[Pre Order] 250A JBD Smart BMS with Bluetooth Dongle and Touchscreen $250 Delivered @ Muller Energy


Okay, this will be a very niche product.

The preorder price for the BMS, the bluetooth dongle and the screen is $250, but we're looking at raising that price to $299 once they're here. Which is still very good compared to other Australian stock.

This is a custom BMS (battery management system) that we're getting JBD or Jiabaida to develop specifically for us. The highest capacity smart BMS they currently make is 200A, however we've got quite a few customers that want to run a 3000VA inverter and the 200A is just a bit small for that. That's why we're getting this 250A BMS made.

But we're also adding an output for an active balancer. One limitation of most BMS is that the balancing current tends to be quite low. And one limitation of active balancers is that they sometimes balance at the wrong time.
What we'll do is take the signal that is normally used on the JBD BMS to control the passive balancer and also make it so we can connect the soft-switch of the active balancer to it.
So then the active balancer will balance only exactly when you want it to.

They're expected to be ready late next month and the price includes shipping, GST and 12 month warranty.

If you want to learn more about this or lithium batteries in general, please see our Facebook group.

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    Get stoked

    • Thanks very much! The amount of upvotes are crazy!
      But I got a warning for soliciting upvotes, oops, that was not my intention! But at least the post didn't get pulled and the admin modified it instead, so I definitely appreciate that.

  • wow really nice deal

    • Thank you! It's reasonably close to cost price, but we had to order quite a large quantity to get this made, so I don't mind selling them at this price, as the primary reason we got them was actually so we can use them in future iterations of our batteries.

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    wish I even knew what this was used for (guessing solar to battery setups?)

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      Haha, I guess not everyone is a battery nerd on here (or at least not a non-Eneloop battery nerd).
      It's a battery management system, it makes sure your lithium iron phosphate battery (in my opinion the best lithium chemistry as it's a very good balance of price, safety and specific capacity) cells don't overcharge, over-discharge, get too hot or too cold, etc.
      It's for people that want to build their own LiFePO4 batteries.

      • I feel I would love to build my own UPS style setup… I just have no idea where to start. Still have an upvote

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    if I was to get 10 upvotes, I'd be stoked!

    i have no idea what this is but if u want updoots i'll + 1 ya

  • Stoke it up!

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    That moment when you want to buy something becasue it sounds like a good deal, but have no idea what it is or what it is used for!

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      Cmon, you know you need this in your life! :D

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    upvote time

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    For 250A on 12V, the wire needs to be 3AWG (dia. 5.77mm) for 1m… 4/0 AWG (dia. 11.53mm) for 4m… very costly on the wire itself. But probably short distance to inverter so cost should be managable.

    • +3

      I like that you don't just say a cable size and recognise that it's dependent on the length (though I prefer metric cross sectional area, but whatever works), many people forget that. If I could, I'd upvote you.
      Whether you buy a battery or build a battery, you'd still need nearly the same length of wire though, the only thing you'd save is the short pieces that are inside the battery, which doesn't really add that much cost.
      I'm actually looking at making a kit with ring terminals and a short patch lead as well as an active balancer for these as well.

      • You sure can. If you're on mobile just hit those 3 dots to the right of the comment… otherwise the +/- should already be there.

        • I'm pretty sure I can't because I'm associated with this deal. I can do it for deals other people post.

          • @MEnergy: Ah gotcha.. shoulda known, now noticing "Member Since 11/08/2010" :D

  • Hi Reuben :)

    • Hi… you! ;)

  • What is the balance current by default, ie. without the extra expense of an active balancer.

    • 150mA, so around 3% of what the active balancer does. Usually good enough if you don't pull high currents and use matched cells, but if you run a 3000VA inverter, an active balancer might not be a bad idea.

  • let's upvote the honest fella

    • Thanks heaps!

  • Up voted because I'd like to make your day even better!

    • Not quite 6828 upvotes, but way more than I expected, so yes, it's a very good day.

