6 Weeks Free + 2 & 6 Months Waiting Periods Waived On Extras + up to 50,000 Live Better Points @ Medibank (New Customers)


For those who are in the habit of churning PHI providers like they churn credit cards, the combination of the 6 weeks free and the Live Better points makes this probably the best deal I've ever seen.

One possible way to take advantage of this promotion is to take the lowest Bronze H&E package for families. Using the below parameters, I come up with the following calculation:

State: NSW
Cover Type: Families
Age/Partner's Age: 30/30
Family Income: $180,000 or less

Cover Name: Bronze Plus Progress & Essential Extras
Weekly Cost: $50.23
13-week Cost: $50.23*(13-6) = $351.61
Use of $200 premium payment for 25,000 Live Better points^ = $351.61 - $200 = $151.61

So essentially, for $151.61 this hypothetical family gets 3 months of a basic (but not junk level) PHI cover, 25,000 remaining Live Better points which could be used as per the below terribly formatted table, and the ability to use up to $150 of Optical benefit at 100% back.

Reward Points
$200 Premium Payment 25,000
AirPods (2nd generation) 22,000
Fitbit $200 e-Gift Card 20,000
HelloFresh $200 e-Gift Card 20,000
adidas $200 e-Gift Card 20,000
Extras Limit Increase $200 20,000
Beats Flex - All-Day Wireless Earphones - Black 10,000
Remedial massage up to $115 10,000
Amcal $50 e-Gift Card 5,000
Specsavers $50 Optical Out-of-Pocket Reward - MCA Provider 5,000

Understand PHI can be a controversial topic in light of the ongoing debate around Public v Private hospitals, but for those that are comfortable with paying for PHI, hope this helps someone!

^ The premium reduction can only be claimed once per year, I've tried this.

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Referee gets 6 weeks free. Referrer gets $100 EFTPOS card (must activate within 3 months, valid for 12 months from activation).

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  • Might be slightly off topic but can anyone recommend any such PHI cover that would cover a root canal? i might have a root canal coming up in the next few months and never had private health cover before but wasn't able to find such cover. I've been quoted approx $1.6k out of pocket for the process (which seems quite costly for the procedure??). Really hoping to sign up to some level of cover that could at least partially cover this cost. Happy to wait the waiting period as it isn't likely i'll be needing one for at least a few months.

    • +10

      Have you considered RSPCA pet insurance

    • +2

      Probably under major or complex dental? you need to wait 12 months if you aren't currently covered for it under your current PHI.

      Medibank top cover with 90% claim back is the best I've found though but it's pretty expensive if you need it just for this one thing.
      If you can can get CBHS health cover they have a promo got an email all waits waived on extras plus 6 weeks free or a gift card up to $500

      Issue with CBHS is you need a family member who works for CBA.

      • +1

        Hmm, yeah, just need cover for this one thing. Might actually be cheaper to just fork out the cash as opposed to taking out a comprehensive cover with a lot of extras that i won't be using. Thanks for the insight.

    • +3

      Not going to be much better off than paying the $1600. I could be wrong but you would still have to wait the 12month major dental waiting period.

      • I believe you are right. Might be better off just paying it out directly than taking comprehensive cover and not utilising all the features and benefits of said cover.

    • +2

      You would want top extras coverage, as root canal will fall under major dental (so not hospital insurance). But there will be a firm 12 month waiting list.

    • You have to wait a year for Major Dental.
      Why not just brush your teeth each day?

    • +3

      Not being sarcastic, but you could buy a ticket to India (New Delhi) for ~$1,000, go to a nice dental clinic (India has some of the best medical tourism facilities in the world) and get your root canal done (~$100 - $150 depending on complexity), spend the remaining $500 sightseeing and squeeze in a nice holiday visiting a new country.

      • +1

        My husband done that in Vietnam, the dental clinic he went with mainly treat foreigners on dental tour, he's been there twice for different procedures and saved thousands. It's been 4 or 5 years now and he's been happy with the work done.

