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Amazon Kindle $99 (Was $139) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same price as sale 06/05/2022
Just the basic kindle with front light. 8gb
Recommend using this with free Calibre book management software https://calibre-ebook.com/

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    looks like there’s a a bunch of amazon devices discounted

  • …already have the 6.8" , maybe 6" too small .

    • +6

      6" is enough for anyone

      • +3

        Tell that to a size queen

        • +12

          I tend to stay away from them, for reasons.

  • This is the microUSB model?

    • +8

      Yes, Only the new Paperwhite is USB c

  • +8

    I have seen this 10th gen in Kmart for clearance $35. It is best to check at one of your local stores. I didn’t post as a deal as stock may be limited

    • +4

      wait really? Surely not

    • must be a kmart e-reader

    • +1

      Which state, which store? Link..

      • This was in Penrith Plaza NSW

  • +1

    This or the paperwhite for $199?

    • +3

      Do you read in the bath? If yes, paperwhite.

    • +5

      Depends how much you will use it. I own both, and just the screen PPI increase (this has 167; paperwhite is 300) makes the text look like actual print, compared to a blurry pixelated mess when pixel peeping. The USB-C, bigger screen, nicer design and color temperature really seals the deal IMO.

  • +3

    Paperwhite for $199. Any guesses on whether it'll be cheaper during prime day? (12-13 July)

    • Possibly. Wasn't it $189 not too long ago.

  • +2

    $99 at Officeworks too. I have a $50 gift card that I have been wanting to use on something, this is it

    • +1

      great device, you will save yourself $99 in book purchases in no time. the back-light is awesome.

      • Agreed. The backlit e-ink screen is the shiz. Shame there is no integration with my local library to loan ebooks, that's there only drawback I can think of

        • +13

          If you’re willing to don an eyepatch, ebooks are super easy to get for free online.

        • +1

          Get a subscription to LA library.

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: this sounds interesting, is this via a VPN?

            • +3

              @blues99: Yes. Here
              You'll have to put a dummy address in, and last 4 digits of the dummy phone number is your password.
              Edit: I use you library card with the Libby app

  • Kobo all the way. They look comparable on paper but Kindles seem to fail much more often.

    • I am still happy with my kobo glo from many years back. The newer generations have really gone up in price now though, which is a shame because I'm hoping to get one for my girlfriend's birthday later this year. Haven't seen better than $129 for the clara, and is currently $189.

    • +4

      I had 3 kindles over the last 12 years, none of them failed.

    • Kindle fails more than Kobo?

      I'd like to see stats on that claim… I'd say its very unlikely.

    • Kobo all the way, totally unlocked, you can read any format without 3rd party conversions. Plug in, usb key style drag files over, and go. Or use the amazing Calibre library management software that lets you totally customise metadata/cover art/etc.

      • +2

        Zlibrary and sendtokindle works wonders for kindle.

      • +1

        Kindle has all that too with calibre….

        • Unless you're trying to manage your DRM locked amazon MOBI purchases.

  • Could I load pdfs on this?

    • +3

      Yes, you can even send by email to a dedicated email address for your kindle

      • +6

        This is a feature which isn't talked about enough.

        I get the, umm, let's call them "pdfs", on my computer (fresh out of Calibre), email them to my kindle email address and then next time I open my kindle they are magically loaded as they sync to the device via wifi.

        The other big advantage of this method is that they are also on your kindle account. So you can also get the kindle app for my phone if you want to read them there too.

        Haven't had to connect my kindle to a computer for years. Only use the cable for charging.

        • The only problem is you can only get cover thumbnails if you email .mobi files, and those are being phased out in August.

  • Got 1 👍🏻

  • +1

    How does the "front light" on this compare to the light on a PaperWhite from about 5 years ago?

    Or is it the exact same thing?

    No intention of changing from my PaperWhite, it is still fantastic, just curious.

    • +1

      This guy shows a good review on all of them.

      • Thanks! Seems that the basic one has only one blue/cool "temperature" of light, rather than a warm light.

  • +2

    I would hold my horses on this one, Prime day is right around the corner and if not matched, it surely will go lower than this

  • Is this the 6th gen? Office works has it $99 and it's the 8GB version.

    • This is the 10th generation already

  • I bought one as per the one linked on this page and no longer need it if someone wants it? I did open it and turn it on but it's basically brand new condition otherwise. Item is located in norwest Sydney and pick up only.

    PM if interested.

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