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Sony F/2.8 G Master Lens 24-70mm $1799, 16-35mm Wide Angle $2299 Delivered @ CameraHouse eBay


Seems to be a new listing today. Probably record low price for the fast 24-70mm F2.8 zoom. Used to be above $2K. I know there is a version II this year but it costs at least $1000 more!

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Wide Angle Lens $2299 delivered.

These prices certainly encourage people to get into a Sony full frame system, try looking up prices for similar OEM 24-F2.8 zooms for a Panasonic, Nikon, or Canon mirrorless full frame!
They would go well with this A7 IV deal.

Don't forget 0.5% cash back from Shopback.

Try to price match with Sony to stack with the current CR's 10% cash back. However Sony has been very slow with their responses lately, you might miss either deal altogether…

Price match instruction:
1. Create a Sony account if you do not have one.
2. Add item to cart.
3. There an option to request price match on the same page, enter details of the price match vendor etc.
4. Within a business day, Sony will email you yay or nay. The price will be updated in your cart. Note: my recent requests took them 3-4 days to respond.
5. Activate CR or SB for tracking. Make payment.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Thanks, put in my price protection claim :D

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    I purchased a few items (Via sony price match) and paid using cash rewards 8% offer.

    I had just recently received this reply back as they consider price match a discount apparently. I want to declare this to the whole ozbargain community and bring this out to light. Be warned guys! use shopback instead is my suggestion to be safe than sorry

    This was their email reply back to me after I submitted a request:

    Thank you for sharing this information with me.

    Please know that one of my colleague has already responded to your inquiry.

    After reviewing the documentation that you have sent through for your untracked Sony purchase, I have noticed that you used an exclusive discount. I would like to note that cashback is ineligible on purchases made with exclusive discounts provided to employees, corporate and commercial partners of Sony Australia. Cashback is also ineligible for Sony X Members, Alpha Pro Support, Student and Educator program members, and Service Centres. This has resulted in your purchase not being reported in your Cashrewards account as it is ineligible to receive rewards from the store.

    Sorry that I could not provide better news for you. I recommend reviewing each store’s special terms and familiarising yourself with our General Cashback Guidelines when making future purchases to ensure you will receive rewards.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions regarding this sale.

    Thank you for understanding

    Member Services Team

    Cashrewards Pty Limited
    ABN 72 150 888 136

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      This is pretty standard. They make it clear you have to use approved codes.

      • +2

        sorry maybe i wasn't clear - this was cash rewards based on purchase directly from sony website au. Where price matching an item with Sony, doesnt qualify you to get the cash back.

        I know it did before because a month ago I did it and received a cash back for my sonya7iv pricematched

        • I did receive CR for my price matched item A7IV purchased in may lately as well.

          So, is this just this customer representative not giving or their policy has been changed since then?

          Because I have heaps more lenses to buy at Sony with CR! ;/

          • @xxxx84: Well I emailed 2 different CR rep who said the same thing. Hence why I just cancelled my order altpgether.
            I told them I got my cash back w my purchase in may for Sony 7iv but they insisted I am not eligible this time…

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        Cashrewards/Shopback/Cheddar have been working with Sony price matches for a long time now so it would actually be a change in behaviour if price matches are no longer eligible for cashback. I had three price matched items track and pay out successfully in May.

        • yeap my sony a7iv purchased in may got tracked but not with my recent order placed last week with cash rewards. I have just cancelled my whole sony order because that 8% makes a huge difference. I can wait.. till shopback offers an 8 or 10% cash back reward.

    • Idk why the down vote, handy tip to know when purchasing.

      I've used shopback with no issues.

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    Wait for Sony cashback offer and get the G2 imo

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    Sony FE users are definitely spoilt for choice in the general zoom f/2-2.8 range.

    Nice find as it is a lot more expensive at another retailer:

    $1175.20 - Samyang AF UMC II - 24-70mm f/2.8

    $1031.20 - Tamron Di III RXD - 28-75mm f/2.8

    $1271.20 - Tamron Di III VXD G2 - 28-75mm f/2.8

    $1519.20 - Sigma DG DN Art - 24-70mm f/2.8

    $1945.60 - Sony FE GM 24-70mm f/2.8

    $2999.00 - Tamron Di III VXD - 35-150mm f/2-2.8

    $2988.00 - Sony GM II Lens FE - 24-70mm f/2.8

  • With these giant and bulky lenses, how are mirrorless cameras anymore convenient than DSLRs?

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      There are several recent mirrorless lens released for different mounts (off the top of my head, Canon and Sony) that are sharper, smaller and lighter than traditional DSLR and equivalent. The same goes for 3rd party lens manufacturers who have lighter lens body materials.

      When the system is looked at as a whole, including better auto focus across the whole frame, subject detection and video capabilities in a smaller and lighter form factor, mirrorless has become more convenient for photographers and videographers alike.

  • for the sony price Match, if you submit the price Match request and the go into the chat to reiterate you have submitted one , they were approving at the same day

    • How do you submit this?

      • +1

        I have just added instruction up top.

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