  • $350 more than my current phi
    Thanks medibank
    Also doesn't help not being in a rebate bracket I guess

    • What's your current PHI provider?
      Did you compare this one and yours having exactly the same types of cover items?

      Thinking of signing up Hospital insurance with Medibank.

  • Dislike it when the offer is only for new customers. I have been with Medibank for years and no such offers offered to me. Ggrrr!

    • +1

      Leave to another fund that has a similar offer.

      Then come back to Medibank again when they offer similar deal.

      • true but over the years they tend to fine tune and cut back on their cover.. so cover from donkey years ago thats no longer available might have more inclusions than a more modern one but then you dont get specials when jumping from fund to fund.

    • +1

      I switched out to QANTAS a month or so ago, called Medibank to confirm (payment was coming up) and they offered me 6 weeks free to stick around. Not as good as the above deal but better than zilch

    • +4

      Before you jump to the other fund make sure you compare the plan cover like for like. What I found is a lot of the older plan in fact give you better cover and claim back value. For health insurance you have to make sure the level of cover / claimable amount is what you are happy with, not just the premium you paid
      It just happened I rang Bupa last night for a quote, the plan I have as offered has lesser cover but cost $21 more when compares to Medibank so be mindful about reading the details before you change.
      Contrary to what others here said, I found the big 2 (bupa+medibank) have better plans at lower premium than the not for profit ones when you compare like for like plans.

  • +1

    You do realize that a lot of the funds are just whitelabeled by the majors yeah?

  • Can anyone tell me what services this is for with Medibank?

    2 & 6 Months Waiting Periods Waived On Extras

  • If I have been with another PHI provider with equivalent cover and extras and have gone through the waiting period, say 2, 6 or 12 months (i.e. no break in the period of cover).. If I do move over to Medibank, would I still need to serve those 12 months waiting period?

    • If you’ve already served them they generally honour it. They made a mistake with mine and I had to chase them up but was fixed instantly

      • Ah, thought so. Thanks. Will take note of that

  • +1

    I shifted from Bupa roughly 3 months free with points plus 6 weeks and $20 cheaper for very similar coverage.

  • Interesting offer, I used to churn, but I think I'll just stick with my hospital only at $14.10 a week with AHM!

  • +1

    This is better than corporate discount (-11%).

  • Don't you have to stay for a minimum timeframe to qualify for the pts? So cause there is no cooling period, optical, dental etc can be taken advantage? Then how is Medibank insurance even benefiting anything from it? What's in it for them?

    • was searching for the same answer..

      only thing I could find was this in the T&C

      "Live Better points could take up to 10 weeks from the policy start date to be loaded to the policyholder’s Live Better account. Live Better Rewards terms: Must be a Medibank member with hospital cover, extras cover, or hospital and extras cover, be up-to-date with premium payments and have signed up to Medibank Live Better with ‘My Medibank’ or have linked their MyMedibank account with their Live Better account to redeem rewards."

      • I see. Hopefully, it doesn't process that late so that we can terminate our contract and leave with the points.

  • Trying to find the schedule of fixed amount benefits for Medibank Private is impossible! There are only very few providers for the percentage rate of benefit.

  • +1

    Just transferred. No brainer to get $940 in extra value (6 weeks and $400 (50000 life style whatever points) towards premium. Saving another $120 month compared to old provider.

  • The Velocity Offer is back with 6 free weeks as well. Depending on the level of cover you are after and what can you do with Velocity it could be a better deal.
    For me, that works out as shelling out a few extra hundred to buy me and missus a return flight to Perth or Fiji on business.

  • To be clear, you must pay for the first 6 weeks to get the next 6 weeks free

    "6 weeks free terms: Must maintain direct debit and hold eligible product for 42 consecutive days from the policy start date to get next 6 weeks free"

    • Still a good deal. Paying every 2 weeks even cheaper.

  • I just checked my cover. I have been with a different private health insurance provider for more than 10 years, top cover.

    Medibank has applied a waiting period for major dental. Is that correct?

    I thought any existing cover and served waiting periods would carry over.

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