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Samsung 27" Odyssey G52A QHD Gaming Monitor $299 Delivered @ Samsung Australia


Same as this deal but back in cheaper price!

Get the sign up $50 voucher for an even better deal!

Sorry, it only works for $350 or more purchase, in that case, the 32" would be the way to go, for $349 after the $50 voucher. Out of stock.

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  • +1

    Wow, I instantly regret buying Dell S2721DGF after seeing this deal.

    • I want to get 2 of these to flank my Dell but worried these will look better than my Dell.

      • +1

        Simple, buy three!

  • I get no sign up option. Where do I look?

  • I get no sign up option. Where do I look? Or can you link it.

    • Sorry mate, I did not realise it's got $350 min spend.

  • +1

    There's really no weakness for $299
    3-year Warranty

    • +7

      DisplayPort 1.2 instead of 1.4, so limited to 120 Hz at 10-bit colour, if that matters to you.

      • what if I use HDMI? is it still 165Hz 10-bit colour?

        • I believe not, I think HDMI 2.0 has a lower data rate than DP1.2.

          • @mackdiddy: Interesting - so there's no way to actually achieve 165Hz? Or is it a choice between having 165Hz or 10-bit colour (can't have both)?

            Sorry, bit of a noob with this.
            EDIT: read your other comment. Thanks for your help with it all :)

            • +4

              @hazmatt: You can have 1440p 165 Hz with 8 bit colour or 1440p 120 Hz with 10 bit colour. So yeah, just can't have both.

              Being completely honest, the difference between 120 and 165 Hz really isn't that big visually, and 8 bit to 10 bit colour I think for non-colour work isn't that big of a deal either. so for $299 it's still a great deal.

            • @hazmatt: 144hz at 1440p over HDMI was the figure I found. Not sure about DP

            • +1

              @hazmatt: It looks like 165Hz is functionally useless over 144Hz. The below BenQ website repeatedly states that it’s a “why not” argument to go for 165 rather than 144 because, as they say, nobody can tell the difference. I think this is the monitor equivalent of 32bit DACs over 24bit.


              Do 165Hz gaming monitors make a difference compared to 144Hz?

              The simple answer to that is no, not a big difference. Since 165fps is just 21 frames per second more than 144. That’s just a 13% increase. Most people aren’t likely to notice those extra frames, but the clincher is that if you’re getting a new monitor for gaming, you should know that 165Hz is basically the new 144Hz. So might as well go with that!

              • @GeneralSkunk: Yeah I'm pretty sure I saw a study that once you hit the 100-120 Hz range most people can't tell the difference beyond that. Probably only matters if you're playing something like CS:GO at high level.

  • +2

    $50 voucher on purchases of $350 or more.

    Link to sign up: https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up

    • Whoops, I did not realise it's at least $350 or more.

  • Anyone can comment on colour accuracy ?

    • +2

      Link to comparison with S2721DGF from previous deals.

    • Out of the box it is pretty bad.
      Check rting review.
      But can be calibrated really good. It’s just calibrator cost more at this point . I really wish there is a cheap calibrator that’s good enough or Ione service

  • Please find something wrong so I don't buy something I don't really need.

    • +3

      DisplayPort 1.2 instead of DisplayPort 1.4, so you can't do 10-bit colour at 165 Hz. Limited to 120 Hz. Or you can do 8-bit colour at 165 Hz.

      Minor gripe but it's all I got.

    • +2

      No RGB.

    • +2

      No USB 3.0 hub like the S2721DGF if that matters to you.

  • Wow. Great price.
    If I didn't buy my S2721DGF, I would've bought this one for sure.

  • +1

    the 32 for $349 is excellent price, but the 27 $299 is an instant write off for tax lol

  • 32" not in stock…
    Bought the 27" good price especially it's IPS panel, normally at this price range they're VA panel, thanks OP.

  • How good is that for a non-gamer, Just for work from home stuff ?

    • +2

      For this price, you're getting the best of both world, home work and gaming.

    • +2

      Excellent but you're paying for features you don't need.

      • +1

        How much cheaper can you get a 32-in for that doesn't have the features though?

        Can't imagine you're finding 32 inch screens cheaper than 300 bucks.

    • +1

      To give you a comparison, cheapest QHD for work (I think) is Dell S2721D. Last cheapest price is $239, but there hasn't been any deal on that since December last year.

