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50% off Kogan Mobile Prepaid 365-Day Extra Large (500GB) $150 Delivered @ Kogan


For new or current Kogan Mobile customers. Must activate by 11:59pm AEST, July 31.

  • SIM card included, free delivery
  • 500GB of data – all at once or 42GB per month if you prefer
  • Unlimited national calls, texts and MMS
  • Kogan use the Vodafone network
  • Free 12-month subscription to Kogan First on activation

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  • +1

    Only if they have 5G access

    • no 4gx?

    • +4

      5g doesnt’t work that well atm. The other day at the cinema husband’s Kogan worked better than my Telstra 5g (as I was trying to show Groupon combo voucher to staff). Also tested speed of optus 4g and Telstra 5g and no difference in speed.

    • Yeah and a network too ;)

  • +1

    so the "500gb all at once" can still be used over the 12 months?

    • +3

      Yes, you can use the 500GB whenever you like during the 12 months.

    • +2

      You can choose at checkout, gives you monthly or one of data quota

      • What happens when you run out? Is it shaped or do you get cut off?

        • +1

          Just cut off, you can purchase extra gigs if needed

          • @BatmanAU: Yeah I am out then, good plan if it's your main phone or you don't use a lot of data

  • +4

    This is actually a really good deal.. May as well get this than wait for an over priced jb hifi Telstra deal.

  • Very cheap works out $12.50 a month. Btw the other day at the cinema husband’s Kogan worked better than my Telstra 5g (as I was trying to show Groupon combo voucher to staff). Also tested speed of optus 4g and Telstra 5g and no difference at home. 5g is overrated

    • +1

      Which phone are you using?

      • iPhone 12

        • +2


          • +1

            @muncan: Blue

            • +9

              @fozzie: White works the best.

            • +1

              @fozzie: Did you hold it upside down? iPhone 12 Blue works best when held upside down.

        • +2

          iPhone 12 doesn't have access to the "good" 5G sadly

    • +2

      5g is always going to have worse range, it's a limitation of operating at a higher frequency so you need to bridge more 5g cell towers than 4g. If you're in close enough proximity it's capable of being a lot faster

  • wow i would definitely get one if I wasn't with Telstra postpaid via JB

  • +3

    Would've considered if it wasn't Vodafone network, well probably stick with Aldi mobile for now unless there's any better suggestions.

    • Moving to Boost later this month.. Am with Aldi atm, recently found they dont have Volte.. All this while I was under impression that my mobile doesn't support volte 😂

      365 days Boost plan on ebay are cheaper than on Boost site.

      Good luck.

      • I was planning moving from boost to vodafone or this one later on… apparently boost signal is not that great for my personal experience and I dont live in remote.
        Workout this one is cheaper, but the data in boost are real data, not sure kogan 500gb will go quickly or not.

        • It's real.

      • What's volte?

    • +11

      Telstra sucks around my area. Vodafone works fine~!

    • Tbh the Vodafone network is way faster where I live. From my experience I get roughly 40Mb/s down, vs 15ish from Telstra and Optus. (All referring to 4G speeds).

      I'm not with Vodafone currently but whenever I have been they're usually quicker. It might be due to less users on their network though. This is definitely a thing though, as I was able to get 200Mb/s through Optus in a slightly regional area at one point in time, standing on a grassy paddock next to a cow. To top it off the house had FTTP lol. But yeah I'm not with Vodafone or Optus as the work I've been in has only had Telstra reception, I despise Telstra so wouldn't be with them otherwise.

    • +8

      Have you tried reading the second sentence of the post?

  • +4

    Also you get kogan first membership too from the details of that plan.

    • Is Kogan first the free shipping in purchases from Kogan? This might be the decider for me!

      • +1


  • +1

    Vodafone network worries me the most

    • It's not that bad, check in your area. For me, it was trash in glen waverley and carngegie but everywhere else it was fine

    • +1

      Can always check how it is in your region with a cheap SIM first (eg. starter pack on sale at a grocery store like the Lebara one for $5 at Coles from tomorrow). I definitely would before buying a year plan if I hadn't already tried out the network.

      It's so variable - where I am, Optus is by far the best and Telstra/Voda have equal amounts of dead spots but the Voda experience can be better because it falls back onto HSPA less. Best to find out for your region before making a commitment like this if it's important.

    • While I was is braybrook derrimut gym, speedtest showed ~300mbps on Kogan and ~80mbps on Boost. YMMV

      • +1

        Wow, that's quite a workout, hope you took it easy the rest of the time.

  • tempting

  • +1

    Great deal. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Anyone have experience converting their Kogan physical SIM card to a Kogan eSIM by activating one of these new plans on their existing number? Are you able to keep the same phone number?

