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Samsung Galaxy Buds2, All Colours - $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price on Samsung Buds 2, cheapest ever @ Amazon according to camel. I've found these to be excellent earbuds, very light and great sound. They work very well with Samsung phone & tablet.

All colours available at time of posting.
Update 20/6: Only Violet colour available at this price

Get lost in what you love. Galaxy Buds2 opens a new world of sound with well-balanced audio, lightweight comfort fit, Active Noise Cancellation, and seamless connectivity to your phone and watch. Intuitive controls and powerful ANC keep you immersed when working out, gaming, or jamming to your beats.

Features & details
Certified Samsung Electronics Australia products give you the performance
Features and coverage you expect
Sound quality that enriches every audio journey.
Two microphones helps blocking unwanted sound.
The lightest earbuds we've ever made.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    anyone got experience with these wireless earbuds?

    • +2

      Using these with Samsung s22. Work great, very happy with them. Decent battery life too (so far).

    • +2

      Moved from buds live and they work great. Recently released 360 audio update that was only available on buds pro.

      Need a newer Samsung phone to get the best experience as 360 audio and the good audio codec (SBC)

      • New as in s21?

    • +1

      tried buds pro, buds live, and now using buds2

      buds2 are the best. great sound, great battery life, decent ANC, high quality build

      much much better fit compared to buds pro

      • So buds are better in every way but fit, so therefore buds 2 are better for everyone

    • I have airpod 2 and these. These are great and sound better than the airpods. Only issue is they don't fit my ear as well

    • +1

      I switched back to my original galaxy buds after trying these, I just couldn't get the fit I wanted (I assume due to the lack of the little wing tips). It wasn't for lack of trying though, I bought 2 sets of aftermarket earbuds that had great reviews but it still didn't help

      • +1

        Same experience here. Went from buds plus to these. Firstly there's no wing tips and second they're a glossy finish. They fall out pretty easily and the touch controls are finicky.

    • They are great compared to my airpods 2, sound definitely is better, wireless charging, ANc is pretty decent too, works flawlessly with Samsung phone and fits fine too but unfortunately i was getting ear infection with these and have stopped using it.

    • Love everything about them but the fit. I keep having to readjust them and in turn pausing it by accident.

  • These or buds pro?

    • +6

      Sound quality - Buds pros
      Comfort/which ones don't constantly fall out - Buds 2

    • Most people are saying these. If you do want the buds pro, this deal has just been resurrected making them pretty much the same price

  • +2

    How are these for calls when out and about? I have the Buds Live which are pretty rubbish.

    • Also like to know this. Particularly in noisy/windy settings. I like to talk when out walking.

    • +2

      I have no problem people hearing me when I am out and about

      talking next to a busy 70kph multilane road not a problem most of the time. handles wind well

    • I have watched a lot of reviews and would say average.
      I recently bought a set of the Anker Liberty Pro 3's (around 165 for refurb from Amazon US), 2 of the main selling points were call quality and dual connection

  • buds pro 2 on the horizon

  • +1

    I've had the buds+ for a year, good all-rounder.

    Going Liberty Pro 3 for the dual connection, mic quality and sound / eq.

  • Unfortunately my right bud stopped charging properly. Otherwise these were great 😢

    • Same happened with me, right bud as well.

    • +1

      Same with my buds plus. Trick is apparently to drain them outside the case and try to put it back by itself until the case recharges it.

      • I'll try it see how it goes. 🤞

  • These are probably the best overall Samsung buds and at this price a steal.

  • good deal, got the black one now, was looking for a set.

  • Olive back up to $149 on my Amazon after purchasing. Thanks OP xx

  • -1

    I have a large fleet of wireless buds of mid to premium level budget and some cheaper ones bought long ago. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ was the only one to fail… left bud useless now, doesn’t charge.
    So, I’m sidestepping Galaxy Buds when there are good quality alternatives

    • Any chance if it's because it was dirty? I had a similar issue with the right ear bud for my Galaxy Buds+ but after a deep clean they started working again.

      • -1

        The failure was only days after warranty expiry as Murphy’s Law would have it…
        Left bud that failed is clean as a whistle, gets less used compared to right bud, and yes, I did clean the contact point to be sure. But still no good.

        It was good whilst it worked. But going with Jabra now, call quality is better too for similar form factor.

    • Honestly never had any issues with any galaxy buds. Have used the galaxy buds, galaxy buds+ and now the galaxy buds pro. All have been great for their price and no issues for me!

    • I use my buds plus in a dirty work environment grinding welding etc every day been going great for over a year

    • this is scary, my samsung buds 1 the left one stopped working after one year, im giving these a second shot, if it happens again no more samsung

  • Tempting but I've recently bought the Jabra Elite 85t. Pretty similar in specs but the one thing it has over the Buds2 is multipoint bluetooth.

  • Can someone who own these please let me know if galaxy buds 2 is good upgrade from buds 1?

    • I don't have 1st had experience, but from watching a lot of reviews, the Pro's are apparently better than the 2's.
      still an upgrade from the original or +

  • Has anyone used these with Teams? I'm looking for mute capabilities (button or otherwise) on wireless earphones

  • +1

    I just got mine for $122.55 with a 5% price beat from Officeworks since this is being sold by Amazon AU and isn't an international model.

    • Did you have to go into a store? I called but seemes they don't take calls on weekends

      • +1

        Yeah, I did. I went to the Pitt Street store in Sydney CBD. They checked if it was Australian stock and the model number was local.

        I got the violet one, which was online only, so they ordered it for me for in store collection next week.