      • But the S2721D is QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75 Hz, while this is 165Hz, have 1ms GtoG response time vs 4ms secs on the Dell.

        • Well, the dude asked for good enough for work. That's the cheapest you can get I think.

        • Those listed G2G reponse times are wrong, the Dell is likely a faster panel

    • Thanks all.

  • DisplayPort 1.2 instead of 1.4 if 10-bit colour+165 Hz are important to you.

    • So how to take advantage of 10-bit colour and 165 hz refresh rate

      • +3

        Buy a different monitor.

        • Won't HDMI work for 10-bit and refresh rate? Seems like this monitor is cheap for a reason..

  • Thoughts on this for a PS5 ?

    • Does PS5 output 1440p nicely? I thought they are either 1080p or 2160p.

      • Unfortunately you want a 4K screen for PS5

      • Thanks mate! Just read that on another post.

        • 4K screens are way more expensive, I'm in the same position.

          However I'm looking for monitors for productivity especially my music studio, tempted to buy this just because for $350.

        • +1

          For what it's worth I bought a HDMI EDID emulator for my Dell S2721DGF which tricks it into downscaling a 4K signal to 1440P and it's honestly not bad.

  • oos

  • Will there be any issues in using it with Mac?

  • Any idea who Samsung use for delivery? Just wondering how painful it'll be if someone isn't home on the delivery date. Hopefully it will just be at the local post office.

  • Hope they restock. Had it in my cart and then gone.

    • Same here - for this price this is a solid all around monitor…

    • +1

      Subscribe to stock alert. I posted here cause I got the stock alert.

    • Same. Went to get my CC and when I tried to pay, it was gone. Missed by a few min :(

  • Damn missed it. Looks like I'll be stuck on 1080p for a little while longer.

  • +4

    Picked up 2 for $548 with the $50 voucher. Fingers crossed it's worth - currently on 2x 22" 1080p 60hz monitors

    • Will be an awesome upgrade for you, enjoy mate.

  • I so desperately need a reason not to go and buy this, I already run 1x 1440p 165hz IPS panel, I really want a second display but don't really need one this good

    • It's out of stock. Is that a good reason?

  • This or S2721DGF with no regard to price?

  • I have both of the Dell s2721dgf and this Samsung g52A and can say the Dell is substantially better due to the DP 1.4 165hz 10 colour bit.

    Also the blue power LED is a fking cancer which can’t be turned off completely on the Samsung monitor and you either have to keep it on while in use or unplug its power cable when it’s in standby/off. Furthermore switching game profile settings on the Samsung monitor is complete sht, which sometimes results in black screen (HDMI not detected) and you have to reset to factory settings.

    • It's cheap for a reason then.

      • It’s okay to use as a secondary monitor or backup such as office tasks and browsing while the Dell is primary for gaming if you are working from home.

  • -1

    The Samsung G52A is cheap for a reason and if you ignore the fancy marketing, it's nothing more than a high refresh rate IPS panel monitor.

    The HDR certification is useless and the high refresh rate and 10-bit colour are useless when it does not even have DP1.4, for whatever reason.

    So all in all, i took this into consideration and came to realise that my 34 inch ultra widescreen samsung monitor from 2020 was even better than this, although the refresh rate is 100Hz.

    This was never worth anything more than $350-450 RRP (for both the 27 and 32 inch model, respectively).

    Beware of all and any HDR certifications and make sure that there is local dimming, otherwise it's a useless 'feature' to have anyway.

    • What monitor do you recommend for $300 price range?

  • Samsung EPP has other 32" ones for similar prices, any ones knows how these compare?

    32" S7 UHD Monitor (LS32A700NWEXXY): $466.65

    32" Smart Monitor M50A (LS32AM500NEXXY) : $424.15

    32" G5 WQHD Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curved Screen (LC32G55TQWEXXY): $424.15

  • Well.. when do you think is the next deal??

  • beware of this monitor from this deal, it can be faulty, i just received this monitor brand new from scorptec and it came faulty from first use

    the entire left half of the panel has a permanent horizontal little black lines that flicker and pulse up and down

    • Hope you recorded evidence and can get a refund/warranty claim successfully.

  • After 1 month the scum cancelled my order and processed a refund due to insufficient stock. Not good enough from a company as big as Samsung.

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