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[VIC] Nescafe Dolce Gusto S White $55 @ Target (Chirnside Park)



The sticker says without pods, hence I guess store special? 9 left.

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  • Don't do it. Will cost you more in the long run for below par coffee.. nespresso pods are better than these and obviously a real coffee machine is better than that.

    • I have no experience with coffee pods but I'm seriously entertaining the idea of getting one but cost is a big factor. I'd be happy to spend around $100 for machine and frother but being able to buy decent coffee pods at a good price is the bigger concern (I'd spend a bit more on the machine if it made a big difference) I'm really interested to know people's opinions/experience with the various options. I'm leaning towards the Aldi expressi/k-fee one atm but I don't have a lot of info on which that's based other than pretty good online reviews.
      Thanks OzB coffee drinkers :)

      • I had a Dolce Gusto machine for a while after my espresso machine died, but got rid of it. There is a very poor selection of pods and they are expensive.

        I now just use a dripper or a plunger. Way cheaper for coffee, unlimited choice of coffee and no plastic waste.

        A friend has had the Aldi machine for a few years and it still works perfectly. And the few coffees I have had from were decent.

      • Use these with and get a grinder and you can get decent espresso.
        This is what I used to use at work and came out better than the coffee from the cafe next door.

      • The Dolce Gusto (Disgusto) is the lowest ranked of all the pod machines. Too cold, poor extraction, expensive.

        All pod machines will produce 'poor' coffee as it's pre ground in the pods for ages before it gets to you. So you really want to be putting fresh ground coffee in the pods.

        Like someone mentioned above, buy some re fillable pods, or simply refill the standard pods and cap with alfoil. I personally use the foil lid from yoghurt containers, you can use it over and over, as it is thicker (but only on a Map machine).

        Therefore, the easiest machine to do this with is the Map / Caffitally machines. They have a single puncture hole right in the middle. So it will line up every time you reuse it. Nespresso, Aldi, Lavazza etc also work, but they puncture in multiple places.

        Lastly, Map pods are 8-10g each. Nespresso and Aldi are 6g. A standard coffee shot is normally 12g. So the Map pods are the closest and will do a cup of coffee. Nespresso etc, you need 2.

        With fresh ground coffee, a Map machine produces very good (almost cafe results). Heaps better than a $600 Delonghi auto machine (i have both, and sadly use the Map machine for a good coffee). A 1kg bag of Aldi coffee will cost you about $13 and will make 120 pods.

        *Pro tip. The reason these machines 'fail' is due to not flushing after use. Simply run the machine for half a cup with no pod in at the end. If the extraction gets slow, brush the pod contact area with a toothbrush. My machine + 12 pods I have reused would be around 8 years old and has done around 5000 coffees.

        • How do you seal the pods to reuse them? I go through so many pods. Are you just using a standard throw away pod multiple times with new foil on top.

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            @JACK SKELLINGTON: Yeah, I reseal a standard pod with a foil lid. Just cut it in a circle just wider than the pod. Crimp the edges. Thicker foil (like you find on yoghurt tubs) is perfect as you can reuse it many times. Again, with map pods with just a single hole.

            Depending on where I'm working, some times they have a Nespresso or Lavazza machine. Same deal (sort of), except you need to mark these pods to make sure they go in exactly the same way each time, and just use alfoil for the lids as you will need to discard the top each time (due to multiple piercings of the top). All machines make a very good coffee with nice and fresh oily beans.

            • @tunzafun001: I use just standard nespresso pods In my machine. Will have to give it a go. Do you need to pack the coffee down?

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                @JACK SKELLINGTON: Yeah, a light tamp. For nespresso just use alfoil, and replace each time. Try and get the hard base plastic nespresso pods (with the base that pops in and out). Then you can just pop the base back each time and use over and over. Foil pods will end up full of holes and will make a mess of your machine.

            • @tunzafun001:

              All machines make a very good coffee with nice and fresh oily beans.

              Oily beans often means old beans

        • Seems like too much work, why don't you just buy a basic manual machine and save yourself all the hassle?

          Aldi beans aren't that great imo. I've bought 2 week old aldi beans from their medium roast to their single origin, and they are just ok but nothing special. A step above stale supermarket beans but we'll below the regular coffee roasters posting deals on ozbargain.

          • @TEER3X: The convenience is that I can do 6 or so fresh ground pods just before someone visits. Then can just pump out decent coffees in next to no time while they are there. If you do 6 coffees manually, by the time the person gets the last, the first person has finished. So there is 'hidden convenience'.

            As for the Aldi beans, I only get the Brazilian single origin. The roast date is printed backwards on the top corner.

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