    • Yes. I bought a $2 esim on their website, activate it on the phone and it gave me a random number. After activating on the phone, I activated it again on kogan mobile website, there I was able to port my number to that esim. Took 15mins

      • To activate on the phone you just need to speak to an operator? Thanks

        • no. You pay for the esim and a QR code will be emailed to you. Use the phone to scan the QR code then it will take you to activation on phone

      • Thanks, were you originally on a physical SIM Kogan plan before or with another provider before you ported in?

        • I was with amaysim

      • Thanks for your posting your experience, decided to try it out based on your comment as new to eSims. Prior to activating, I saw the Kogan mobile carrier in the top corner, after activating and porting in, it changes to "SOS only". Was this also the case for you, I'm assuming until they approve the port in? Doing this after hours so may be tomorrow morning it goes through. Thanks champ

        • I don't know if it went SOS but what I did was restarting the phone after receiving email from Kogan saying "Welcome - your account is now active". I also did it after hours and everything was done within 15 mins. YMMV

  • Anyone know if I can use pre-paid sims like this for data access for my cellular iPad?

    • I don't see why not.

    • Yes. We are using physical sims in our iPad.

      • Thanks for the reply. Qn: are your sims tied to tablet-specific data plans? Or can I just use an offer like this for my iPad? Sorry for the basic qn!

        • +1

          Just one of the cheap normal phone $1 sims (30gb a month).

  • living in Skennars Head, Telstra service is shit, Vodafone works like a charm

  • +1

    My current kogan plan is ending on sep. If I were to activate this by end of July would support compensate for left over months?

    • No, when you recharge, it will replace your current plan.

  • After my experience with Coles, I'm terrified of trying new companies

    • +3

      run toward your fears my guy

    • +2

      this will be my 4th year with kogan. Never had an issue with them. live in metro SEQ.
      It can be patchy in some regional areas, but if you spend 95% of time in metro areas go for it!

      • I found kogan mobile than others providers even on Central Coast NSW, SEQ is fine too.

      • yeah but if it's not the same for me, I can't do another year. I'm going back to what's safe for now. I only used 30gb of data for the entire year anyways so this doesn't appeal to me.

        • If that's your data usage this deal isn't really all that appealing imo. What went so bad with Coles?

          • @lancesta: Mainly just bad reception. I'm in Metro Melbourne and the amount of times I got "emergency calls only" was just too much.

            • @DisabledUser262693: Oh fair enough that'd absolutely floor me. I'm in a large non-capital city and have a blackspot inside my house lol (about 3 houses like us, it's fine on the street), all providers. But everywhere else is fine on all providers unless I drive two hours or so out west.

              I'm pretty sure emergency calls only (correct me if I'm wrong) means another tower does service the area so at least you're able to go with someone else.

    • Yep, I'm 3 months into mine and hating every moment.

      • I'm going back to Boost. Just 1 more week.

  • If you pick 42gb / 30 days, does the unused data get rolled over?

    • +7

      Nope. That’s why it’s better to choose 500gb at once.

  • +4

    KOGAN FIRST 12 months free subscription is included with this. Op should include this in description.

    • +1

      Have added, thanks.

  • Does this have roaming and international calls? Anywhere I could find this info?

    • No, but you can add it after for extra

  • +1

    This is a great deal if you get decent Vodafone receptions. Unfortunately, Vodafone is the worse network for me at home or at work.

  • +1

    I'm in pretty central Sydney and Vodafone's network is absolute rubbish. Horrible speed. Boost (Telstra) leaves it for dead.

    It's a dealbreaker for me. YMMV of course.

  • Where do you input the voucher code? I'm a new customer and there is no field. And still waiting for Kogan support.

    This is for an eSIM as well btw.

  • -1

    Big yeah nah from WA.

  • -1

    Good redundant backup now comrade Al has screwed the national 5G network!

  • How good is vodafones network in Melbourne cdb and suburbs??
    my brother's moving there next eek so this would be handy

  • i bought two of these last sale, the reception and call drop outs have been infuriating - starting to think the deal has not been worth it

    • must depend where you live, I get better reception with Kogan than I do with Telstra apart from my inlaws but they live a little out of town

    • What area?

  • I’ve just jumped back to Voda on the $10 prepaid plus with $10 gift card.

    If I’m porting to Kogan, will that work if it’s voda to voda?

    I’ve got until the 11th July. So it’ll be perfect timing

    • +1

      Yep, vodafone to kogan ports go through fine

      edit: vf employee

      • Thank you

  • +1

    Is this deal for today only?

    • +1

      It says:

      Voucher must be purchased prior to 11:59pm AEST on 30/06/2022. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/07/2022

      Which suggests the deal will last until the end of June. But no guarantee of that.

  • I was hoping this would come up again, perfect timing as mine runs out next month

  • Is it wrong to be contemplating the 250GB SIM for $135 instead? My Woolies 100GB SIM for $150 ($140) is expiring, and I’ve only used 50GB.

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