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NordVPN: 96% Cashback for New VPN Plan Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


IT’S BACK! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704547
Last time, I paid ~$7 for 2 years of VPN after cashback

Deal ends 11:59pm Tuesday, 28 June.

For those who decided to sit on it last time.

Please READ this before you purchase:

  1. Use the Cashrewards mobile app for best tracking results. Personally, I never had an instances where it didn’t track with Cashrewards app. I learnt it hard way with the browsers.
  2. Before you purchase NordVPN, make sure you scrolled down and Nord didn’t add any add-on products with additional costs (some add-ons are automatically ticked, ensure it is unticked)
  3. To avoid GST, select non-GST countries such as US. Personally, I used post code/zip code ‘90210’. GST component is excluded from the cashback. At this point, your USD amount should be $78.96 for 2 years. If not, check again.
  4. Use international/foreign-transaction-fee free card like Macq, Citi, 28 degrees etc.


  • When do I get tracking email?
    o Based on my previous experience, you will get cashreward tracking email within 1 hour. If you don’t get this within a day, something has gone wrong, enjoy for few more days and cancel for a full refund

  • When do I get paid?
    o Up to 90 days, should be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How do they classify ‘New customer’
    o It is based on your email address, if you had one before even free trials, use new/another email address.

  • What are some of the things that I can use with VPN?
    o Youtube premium Argentina (only once off required during sign up) ~AUD$2.20 - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix Turkey (only once off required during sign up) - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix US or UK contents (VPN required at the time of viewing)
    o BBC iPlayer (VPN required at the time of viewing).
    o EPL / MLB / Golf / NFL / Tennis via Peacock. AUD ~$7.20 (VPN required at the time of viewing)

Also, refer to TA's comment from last time

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +9

    Hey guys, and thanks for posting the deal superbass. These tips will help :)

    • A new customer is defined by NordVPN, and nothing to do with your Cashrewards account. Simply use a new email address at their end, the same Cashrewards account as always, and you're good to go.

    • Click 'Shop Now' or 'Shop Offer' and buy - don't click to other sites looking for codes and certainly don't use any 3rd party plugins. Better still use the Cashrewards mobile app on 4G/5G as this eliminates potential issues with WiFi/router firewalls and the like. Tracking for NordVPN typically takes 1-4 hours.

    • Remove any up-sold products from your cart such as NordPass & NordLocker as they will not be eligible for cashback.

    • And finally please remember you have the safety net of NordVPN's 30-day money back guarantee should tracking fail. All the best :)

    • +3

      Hi TA, my three years plan will be ending in about 8 months. Just wanted to check with you if CR will continue to have such deals for nord in future?

      Don't want to buy now and waste 8 months out of 2 years.

      • +5

        It’s the price of 2 coffees. Chill man.

        • +5

          This is OzBargain. You get front page deals for less saving than half a coffee!

        • -4

          Looks like you're on the wrong site mate.

        • How do we cancel old plan?

          • @tyank232: old nord plan? why do you need to cancel?
            Make sure you have auto-renewal off on the old one and just create a new one with new email address

      • -3

        lol complaining over 7 dollars. Sad!

        • Username does not check out, and your comment reads like a Donald Trump tweet

  • +8

    Just what i was looking for from TA's comment:

    A new customer is defined by NordVPN, and nothing to do with your Cashrewards account. Simply use a new email address at their end, the same Cashrewards account as always, and you're good to go.

  • +3

    How are Nord financially carrying this. Someone is paying - just worried it is a nation state ;)

    • +3

      Running a VPN is dirt cheap especially at this scale

      • +10

        Dirt is expensive. I had to buy some last month for my grass because stupid 2 months of rain in brisbane washed it away.

        • +5

          Silly old sod

          • +6

            @Ulysses31: Woooosh

            • @Ulysses31: haha, yeah totally agree with the Wooosh! Humour is lost on many :-) Have a + back from me!

      • +2

        Makes you wonder why they normally charge so much.

        I have nothing against Nord, but if I had more to hide I might find their marketing a little too good.

    • +8

      Subsidised for being a honeypot

    • They have fairly high renewals after the free trial, so I think they are making plenty of profit.

