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Blackberry Playbook 16GB Tablet $199.97 at Costco Canberra


I'm aware that Costco bargains aren't always the most popular, but thought it was too good a deal to pass up. I was in the Costco at Canberra last night and the 16Gb Blackberry PlayBooks were now priced at $199.97. Even better was when I picked it up from the merchandise collection point it had an official PlayBook leather case bundled with it as well (though I can't guarantee that will be bundled with all of them).

They certainly appeared to still have plenty in stock, hopefully the other Costco stores will have also dropped their pricing accordingly.

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  • Any hopes at Costco Sydney?

    • Had a friend go out there today and it looks like Costco Sydney is already sold out of the Playbook.

      • Seems like my friend needs their eyes checked - I went out to Costco Sydney yesterday and they still had stock for $199.97. This time it came bundled with a silicon sleeve and a rapid charger, rather than the leather case in Canberra (and yes, I was happy enough with the one I got for my wife to grab one myself. :D ).

  • How about Melbourne?

  • Price match at HN?

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    I'm aware that Blackberry playbook aren't always popular either.
    I have no idea why you'd waste $1.99 on one
    But if you do want to grab one, this is (apparently) cheap!

  • If only it works with Skype video I would get one.

  • Nice device, let down by no popular software support.
    It will be interesting when gibspmuh will get bored with it and selling it on the forums.
    Let us know what you think of it, gibspmuh

    • OMG why didn't they use Android?
      it gonna be another flop like the HP Tablet was

      • Firesale? =P

      • It runs Android apps, often with little or no modification on the part of the developer. They do have to be made available through BlackBerry App World though.

    • I bought it for the missus, who must be one of the last BlackBerry fans left in Australia. The setup went smoothly and the BlackBerry Bridge function worked well.

      All I think she'll use it for is web browsing, email and BBM chat so lack of apps isn't such a concern, especially at that price.

  • Trying to find instructions on how to root it and whack ICS on…found nothing so far.

    • there is one method….called Dingleberry….search it on google….

      • Well I thought that just allow it to install things via Google appstore after v2.0 OS have been installed on the Playbook?

    • If results are not forthcoming then it's safe to assume that there is no way or if there is a way, it is pretty difficult. I'm not an expert, but I'm led to believe that, practically speaking, Dingleberry only allows the virtual use Android Market (not native). Do not expect to run an Android build (e.g. Cyanogenmod) natively any time soon or at all. I have read that this is because the bootloader is encrypted which has presented a huge challenge which hackers cbb with.


      • Half of what your saying I think is very un-neccessary. So many words to describe very little.

        • Because people here neg half-disclosures which means you have to use more words to explain yourself. Besides, if you couldn't be bothered to read my post I doubt you'd be bothered to root/custom ROM the device.

    • after some Googlings, I have found the following

      • There is a way to install a "bridging" middleware.
      • It enables the playbook to "side-load" the android apps.
      • and they will work

      howerver, currently, there is no way to just wipe the original OS and install Android OS on it.

      It's a shame but that's how it is.

  • I got one free from the Blackberry-Android developers promotion. It's a pretty nice device and has a slick UI.
    The lack of good free apps is a let-down and some of the great free apps on Android just haven't been ported to Blackberry (e.g. Pulse newsreader). 'Sideloading' android apps works somewhat - expect basic apps to work but not all work 100%.

    Browser supports Flash which is good. The camera also records video at full HD which is cool. The other thing I like is the awesome screen - very sharp image packed into a 7" display.

    • When, where and how. I want one for free as well, but I only do android development.

      • sorry the promo finished - they gave away thousands globally. All you needed to do is port an Android app to Blackberry playbook. They provide the online tool to do it too!

  • It's actually quite a decent little machine. Had one for over a year now. The new OS is excellent (with its native email support), and Android virtualisation has helped on the app front, but in general it's something you might have with you on the couch web browsing or checking mail or whatever. Fantastic microphone if you need one, and multitasking done the right way! Don't expect the number of apps of iOS, but it is good.

  • Swung by Costco in Canberra after work last night and picked one up. I was concerned given quite a few people citing issues with no e-mail and no calendar functions, but both are there, and both work very smoothly.

    Very crisp display, unit feels quite substantial, and runs overall extraordinarily nicely for 199 bones. Excellent deeal.