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XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT QICK Graphics Card $399 + Delivery ($0 VIC/WA C&C) @ PLE


PLE have recently (today?) dropped the XFX QICK 6600 XT from $419 to $399, and it appears they're actually moving their stock at this price. Sold out at a few stores, a couple of stores left with stock. No idea on absolute numbers available.
For reference, this card was last posted at $419 in https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/705744

IMO <$400 is a reasonable price to buy a decent brand XT at the moment, even though it's very likely to drop further. I'm personally expecting it to drop to $350 everywhere in the next month, but OTOH stock of the 6600xt will dry up and they'll be trying to move 6650s, which might end up in the same place but take a few months extra.

Unsurprisingly their 6600 SWFT at $379 still doesn't appear to be moving, I expect it too will drop again in the next few days.

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      I paid $420 for a 6600 non-XT, and I'm far from the biggest sob story out there. You're doing alright

  • Got one thanks!

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    XTs are getting closer and closer to my regular 6600 i got 12days ago for $387. insert skull emoji…maybe if i waited 2 or 3 weeks before building i would have ended up with a 6600XT instead of 6600

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      Don't be like that. Miraculously bitcoin might have jumped up and the 6600xt would cost $1200

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      welp, one can never catch the bottom. As long as you are not buying at the peak, you are consider smarter than most on the market.

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          weirdflex but 0k

          • @kekw: not flexing, I really, really hate in-laws. I need to remind myself everyday. even making a loss on graphics cards is much more worth than throwing money to have people you hate live in your home.

    • I don't see that much of a performance difference between the 2, it's about 10-20fps higher on average.

    • Greetings fellow $387 6600 owner!
      It's all good! If this card lasts as long as my 1060 then worth it.

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    Bought for $419 the other day. Jumped on chat and the manager refunded me the difference back!

    Card also looks to be out of stock too!!

    • Sorry where is this chat?

  • If my future involves a 1440p monitor is it a mistake to buy a 6600XT ? Some of the benchmarks are good for 1440p gaming but most suggest 6700xt and up.

    • If its a 1440p ultrawide (more pixels) or you care about rates over 60fps, then you probably do want a 6700xt for the extra VRAM.

      It is a lot pricier though, so depends on how badly you want those extra frames and how soon you're getting that monitor.

    • if you're a bit savvy you can play with OC settings and more power tool (MPT). 6600XT have alot of headroom to say the least.

  • That went quick, only had a couple maybe? The tricky situation now is to hodl or run out of 6xxx stock and have to wait for 7000 at higher price? Will AMD keep making 6600?

    • The 6650 xt is replacing the 6600 xt

      • But they start at 650$ currently, overpriced massively.

        • XFX 6650 XT was initially listed for $439 at PLE

          • @jaydee4: Which was a pricing error - clearly a rather large one as if i recall correctly they gave those who ordered it a refund and a $100 store gift card.

            • @gtk: Seems almost fair to place the 6650 xt at $439 given the 6600 xt is $399. But what do I know, if PLE calls it a price error then it's an error.

              • @jaydee4: I mean, the 6600xt was a fair bit more pricey back then too. I believe what happened is they accidentally used the US prices.

                I agree that it should be cheaper of course, and I have no idea why it's barely gone down even though everything else has. Guess AMD just forgot about its existence lol

          • @jaydee4: Personally, I wouldn't pay any more than $439 for the XFX 6650 XT, this refresh model is only about 5% faster than the one it's replacing.

            Don't buy the refresh model at these inflated prices, wait until it drops down or just wait for next gen.

    • When I ordered last week for $419 (online store with delivery to nsw), it was already on backorder (estimated 20/6 restock for Vic warehouse). So they probably just ran out of the next batch of stock.

      Sad that I didn't get it at $399, but at least I got in before they ran out

  • I don't like the 6600 xt, but I appreciate xfx gear, owned a few graphics cards of theirs, never any problems. I'm sure there will be someone with the opposite experience out there somewhere though..

  • Yeah everything dropped $20.

    My 6700XT was $699, now $679.

  • Bought this a month ago from PLE for $549 when they said it was on sale. 1-2 weeks later they drop price again to $499 then a week later drop again to $449 then to $419 and $399 now. Personally if you dont have price protection guarantee credit card, I would say stay away buying this from ple. Also when they reduce the price it will be out of stock in few hours and few days later they got more stock.

  • QICK not QUIK

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      Ta. I have trouble with the other XFX mdl nms too ;)

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    Its amazing how the priorities have shifted from graphics cards to lettuce 🤠

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    I'm holding but this is a good price imo for 1080p/some 2k reduced settings. Sure it can fall further but now you're probably only saving maybe $100 or so max given its price bracket whereas if you waited before (during peak crypto) and bought now/future you'd have saved yourself easily many $100s. From reviews the cooler on this thing is a beast/overkill and the card is basically silent, definitely better than the eagles/plastic mechs. Can't see it falling too extremely given there's a backlog of 1660s, 2060s, 3050s, and 6500xt's that are going to be filling that 200-300-400 rrp segment for a while and it's in amd/nvidia's interests to keep prices higher than previous gens.

    • I agree with this assessment. Could save another $50 easy by waiting, maybe a bit more, but we've already saved $500 by not buying at peak and saved another $150 by not buying in april/may.
      Hopefully PLE restock soon.

      • Yep. It's a nice card too, don't mind shelling for that.

  • what is the delivery cost to NSW metro ?

    • its sold out, at this point so…. does it matter now?

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        as per Meaty above, they may have more stock soon :)

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    Guess I wasn't QICK enough

  • Bugger on this was holding till sub $400 but now missed out because of $19 :( guess try luck with a 6700

  • Showing in-stock again at Bentley (WA), looks like it's pickup, internal transfer, or delivery in WA only.


    • OOS again.

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