[NSW] Free Entry to 9 Sydney Living Museums


Starting on 1/July/2022

Free entry to…

  • Elizabeth Bay House
  • Elizabeth Farm
  • Justice & Police Museum
  • Meroogal
  • The Mint
  • Museum of Sydney
  • Rose Seidler House
  • Rouse Hill Estate
  • Vaucluse House

Admission charge for non-Members continue to apply for Hyde Park Barracks & Susannah Place.

Thanks to the latest NSW budget…

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Sydney Living Museums
Sydney Living Museums


  • +11

    Do the artefacts come to life like the one in New York?

    • +8

      username checks out

      • +4

        Since when was my username lsdwizard? :p

        • +1

          yeah fair enough.
          My first reaction was to ask you how much LSD you had. :P

          Then i thought with that username probably a decent amount. :P :P

  • +1

    Is free entry a permanent thing?

    • +18

      nothing is permanent in this world ….. not even you

      • ooooooo dark, i like it! 💀

      • +1

        Those christian fundies who recruited me at uni thinks I'm infinite - either in hell or in heaven.

    • +3

      From the page…

      How long will the new pricing effective for?
      At this stage, the new pricing will be from 1 July 2022 until 30 June 2023.

  • -3

    Do you need to be vaccinated!?

    • +2

      might be or you could RexHavoc

  • +2

    Definitely if your interested in architecture check out the Seidler house. Mind you I thought it was free anyway, but only open on certain days. Went ages ago. Like stepping back in time. Still has a very contemporary feel.

    • Stepping back in time, but contemporary?

  • There are some that are currently free on weekends until end of June I think. Museum of Sydney, Hyde Park Barracks and Justice & Police museum.

    I went last weekend

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