  • Thanks OP! Keen to give them a crack, they seem to fit all my criteria.

  • +4

    These are fantastic - I've had mine since black friday sales & use them every day. They sound good, noise cancellation is not best in class but it does help, the calls are passable - people might sometimes say you sound like you're underwater but they can always hear you clearly enough and it does an excellent job at cancelling external noise when you're on a call like traffic or wind is surprisingly well managed. Best of all though for me is how comfy they are - they're small & nothing gimmicky. They go in, stay in, and have no pressure points. I got them cos of how small they are - you can lie on your side & they wont dig into the pillow & cause discomfort like other wireless buds that stick out a kilometre.

  • Anyone using these that are in the apple ecosystem and can comment on how suitable these are? Thinking they would be great for my mum but she'd be using them with an iPad and iPhone and hoping switching between the two is very easy for someone not tech literate.

    • +2

      Just get her AirPods if she's exclusively using Apple products

    • +2

      I would go Airpods for easy connectivity on apple devices. I love my Airpods 3.

    • +1

      I tried these with my iPhone 12 Pro. Apparently the Samsung buds iOS app doesn’t support this model (2 months ago) so i couldn’t config the buds in app. The touch control feature is also quite limited. Otherwise they just worked like a normal tws BT ear buds. I ended up pairing them with my new s22 ultra.

    • Thank you all for your replies, just unfortunate that the non-pro AirPods are without the soft tips until you get to the pro level, which has me turned off then completely after really finding the original style a terrible fit but the pros much better. Big jump in price for the pros compared to these.

  • +1

    This or Buds Pro for an extra $20

    • My personal opinion buds pro but fit is hit or miss
      I find the pro as comfortable as my buds plus and they don’t fall out the buds 2 are good but I haven’t found a tip that keeps them from slipping out yet .

  • I seem to have a problem with getting earphones to stay in my left ear so I'm scared to bite the bullet on these. So far tried Airpods pro (falls out really easily) and Beats fit pro (better, but will still lose seal eventually)

    • It's always a bit of a gamble, but for what it's worth, I've had similar trouble many times in the past and these are finally the fit I was looking for — plus they're really small and lightweight which helps a lot!

  • Much better than the much cheaper SoundPeats?

    • which model?

      • TrueAir 2

        • +1

          I have the TrueAir 2, and just received my Buds2 from this deal today.

          After trying them, I definitely like them over the Soundpeats. The Buds2 are comfortable, and isolate really nicely. Main issue I had with the Soundpeats were that they didn't isolate sound, and didn't fit all too well. Sound quality was pretty good, definitely better than the Soundpeats in my opinion. Haven't tried calling with them yet.

          As you already know, there is a major price difference between the two. I guess you will have to determine if the jump will be personally worth it or not, but if it helps I'm definitely glad I made the jump.

          • @jjsu: Nice thanks for the review! Yeah my main gripe with the SounPeats TrueAir 2 is that the bud isn't soft so it doesn't stay in my ear super well when I'm walking around.

    • I like my sound peats true engine se3. Connectivity is a bit funny at times though.

  • +1

    Black are now $153.

  • -1

    I heard these and the Pros can give a severe allergic reaction. Making me consider getting the Plus or waiting on Pixel's latest offering

  • Looks like only violet left with this price.

  • Are these the same ones with free shipping for $112.99?

    • Not AU stock

  • Only the violet seem to be $129 now

    • Still is…I missed out. I wonder if they will replenish.

  • Got some a couple of weeks ago from office works who price beat an Amazon listing of $135 so came to $127 ish. First buds I’ve bought. Got them for a Samsung note 10+.
    Really impressed. Sound amazing. Fit is ideal. Don’t fall out or come loose ever.
    Still getting use to non corded headphones. It’s hard to change but slowly getting use to it. Just fiddly putting them in the ears and back in the charge case and then carrying the charge case around.
    Great if you’re happy to leave in for ages rather than take out for each call etc.
    Really impressed with the product. The wearable app is great too.

  • Can anyone compare these to Jabra e65/75t's?

  • -1

    Why is this deal popular when it is cheaper at Kogan, DickSmith, My Deal, TechCart? I guess maybe they sell a different product than Amazon, but upon careful examination didn't discover differences.

    • +4

      grey import vs Aus stock

      • How do I tell? Genuinely interested, since I always thought DickSmith sells aus stock.

        • Dick Smith is long gone. It is just a rebadged Kogan, whom exclusively sells grey stock since its inception.

        • The model number. If it's sold and shipped by Amazon AU, it'll be Australian stock. You can always double-check this by comparing the model number with other Australian retailers (e.g. TGG, HN, JB)

          Dick Smith generally sell grey imports now, as far as I know.

          • @jjsu: Any issues buying grey imports from MyDeal? Seems like a legit company in Australia. I don't think versions matter for something like earbuds?

  • every color is back to $129 again as of this posting.
    20/06 12:14PM.

    • +1

      Got the purple because it was all that was left, and its actually pretty good, kinda blends in with the skin tone pretty well.

      Edit: just looked, the price has hiked.

  • +1

    Purchased these and rocking them past week or so.
    Feed back is;
    Great fit straight out of the box with the medium tips. (Was particularly surprised given my ears can be fussy)
    Rhey are very compact, lite, can sleep with them in pretty comfortably including laying with my ear on the pillow.
    ANC is not as good as sonys XM4s but for the sum of price, size, comfort etc it works and is noticeable when you take them out in a noisy environment.

    All in all very happy with the purchase. Thanks OZB!

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