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[JB Perks] Garmin Instinct Sports Watch (Graphite) $199 (was $399) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Unique code required via JB Perks.

Key features
Wrist-based Heart Rate
Altimeter, Barometer, Compass
Smart Notification
Built-in Sports Apps

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    I lost a bet. Said it would take under 3min from perks email receipt to OzBargain post. Took 12

    • Depends on the deal. Not all perks offers are that great tbh.

      Last deal was a projector

    • +2

      Sorry mate the one day I slept in :(

  • beat me to it.. here's my code though:-


  • 92MVOSGA5Y2CP4

  • +7

    Great watch, I can vouch for the quality and features that this Garmin has! Would definitely recommend, and it’d be hard not to pass up at this price!

    • Just bought a Venu 2 but was eyeing this off as the next contender.

    • Hey mate, does it have a “Paddle” activity?

      • +2

        Yes it does have rowing activity.

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    Please use my code if anyone needs it


    • Coupon has already been redeemed

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    • thanks!

  • 92D3FO5GFOK8AH


  • +3

    It is a 2018 model

    • +5

      So? It's still a solid watch. Worth it at $199 for sure.

      • +4

        I provided information, not an opinion to be negged on.

    • -3

      What year model are you?

  • 9231EW5AIX45XI

  • 92ZFF081S0SZ58

  • Can it broadcast HR via Bluetooth?

    • If this is what you mean, which I don't think it is but its the only thing I could find, then yes it can.

      • This is ant+ broadcasting, not Bluetooth…

    • +1

      YES. I have one and use it on zwift.


  • 927NJV2W68OTHO

  • 9247JG2S6P5CKP

    let people know once you use it.

  • Can these perk deals be purchased in store with gc’s?

    • +2

      Edit - I don’t thinks so..

      This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for online transactions until 29/06/22, offer cannot be extended. Valid for Garmin Instinct Sports Watch (Graphite) (SKU 342753) only. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer and the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any negotiated price. Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. 50% off will be calculated from the current promotional price. Offer can be redeemed by visiting www.jbhifi.com.au, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout.

      • Hi, anyone here has the code for the watch. If you guys dont use it. Please share with me. I would like to buy this watch. Thanks in advance.


  • My code Your coupon code:


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    pls let us others know when used.

    • +3

      I used your code. Thanks so much!

  • 92B6HTT2HD0K8V

  • 92KBJ4B2NW0TRV

  • -1

    is this better than 245 music?

  • 92ZRPYYN6D06WA

  • 921PNMZ1YKZP8S

  • Your coupon code:

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    so many codes published already but if they all get used & anyone needs another just message me

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    Reply if used.

    • +1

      Thank you 😊

  • This is not the solar one isn’t it?

    • +1

      Nope. Solar is not really needed anyway.. I have a Fenix 6X and it goes for weeks between charges

      • +2

        Solar has different specs as well, including better battery life without the solar.

        The solar is a useless gimmick, mine might make 1 day difference between charging max, even when I'm working outside for the majority of the day it seems to make no detectable difference.

      • +1

        There's quite a difference with the 7 though. They've made the solar area larger.

    Reply if used.

  • -1

    Why is the solar same price $399 but the code doesn’t work for the solar????

    • +5

      Because the solar is not on sale… 🤦

      • Fair enough but if they are same price is the solar version not any better? I would have expected the solar as an additional very valuable feature…

        • +3

          These things last a long time between charging. Solar is not necessary unless you plan on going full Bear Grylls

        • +1

          Short answer is both have pros and cons.

  • 927CFSXRUE13ET

  • No spo2 for that moula?!

  • Thanks guys! Got a code from you lovely people!

  • +2

    Reviews said inaccurate gps?
    No watch faces?

    • -4

      Without spo2 and NFC, it's not quite a sports watch nor a smart watch…

  • Inbox for code. Cheers.

  • 92G6ZQ666B6NYO

  • Please inbox me if anyone have the code.
    Many thanks

    • 926UADXHZXJT6X

  • 92R5823M76NJTS
    Reply if used

    • +1

      used, thanks a lot

  • 92U34CMNXBGC23

  • Dm if someone needs a code

    • claimed

  • 92C36UGB2LG20T

    Reply if used

  • Mine.


    Reply if used.

  • +2

    Genshin Impact Sports

      • +3

        So you must've gotten 10 $10 vouchers for 'joining'……..

        12 actually, grabbed some pokemon cups, Christmas Sorted!

        Other users are also grabbing some stuff as well

        You probably don't have 10 mobile phone numbers.

        Why wouldn't it be possible?

        I use heaps due to the requirement of my WiFi hotspot needs, is it really that surprising?

        Anyway, since I've been challenged, I will provide
        Each code saves an OzB user $200 off the RRP
        12 codes.. Go for it

        Don't PM me, not going to respond for further JB Perk codes


  • My code if 92EUQQJE7BO4XO
    Let people know if used.

    • +1

      was able to use it… thanks


  • 92LARYO03CH3SU

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    Here is my code if anyone is interested.

    • +1

      Used. Thankyou so much

      • No worries.

  • +1

    can this play music? Want to leave my phone at home while i run. thx

    • +2

      No, it doesn't. Generally, a good way to tell is if it is a 'Music edition' or has a music edition.

  • Need a code😃😃

  • I was actually interested in buying this watch, whats ozbargains opinions on it? I was purely going to use it as a fitness tracker and as just a normal watch.

    • +1

      Love mine. Lasts weeks on a single charge.

    • Worth it, especially at this price.
      I went from the Vivoactive 3 to this, and whilst it doesn't have the fancy frills of the Vivoactive, the battery life is 3 weeks+
      If you want a rugged watch with great battery life, you can't go wrong with this

      • thanks for those comments - i have a vivoactive 3 currently, but i busted the screen while gardening :( Still usable entirely, but massive cracks right across it.
        Have looked in to some pro vs DIY screen repair options .. and wondered if it would even be worth it (or even possible for my fat fingers to fix).. and whether to go with this Instinct model to replace it instead…
        What fancy frills do you use on the VA3 that you would miss the most do ya think?

        • +1

          Probably the screen designs and the ability to pay via the watch were the only real things I initially missed.
          Notifications work on the Instinct, so I can still see who is calling or texting me, so it didn't take very long at all to get used to the new watch

          Things I didn't care so much about the Vivoactive was the shorter battery life, and the fact the screen would keep turning on, even when I didn't need it on.
          These aren't bad things, just my personal preference.

          The Instinct is also a bit blockier and bigger than the VV3, so not as elegant as the VV3, but it's not as bulky as say, the G-Shocks.

  • 9285CY3I26EPD2

    • +1

      Thank you for the code. Got one for my dad

  • +1

    Have code that won't be using too. PM if needed.

  • No color

  • +1

    Got my wife one from the previous amazon deal, great battery life and she loves it.


  • My code if anyone needs for the discount. 92THAZPZ5BB3B7

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