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Disney Plus via Turkey: TRY₺349.90 Per Year (~A$30) (Update: No VPN Required)


was posted earlier by @M00Cow in the forum section. Disney+ Launched in Turkey

Tried it myself and got it working.

The steps

* create a new google account on your mobile phone (this prevents the mobile number verification)
* add a new payment method on Google Pay using a Turkey address. (to be safe, inform your bank/cc provider so that they dont block your card.)
* install BlueStacks 5.0 on PC.
* activate VPN - Turkey location.
* launch Play Store app and sign in using your new Turkish google account.
* install Disney+ app and create a new account.
* pay using Google Pay

update update update:
no vpn required.

Thanks to fishbomb's comment I was able to get this to work without even needing a VPN.

  1. Create new Google account on phone
  2. Delete cache in Google Play Store (not sure if needed)
  3. Select new account in Google Play Store
  4. Add payment method and select Turkey as Country.
  5. Uninstall Disney+ if you have it installed.
  6. Open Google Chrome/browser on your phone in an incognito window. Set your window to desktop mode.
  7. Search Disney+ on Google Play store in your browser.
  8. Log in on new account and remote install Disney+ to your phone
  9. Open app on phone and pay in TRY.

via this comment by @devize

For Apple Users by @Pricebeat

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    • How to install hotstar app on Google tv?

      • I have my Indian YouTube Premium Gmail account linked to my Google TV, aswell as an Aussie Google account.
        When I go to Play Store I can switch accounts and my Indian Gmail account has this app along with other Indian apps.

        Either that or just sideload it

    • I will try to answer all the questions here.

      It won’t work for everyone. You do need an Indian phone number, or someone in India to send you OTP to register and login. I happen to have a Getflix subscription as well. I got a lifetime subscription few years ago to watch Netflix US. It doesn’t work for Netflix anymore, but works perfectly for Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

      To pay for the service, I purchased a gift card from Amazon India.

      APK for the app can be downloaded and used to install the app on android TV.

  • will it work if:

    1 Connect to Turkey VPN, then resubscribe with my existing account? if this doesn't work…
    2 Still on VPN, register new account with another email and pay with my own card?

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    All these cheap subscriptions making me regret buying another 32TB of storage this week

    • +1

      Well, if the Internet burns, you’ll have some local copies I guess.

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      Streaming has it benefits, but datahoarder for life here!! Nothing compares to 4k archive on demand

  • Can anyone confirm if smartdns is required or not? Conflicting answers above. Hoping it’s like Netflix or YouTube premium and once you register with the country you can use it without a vpn or smartdns.

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      I can confirm it's only required for registration.

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    Title is wrong - this country has already changed its name to Türkiye

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      Yep. Came here to say this.
      The United Nations has changed the Republic of Turkey’s country name at the organisation from “Turkey” to “Türkiye”, following a request from Ankara for the change.

      UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that a letter had been received on Wednesday from the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu addressed to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, requesting the use of “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” for all affairs.

      The spokesman said the country name change became effective from the moment the letter was received.

      • +4

        That makes Erdoğan the only Turkey.

      • +6

        Translation: Dysfunctional government conducts nationalist propaganda stunt to keep their citizens distracted from throwing them out of power because they're shit at governing a country. There's a reason why no China isn't known internationally as "中華/中华", or Egypt "مِصر".

        • shhhhhhh. cheap Netflix :) In all seriousness, I've been pretty lucky in life as far as travel goes. Seen a lot of the world. To this day, if anyone asks me my favourite place I've been of perhaps hundreds of cities - I'll say Istanbul every time. Just loved it. This would have been 2006-2007. Sad to hear comments like yours which are no doubt true. Unaware of the government back then which is a nice way for it to be when you're on the ground.

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    create a new google account using Turkey address on your mobile phone (this prevents the mobile number verification)

    How? When I make one they don't ask for address

    • I was wondering what OP meant by that…

      • I don't get it either. I can't see where to enter any address.

    • Sorry. I believe it's for the payment method. Don't use your original billing address.

      • What Turkey address to use?
        Where can I get a valid Turkey Address, please?

