pointless?

          • +1

            @Jimmy77: Dude.

          • +1

            @Jimmy77: "Why would you need 4k or even max settings though?"

            Nobody needs it. It's a want. It looks better is why.

            "Also NPC games are kind've pointless. Just a bunch of 0's and 1's and bots. No other human players"

            I disagree that they're pointless. The point of single-player games is to have fun. I find them fun, as do many others.

            • -2

              @Sarazar: I said 6800xt is more than anyone needs though. Not more than anyone wants

  • +3

    I just bought this card in the power supply bundle deal. Great card, few issues with drivers, but RDR2 and MSFS2020 are running very well. No complaints here.

    • Do you use it in VR on msfs2020? Was wondering if there are any stutters?

  • Nvidea release dates based on rumours were confirmed, then pushed back. A 4070 or somewhat similar GPU will now likely be early 2023 before stock is available in Aust for partner models.

    According to Videocardz article.

    • +1

      Delayed yes, til 2023? No. Its literally been only pushed back a month… https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1630-delayed-...

      • -2

        That is only for the product announcement.

        Announcing product comes before stock.
        We are in Australia, previously no FE stock
        Partner products come after FE, could be weeks, could be months. 4070 us already supposedly November, 2023 is mighty close to November 2022.

        I don't know, no one can know right now. Time will tell.

  • in the description says “Powered by AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT”. typo??

  • +4

    would like to see any rtx3080 12g drop to $1200 in next week

  • I'm still deciding between this and a RTX3080 12GB, what's holding me back is how important is RTX and DLSS, and do many games use those features?
    Edit: Use for gaming at 1440p

    • +1

      For 1440p then definitely this. 4k would be a toss up

    • +3

      dlss or no dlss this card will run everything at 144fps at 1440p

      • by 1440p, is it 3440x1440 or 2560x1440 ?

    • +4

      I run 3440x1440, for me DLSS degrades quality too much in most games. Ray Tracing is cool, but still a novelty / gimmick.

    • +3

      wait for the new cards

    • +2

      RTX is just Nvidia's brand name for Ray tracing, the 6900 XT has RT as well it's only 2/3's as good because of dye space restrictions.
      That will change with RDNA3.

    • +6

      DLSS is not a great feature (unless you get onboard the youtube hype train). I use it on warzone from time to time but there is no replacement for displacement.
      The raw/native resolution always looks the most pleasing to the eye. DLSS is smeared somewhat and its hard to explain unless you turn it on and off in person. DLSS also has some of your graphics options greyed out depending on the game.
      And for the life of me, i dont know where the deep learning is happening as i have seen no improvement on my 3060ti since launch.
      Now i stepped up to a 6950 last week and you can roll DLSS and smoke it. There is no competition between the native image and raw fps and dlss. Ray tracing is a feature but its only appreciated fully watching reflections in the water or glass. Awesome if you like to bring it up around a bbq.

    • wrong spot -
  • +2

    H O D L

    • Most us hodlers have no choice but to keep holding. With my 1440p monitor I need a $400-$500 mid range gpu (6700xt/3060ti). A 6600xt with 128 bit memory bandwidth simply won't suffice for my screen

      • I do ok with a 3060 on 1440p, most games are 70fps to 120.

      • Doesn't it more depend on the refresh rate of the monitor?

        I run a 6600xt on a 1440p monitor but it only has 75Hz refresh rate; so more than a 6600xt would be wasted for my screen.

        Perhaps I am missing something.

        • It's the opposite you want with this card. ie lower data size (memory) & high refresh (core). It's made for 1080p 165hz+

          The memory side of the card isn't designed for high data loads.

  • Not tempted

  • +4

    Cheaper here tomorrow…around 1150 Plus stack with discount ebay gift cards.

    With this deal

    • If they don't fiddle before it goes on sale.
      What are the chances?

      • -5

        Great pickup and they haven't tampered with it. It's $1150 available now.

        But honestly what deadset loser would pay $1200 for a gpu ie 1 pc component. Those people are the entire reason casual gaming is in this mess.

        I remember the AMD FX 55. Seems every man and his dog thesedays is one of those people. Beards and avocados and all that

        • +4

          But honestly what deadset loser would pay $1200 for a gpu ie 1 pc component.

          Erm… you realise you're posting this in a thread for a $1200 GPU ?

          • -2

            @Nom: derp whats your point

            • +1

              @Jimmy77: That it's strange behaviour to join a $1200 GPU thread and call the buyers "deadset losers".


              • -1

                @Nom: Lol not really. Honestly who else would pay $1200 for an AMD gpu.

                According to the steam hardware survey only the 0.7% act like it's normal. To me and everyone else it's completely bizarre and out of touch. You realize you're talking about a gpu right? Most people would be like wtf if you spent a months rent on one.

                I clicked it to see how many were throwing their hands in the air celebrating over the 4% price drop. It's as though the world is completely ruined.

    • They didn't bump it, got one.
      Thank you.

      • +1

        did you buy 10 and 1 for your son? Like they do on whirlpool forums

        Either way it's a good card that will keep you happy for a while. Enjoy

  • +2

    With Celsius banning withdraw crypto, Eth and Bitcoin drops further, EOFY sales coming and 7000 around the corner, the market could be filled with used cards and even better deal soon

    • +1

      Could be! Time will tell. We have seen a return to RRP and now below, I'm sceptical as to how much lower it will get before next gen is out and available.

  • +1

    I cannot understand why TUF RX 6800 XT prices are now higher than this?

  • I'm planning a build with a Ryzen 5600 processor. Have already purchased a Corsair RM750w Gold PSU. Will there be sufficient power for this?

    I've read different comments on reddit where some users do not have issues on a 750w PSU while others have had some issues.

    • +1

      You will be fine, was planning to run 6900 with 5600x.

      You can monitor your system temps with hwinfo before you install to check what watts you're pulling in benchmarks / games.

    • +1

      65W tdp for the CPU

      if you heavily overclock that leaves 600W headroom

      now go find a 600W TDP gpu…

  • +1

    I have one of these and playing Warzone for whatever reason I get micro stutter. Google tells me I am 1 of many. Just an FYI

  • Interesting - considering the number of positive votes for the deal at $1199, not many purchased it on Ebay at $1143 - only shows as 11 sold, with the 20% off deal now ended. I purchased one so thank you @tootski for the heads up!

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