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Peugeot Paris Pepper Mill 9" $47.54 + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


This is the bees knees of pepper mills and at a really good price, according to Camel3. It has 6 grind settings. Lifetime warranty on the mechanism, 2yrs on the body.
Manufacturer Product info: https://peugeotmillsaustralia.com.au/products/u-select-manua...

This is shipped by Amazon UK. If you're not a Prime member, add something to your cart to reach $49 for free shipping.

9" = ~22cm model. Same product in AU stores (Kitchen warehouse, Everten, Peters of Kensington) are closer to $75-80 when on sale.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • As luck would have it, I need a cruet set today

    • There's a 9" set for about $122.64 that's on sale, but if you can wait, I imagine the salt mill will be less eventually. My aim is to get both 9" for under $100 by buying them separately when on sale.

      I saw the actual product in a store and used to have the 30cm set. It was a bit too large for my liking. The 18cm are the typical cafe table set, so I landed on the 22cm for kitchen cooking.

  • I was also looking at this. I heard the Peugeot makes the best salt and pepper mill but the reviews on Amazon is a bit mixed. Anyone has experience with them?

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      I have the one size larger one and it’s an excellent pepper mill. Have been using it for around 5 years now and it’s still as good as when I first got it

      • Thanks, just bought it :D

      • Fantastic mills. Look great on the table, too

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      Unfortunately have not bought one, but I was doing research on this last week.

      If you are after a wooden pepper mill, these are often talked about. Some people on Reddit have complained about moisture issues affecting the outer casing (which only has a 5 year warranty) and the actual mechanism getting dull breaking down over time (over 10 years, but it has a lifetime warranty which people have also complained about the process). I also saw a recommendation for Fletcher's Mill (but again reviews are mixed).

      If you are happy with any pepper mill, the recommendation seems to be Unicorn Magnum Mills. While made of plastic, people are raving about them much more and very few complaints about the mechanisms, body, and the biggest complaint I have seen is that it just looks ugly as hell 😂

    • Good warranty : Bought the 30cm set from kitchen warehouse years ago when it was on sale, then one day a couple of years later, the salt mill mechanism didn't grind properly and I took it back. They insisted I had to return both (no questions asked though), so I did, but none in stock to replace so have full cash back. Been hanging out for another sale and realised these are just cheaper to buy from UK than in Oz.

      The pepper mill I had was fantastic. Loved the grind sizes. Until I had one of these, didn't realise how much difference you could get from freshly cracked pepper. I'm told most fine dining establishments use this brand.

      If there is any complaint, they're the typical bottom facing mill, so it does leave a mess on the table/tray. Some people prefer upward facing mills to catch the "leftovers".

    • We've had the bigger and smaller versions of these for about 15 years and they are still going strong.

      IMO this is the best brand for this product that you can get and this is a great price.

    • they just cant make good cars (:

    • I have a Peugeot u'Select Salt Mill. It's absolute trash, the worst salt grinder I've ever had. Those cheap plastic grinders from woolies are better a grinding salt. I replaced it with a Swissmar grinder with a ceramic mechanism and it's been great. I have both a Swissmar salt and pepper grinder and after 4 years of near daily use they grind just as good as the day I bought them.

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    Thanks for making me spend $50.

  • Peugeot as in the car manufacturer?

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      The car manufacturer that made pepper mills first

      • +4

        No way! I honestly did not know that and I consider myself a car guy.
        Learn something new everyday

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          That's because you are not a pepper guy.

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          Peugeot was originally a steel foundry making saws, tools, coffee grinders, pepper grinders and even bicycles. During the war they even made arms and shells.

          Peugeot is a very interesting company.

          • +1

            @t25: I had a steel framed Peugeot road bike about 20 years ago. Was quite comfy compared to the super rigid aluminium bikes of the time.

    • yes

  • Ok thanks OP I've actually been waiting for one of these.

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      Do us a favour and keep an eye out for matching salt would please?! ;)

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        For sure, but you don't want to salt like salt bae? :D

        • Compelling argument but I like to matchy-matchy

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        Buy 2, put salt in the other one

        • The internal mechanism is different

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    FWIW Have two of these pepper mills - one this size and the other larger. The larger one we've had for over 20 years and still works perfectly. The smaller one is maybe only ten years old, but also works like new. Tend to prefer to use the larger one as I find it a little easier to use and of course doesn't need refilling as often. Also did have a salt grinder, and it died after a couple of years - mechanism fine, but issue with it coming loose and twisting inside the wooden body. I suspect that salt is harder to grind so is in turn harder on the unit itself, so I'd personally avoid that.

  • There's also the porlex grinder
    Been using one for pepper for the last 5-6 yrs no issues.


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    if its anything like their cars.. it will break down just after the warranty is out… so while you might get another mechanism, you wont have anything to house the mechanism….

  • How do these compare to the kmart ones?

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      There must be a big difference :)

  • Can confirm, they are very good.

    Had them for over 10 years now.

    • Worth the premium? Aside from just the longevity of it?

      • I think it is.

        I saw they use them at upmarket restaurants. Good enough for them (being used multiply times per day), good enough for me.

  • I have one of these. The biggest weakness is the wooden collar around the grind adjustment at the bottom. The mechanism with adjusts the grind will eventually snap the wooden collar, as it expands slightly when it is adjusted. Its a nice grinder, but it may be better to use this grinder only on one setting and minimise how much you adjust it. That said, I had this grinder for 6 years before the wooden collar snapped. It otherwise works very well.

  • I have a cheapo wooden one from woolies that barely works now. It must be 2 years old.

  • I have the battery operated version, now 20+ years - the best mill around buy far. This and bicycles is how Peugeot started life (if they still make bikes expect to pay thousands of dollars). Mine takes pride of place at the table.

  • These stink, have had a couple of them. Okay for the dinner table but have absolutely no place in the kitchen. The amount of pepper they grind is too minimal. A disposable coles grinder will produce more pepper in a twist
    Can definitely recommend the Unicorn.

    • Thanks, good to know about the kitchen.

  • +1

    Pepper Cannon is the bee's knees of pepper mills. Not an Ozbargain friendly price point though.

  • Had some of the electric Pug grinders. Some of the worst pieces of junk ive ever owned. Hopefully these are better.

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    What's the best practice for these pepper grinders? I get worried about using them over stoves because of the heat/steam travelling upwards into the mill.

  • Coming up as $51.62 for me..

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    GF will be happy with the 9 inch grinder

  • Strange, I went to the link, copied the item name into camelcamelcamel to check the history.

    By the time I came back to the original link the price went down to $42, so just checked again to see it was the same product (which it was), it quickly then jumped back to $51.52

    $42 would have been great, but I'm wondering, why would it have briefly gone tot his price?

    • Maybe someone with more knowledge can shed some light but these sorts of pricing seems like algorithm pricing. I don't think companies have staff setting prices that end in .54, .52, .61. Maybe just keep an eye out and if the demand drops, maybe the pricing drops too?

  • -1

    I've always wanted a 9 incher

  • So If I buy this I become a rapper essentially everytime someone asks me the name

  • Fresh-A-Pepper?

  • I actually prefer my pepper cannon :)

  • Mine arrived today, loose in a cardboard satchel with tag floating the bottom - with pepper already in it (?) Does that seem odd to anyone else?!

  • +1

    Mine came in yesterday to the office while I was on leave. came in a cardboard box, tag was on it but there was indeed pepper inside. The hell?

    • +3

      From another Peugeot mill ad on Amazon: "Peugeot Mills are partially filled with pepper at the factory in France as part of final assembly and testing".
      It's not unusual.

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