        • +2

          I give you…
          Kuran Kursu Sk., Mücahitler, 79000 Kilis Merkez/Kilis, Turkey

  • My current one expires in August. Bookmarked till then

  • Too many hurdles. Lol. But one up for OP for the hard work.

  • +1

    I tried simple wind scribe vpn to connect ti Disney plus Turkey website , it doesn’t go beyond the login page, so may have to use the round about stuff op has said

    • same here im using windscribe and it doesnt want to go past the welcome screen. i wonder if it's the vpn or the app

      • It's the VPN…look at the forum post.

  • Anyone got any idea on how to do this mac/iphone?

  • great value

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    Confirmed you don't need BlueStacks. As I posted in the other forum:

    Okay so you don't need this BlueStacks nonsense at all - it didn't work for me anyway. It is much simpler.

    Revised steps (all done on phone):

    1. Create a new Google/Gmail account.
    2. Sign in to Google Play with the new account and add a payment method, setting the location to Turkey.
    3. Run a VPN (Nord in my case), set to Turkey.
    4. Deleted existing Disney+ app (if you have it).
    5. Download Disney+ app.
    6. Open and sign up. It will use the Payment method above.

    Works fine without VPN from then.

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      Great news! Cheers! I’m not due for renewal until November so will save this until then.

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      How do I do this without Google Play?

      I don’t have anything Google, nor do I want to.

    • -1

      Any tips for how to do this on an Apple device?

      • +2
        • Thanks for that. Annoying you need to use Turkish iTunes gift cards though.

        • Hi, I can also vouch this works for ATV. gc's took a little while to come through given I ordered them at 0100 Turkey time. Thanks Chippy.

    • You mean all on PC?

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      mine gets stuck on disney + blue screen. not sure what i am doing wrong. i am in my new google account on my phone and google play store. also vpn is set to turkiye.

      • -1


        Followed set-up but pricing is coming up in AUD.

        Used new google account to download Disney plus app

        • Did you check in the Play store that your country was set to Turkey under settings?

          Did you check via your browser that your VPN was working and set to Turkey?

          I go to https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ to check in my browser.

      • Same here too grrr

        • Make sure ur payment country is set to turkey.

          I changed it while in Bluestacks in playstore.

          So might work with VPN and change in play store on android.

          Mine did the same.. getting stuck on blue D+

      • check if you have a private dns on. Turning it off works for me.

        • turning private dns off did not work

      • giving a fake turkiye address in my google pay progressed me one step further, which is the load circle in disney plus app. but then no further go from there. i gave up… aah

        • Delete & reinstall Disney+ app (or clear data+cache + force stop app),
          Turn on Airplane mode, location off
          Turn on wifi & Turkish vpn
          Then launch Disney+ app and wait a few minutes. Did that help?

    • when i go to sign in the app redirects me to chrome but it just stays on a black screen have any idea of to bypass?

    • Thank you! Was your main Google account also switched to Türkiye, or only your secondary?

      • can it be a secondary account? I thought the whole point was that it's not linked to my phone number, but when creating an account it asks me for a mobile number immediately, as thought I'd entered it and it needed to be verified?

        • +2

          It has to be a secondary account if your primary account is set up as an Australian one. You also need to do it on mobile because on web it'll ask you for a phone number.

    • The problem with creating a new Google account is that you must log into that account every time you want to watch D+ on your smart TV? All my other streaming apps are under my usual Google account so it's a pain to log in/out every time to watch D+

      • +1

        No you don't need to use a VPN to watch.

    • Nord doesn't seem to work for me…

      • I kept reconnecting and connecting until it worked.

    • Can confirm this works, I reached the blue loading screen a few times with a different VPN app but once I switched to the Nord one, I went straight through and paid with G Pay using ING card and Turkey address

    • +1

      Can confirm this worked for me just now using a Latitude Cc. Followed these instructions all from my Android phone (also using nordvpn) and it all worked, first time, flawlessly.

      Have been able to sign into Disney plus using my Sony tv and it logged in fine without any further VPN required.

      I did get a screen saying "it looks like you're travelling" or something like that when I logged in but I clicked OK and haven't seen it since.

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    Listen guys. Let's do it right. It's Türkiye.