  • Not sure about this company and BMS, but if it does what they it does, the whole deal seems really good.

  • Good deal, shame it doesn’t support series connection.

    • +1

      Let me confirm for you.
      Personally, I'm not a big fan of series connections as you can't balance cells in battery #1 with cells in battery #2, but it might be possible to do series connection. As I understand it, it all depends on the voltage rating of the components, so if they're 60V+, it should be fine to connect up to 4 in series.

  • Hey OP, please make one to replace the Bluetti EB70 factory BMS/screen

    • That's a LiFePO4 battery, I would guess that it's 4s too (though you'd obviously have to confirm that), so it's likely compatible. But it probably won't fit size wise as the Bluetti will almost certainly have a smaller BMS (both in size and capacity).

  • Any chance of a 16s 200a or 250a solid state Jbd Bms? I don't want the relay ones but need it for a 48v system.

    • Unfortunately no. I don't think there's sufficient demand for us to get hundreds (there's a minimum order quantity) of units custom made for 48V. Sorry!
      I agree, I'm not a fan of relay ones either.

      • Fair call, thanks for being up front!

  • I have no clues of what it is, but just to help you get stoked!

  • If you want to learn more about this or lithium batteries in general, plea

    OP, are you okay??

    • Mod edit, it seems. But thank you for asking, feeling better now!

  • I’m stoked and bought one. My wife saw the credit card notification and ask what I bought it for? Can anyone fill me in?

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      Can’t go wrong with 90+ Ozbargain votes
      Darned if I knew what it’s for either.

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      "Battery management stuff" is clearly the correct answer!

  • Sometimes you just gotta swipe that card and not question the content.

    Y'know, because updoots.

    That day isn't today for me, but maybe it'll be the day for someone else, so here's my updoot.

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    What has become of Ozbargain

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    what does it even do?

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    I feel like a caveman reading all that technobabble. It's all magic.

  • Why not jk BMS with 2A active balancer built-in?

    • Fair question.
      A couple of reasons: They don't make a 250A BMS either (but I could have approached them).
      While JK is probably similar in quality, JBD is far more well known, so it will be easier to sell them.
      Finally, 5A is usually what's recommended for fairly high capacity, high draw batteries.

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    I'm giving this a +ve vote for the sheer excitement of it. I have as much use for it as an underwater clothes line.

    If that p*sses off "Top Deal" purists then that's a bonus. 😆

  • upvoted
    great dude to deal with, the battery i got from you has been awesome
    i plan on getting a few more things but time money work etc etc

    • +1

      Thanks mate!
      Life always seems to get in the way of everything, doesn't it? 🙂

  • Is this a buy first ask question later product? lol

    BTW OP, when you say the LiFe batteries are rated for 3000+ charge cycles, are they full deep discharge cycles? Thanks.


    • Yes, full cycles down to 2.5V (0% SOC).

  • What's the benifits of this over the Daly? I have a Daly for a build but do like the idea of having potential to have the active balancer switched through it.

    • +1

      Daly is a great BMS, especially if it's your first battery. Everything is nice and simply in the BMS app.

      The advantages I see in the JBD are the following:

      *Price! There's no way you'd get a 250A Daly BMS with a touchscreen from an Australian retailer (or even from a Chinese one) for that among of money.

      *There are a lot more settings in the app than in the Daly. Which for your first battery can be a disadvantage, but if you want more customisation, it's better.

      *Daly's SOC can be a bit finicky and I find the JBD one is a little better.

      "Smaller and lighter.

      *The discharge disable soft switch responds quicker and can be overridden in the app.

      *150mA balancing instead of 40mA (from memory, though this is a bit of a moot point with the active balancer).

      That's of the top of my head.

      Daly has some advantages over the JBD as well, such as being waterproof, but as a whole I'm starting to favour JBD more. That's not to say that Daly is a very good BMS though!

  • tnx OP, now the hunt is on to get the right cells!
    Then bye power company!

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