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Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones $548 Delivered @ Sony Australia Online


Both black and silver are available - silver here: https://store.sony.com.au/headphones-noisecancelling/WH1000X...

The Sony WH-1000XM5 hit the local market on 14 June and I've been keeping an eye out for a great deal, after I picked up the previous generation WH-1000XM4 for only $351 shortly after its release, in 2020 (thanks Ozbargain - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558941).

Whilst not as epic as that deal, I worked out that with Cash Rewards' 10% cashback offer on Sony Store Australia Online purchases (EDIT - seems that Sony don't include the GST within the cashback calculation), it brings the price down to $498.09 (once you receive the cashback in your Cash Rewards account).

The deal becomes much more attractive if you have an American Express issued credit card as once you log in to your Amex portal and enrol in the offer, you will receive $75 credit back to your Amex, upon spending $500 or more. This is a targeted offer but whenever someone posts these offers on Ebay, my Amex always seems to have them as an offer I can 'save to card'. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699629

After the receiving the $75 cashback to your Amex, you've picked up the awesome new WH-1000XM5 for only $423.09 delivered. The $75 cashback from Amex expires tomorrow so be quick.


Mod: Prices in title should not include post-cashback pricing.

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  • The headband issue you describe as you know, was a very common issue for the 1st gen. The 2nd gen mostly fixed it (although there were few reports that it occurred) and then it's basically unheard of from 3rd gen onwards.

  • Is there a new trend of buying 500+ headphones now, no wonder everyone can’t save for a house

    • +3

      I can’t hear you… probably as a result of the incredible noise-cancelling performance of modern headphone magic

  • Bose 700 has been pissing me off lately with stuttering connection, annoying voice when turned on and inability to turn noise cancelling fully off unless you go into the app every time.

    Pulled the trigger on these by stacking all thanks OP.

    • To each their own… I quite like the annoying voice

      • +2

        I haven't renamed my desktop yet, everytime sounds like this:

        "Noise cancellation… off… Battery life… XXXhours… Connecting to… D.. E.. S.. K.. T.. O.. P.. VRU103… Connected to… D.. E.. S.. K.. T.. O.. P.. VRU103 and.. gram's phone"

        Every letter is pronounced individually - the whole sequence takes like 20 seconds. Let me listen to my music already damnit!!!

        • +1

          Go into the Bose Music app. Select your headphones. Settings cog. Under the Preferences heading, Voice Prompts. Turn the Voice Prompts slider off

          • @tharlow: Legend did not know this at all

            Welp - I won't have to be dealing with it anymore anyway with this on the way haha

            • @gram: You will find the sound very different with the xm5, way less bass.

              • @onlinepred: I’m a bass junkie

                • @tharlow: Xm3/4 have more bass, but it’s pretty muddy rather than accurate and punchy. I do love bass too, love the mw60 m&d 😍

            • +1

              @gram: Pleased that I could help you solve a problem you no longer have

        • +1

          hahaha i feel this mate legend

  • Will these work well with iPhone and making calls etc while walking thru the city sound ok? Seriously considering pulling the trigger on them.

    Can you return them at Sony store if they are uncomfortable/don’t suit you or it’s a buyer beware thing?

    • +1

      Update: I tried these at JB Hifi Miranda (they have them on display), for larger head/larger ears - they are way better comfort to fit me than the XM4 which was right next to it. But for anyone already having the XM4 the feedback doesn't seem groundbreaking to warrant upgrading.

      I also investigated that you can't seem to return these to Sony for a no questions ask/comfort issue etc - only for a faulty issue….so that's a bit of a shame. But, for the price - I bit the bullet and bought - thanks OP

  • -2

    Why did Sony have to make these ugly? These look like Chinese knock-offs of XM3s and XM4s

    • Due to critical supply chain issues, they took this extraordinary step to reduce their popularity from an insane level down to an extreme level, to make the backlog more manageable

      • Yep, they would sell almost 1/100th the amount of headphones compared to apple. Need to sell less.

  • I ordered these on Saturday but I just got an email saying "unfortunately we're unable to process your order at this time" :(

    • +1

      which colour did you order?

    • Hmm something is up then - both colours are available/in stock according to the website and state order before 8am for next business day shipping.

      • +1

        I got the email “ We're currently processing your order so keep an eye out for an email or SMS from us updating your order status.” but all appears normal. Haven’t had a dispatched email.

        • Yeah same - my order on the Online Portal shows as 'Processing'.

          • +2

            @akyeeeahdude: So much for delivery despatched for next business day if ordered before 8am!

            • @dammit: Mine has been dispatched now and says delivery 12pm today

              • @dammit: Lucky. I ordered mine before posting this deal (assume you ordered yours after you saw the deal I posted) and mine still shows as processing :(

                • +1

                  @akyeeeahdude: My order was cancelled and no longer shows on the portal.

                  • @ripsnorta: Damn man - that's rough. My order updated to sent this afternoon. Hopefully you can sort it out with Sony.

        • Mine now only says "In Transit: Load Pallet; loaded onto pallet/cage" - talk about slow delivery - it only has to come 50km in Sydney..

          • @dammit: Finally got mine this afternoon. Very happy and it seems that this design is more suitable for larger heads (hopefully no more headaches!).

      • So I rang Sony and they told me that they tried to take the payment but there was a problem with my credit card. I know this is BS because the payment to Sony is showing on my credit card and I know there is nothing wrong with it. They wanted me to put through a new order, but the Amex deal has expired so that isn't going to happen.

  • +1

    Anyone have problems with not being able to force ANC into its strongest mode? Seems like they removed this feature and the adaptive ANC isnt very good..

  • I ordered mine on Monday (20/6) using The Good Guys' 15% shopback offer.
    No option for C&C, $8 delivery only, but I received them yesterday afternoon (22/6).
    Used PayPal Pay in 4 - which gets me a store credit worth $120.

    Total cost: (549 + 8) - 75 (shopback) - 120 (TGG credit) = $362

    Honestly, first pair of over-ear for me and not blown away by it.. yet? Contemplating getting Sony 710 for $150 instead.

    • did you get the $120 credit at last?

      • Hey, I haven't received any credit yet. However, as per comments here and here you can contact them and hopefully get additional bonus credit.

  • Anyone have their cashback tracked from CR yet?
    Placed order last Sunday night but nothing yet.
    I always use their app which tracked every order (9 of them) from Myer and Adidas on the same day.

    • Mine tracked within around 4 hrs. Using Cashrewards iOS app.

      • I always have issue on Cashrewards not tracking with Sony. On iOS app updated with latest version. Most likely they will come up with some excuse saying Sony don’t have your transaction at their end and you may not get your cash back. From experience

        • Ahh.. looks like I might have to lodge missing cashback once time pass. Hope they don't make excuse as it would kill the deal.

          • @lufee: Hence why I decided to cancel my order with Sony because there’s a high chance the CB might not be approved and it breaks the deal…

    • Thank you for posting this - I checked mine and it hasn't tracked either. Purchased via my computer, with the Cashrewards Extension cofnirming activated.

  • Ordered it 3 times through the Sony website and all three of them were unable to be processed and the money returned. Sad I missed out on thee 10% cashback and $20 introductory cashback voucher.

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