    • +5

      But is it Istanbul or Constantinople? :-)

      • +2

        Good point mate but the name has officially changed to Turkiye. To be honest it always was. Not many non-English speaking countries say Turkey.

        • +2

          And Germany is Deutschland, and Australia gets called various names in other countries. It's Turkey in Oz.

          • +2

            @M00Cow: I understand the point you are making mate but Germany's official name is "Federal Republic of Germany" not Deutschland. Countries register their official name with international bodies like the UN. That's how they get those names.

        • +1

          Why did Constantinople get the works?
          That's nobody's business but the Turks

  • doesnt seem to be working for me, always declines the payment - macquarie, up and i even bought a turkey gc but even that wont redeem :(

    • +1

      I had that issue as well. I believe it was due to the VPN. Switch to different VPN or another server. If you're using Android, try using mock location set to Turkey.

      P.S. it worked for me using windscribe VPN free after a few attempts.

      • +1

        I was using windscribe pro, tested all the servers. Do you have recommendations for another vpn? Turning out to be not really worth the hassle when sonarr&radarr will welcome me with open arms 😋

  • Sorry if this question has been answered, or is basic, but please tell us if you know:

    Does any of this work if our primary use of Disney+ is on an appletv connected to the loungeroom tv? Got lost in so much talk about sideloading, vpns etc that don't seem to apply to that use case.

    Is it a simple yes/no?

    • +3

      This will work without side-loading but you will need to sign into the new account you sign up with.

  • burada neler oluyor?

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      Looks like dementia kicked in.

      • Anlamıyorum

        • nesini anlamıyorsun? anlamadığın kısmı söyle, anlatayım.

  • Turkey deals are awesome. Can we now but fuel from Turkey too please?

    • +2

      Cheapest gas price is AU$2.24 per litre, not sure if you'd want it.

      • +2

        I think I'll pass need to factor in delivery too 😜

    • +1

      fuel prices are way too high in Turkey.

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    I reinstalled Disney and it keeps showing up with AUD price and remembering my previous sign in information unsure how to get it to change

    • You need to xrea6 a new Google account based in Turkey. And a working VPN. See the forum post for more information.

      • Yep created new google account based in turkey, used Nord vpn, followed the post on the forum, still says same thing

        • +1

          Had the same issue as you but mine was showing in GBP.

          These steps fixed it for me:
          1. Uninstall Disney+
          2. Clear the cache of the Google Play store
          3. Reinstall Disney+

    • Fixed this by skipping the phone and doing it via bluestack BUT upon payment and re-entering my Google account it says no Internet connection even though there is and dnsleaktest shows Istanbul.

    • +1

      Clearing the playstore data and cache and redownloading Disneys app fixed it for me!

    • +2

      I had to sign out of all my other google accounts for the Turkey price to show

  • +1

    Anyone that wants to do it via Apple TV follow this post:


    • Buying Turkish iTunes cards? Seems like an unnecessary and needlessly complex extra step when using Google payments is easier.

      Surely you can still sign in to Disney+ on your Apple TV without paying via iTunes directly?

  • Anyone know if this trick also works with Spotify?

    • +1

      No unfortunately not. Maybe later this year when they role out google play subscriptions it might.

  • -2

    I have no Google pay and an Android phone. I have an iphone and I want to signup for this and then use it on my Smart TV afterwards.

    What are my options?

    • Have you read discussion above or should we post answer again for you?

  • Thank you OP. You're a legend!

  • Why do you need a new Google account? Can't you just signup using an used email address (if you have one)?

    Also, why do you need to add payment method in Google account? Can't pay directly using credit card? Or will it detect/reject foreign credit card?

    • I'm also wondering - what's the need for Google at all? I'm currently on the Disney Plus page on safari on my iPhone showing Turkey rates and it's asking for payment. I'm just not sure if I will be able to log into the Disney app and watch it on my phone later on.

      • Similar situation.

        On a PC with VPN set to Turkey, in an incognito browser window, It shows 349,90 TL, and prompt for credit card details.

        Wondering if I should go ahead without getting Google involved.

        • I'll sub to the $35TL one and test it out

        • +2

          Ok got it. Reading from another post, it will not accept foreign payments.

          So the whole point of using Google is to mask the source of credit card.

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