    • +1

      I thought about this the other day as well and the way I looked it was there are couple of key metrics, they or their investors would look at and one of them has to be subscriber numbers. i.e. they need to show that the business is growing in this competitive VPN market thus promos like this help them to boost their subscriber base in exchange of ARPU (average revenue per user). or even better this sort promos can be classified as below the line marketing initiative, so you can keep the ARPU artificially high if they classify cashback as 'overall marketing costs'

      • That is great thought re cash backs potentially being classified as a marketing expense. Had similar thoughts re retailers paying a marketing fee to eBay for the 20% discount codes offered in the past.

  • +1

    Very happy with Nord so far (6 weeks). Came from PIA and it was bit trash

    • same. I dont use it often (thus $7 for 2 years make sense for me) but when I use it, its all good

    • +1

      Came from PIA too, the Nord desktop client takes an eternity to launch compared to the PiA client, and the killswitch isn't as easy as with PiA, but other than that speeds have been fine.

      • have you tried chrome extension? I've been using that for most of mine and its super fast to switch on and off

        • +1

          Nah, but I need it to function out of browser anyway for all the Linux .iso's I'm torrenting.

      • I had that problem too, but not sure how I fixed it, I had thought I uninstalled PIA and that was the fix, but just checked PIA is still installed. Maybe the process is to uninstall both clients, restart computer and install Nord

    • +1

      I tried NordVPN AndroidTV app, and it only gave one option for USA. Tried to launch HBOMax app. No good.

      I thought Nord were massive, and highly experienced??

  • Going through CR, the fee is showing as AUD even when i select US for non gst. Does it matter if you pay for this in AUD or does it have to be USD billing for some reason? (can't see anywhere to change the currency)

    • +1

      I am surprised it is showing AUD. I thought it was also USD.
      In the end, it shouldn't matter - make sure you use international fee credit card just in case if you have one.

      • +3

        skip that. It's USD. I was looking at more expensive plans and thought it's equiv AUD to your 78.96 price ref. lol

  • Anyone can share, how do you set up your VPN in order to watch netflix US on TV?

    Do you need to have the VPN details attached to the model/router?

    • +1

      depends what TV you have.. if you have android TV, you should be able to download from the app.
      I have samsung, so I turn VPN from my phone and turn netflix and mirror that on my TV

      • all good, found it



        • Some routers you can do it at the router. IMO that is the best option. I use Mikrotik and it works quite well. You can even select which devices go to which country at the router. You can also have some devices not go through the VPN, eg for gaming

        • Does this work for prime video? Watching in US?

  • Does hotstar+ (Indian) work on Nord? I had VPN Unlimited and they recently removed all servers from India.

    • +1

      Same issue + it was slow. Never manage to get 4k. US Paramount+ kept buffering. NZTV+ also kept buffering even on 1080p.

    • I think Nord is there for now. I might be wrong on this but I think it's safe to assume all of the VPN companies won't have India severs soon due to restrictions from Indian government.

    • Also in the same boat and looking for Indian servers

      • +1

        Just found a statement from Nord confirming their removal of Indian servers from June 26th.

        • Thanks for confirming.

          • @superbass: I have nord and have used it to VPN india. Technically, today is the last day that they will allow Indian servers, from tomorrow, there wouldn't be any Indian servers available. That will be the case with many VPN providers due to tighter laws with internet access in the country.

            • @tryingtohelp: I'm using Surfshark with Hotstar. Works flawlessly!

              • @nsaini23: Have they sent any sort of notification regarding the server issues and the internet rules in india?

                • @tryingtohelp: I have Surfshark. They haven't sent anything about India servers being switched off

                  • @cute as ducks: I just did a google search on this. There are several articles detailing why Surfshark, nord and others aren’t pulling out of the Indian market. India has new laws in place affecting von providers starting tomorrow. Vpns in India now need to keep logs on their users for 5 years along with their real names and other data. This sounds like the end of subbing to YouTube premium and other services through India with a vpn. Ozbargainers with YouTube premium via India should check tonight to ensure their payment details with YouTube consists of a credit or debit card that won’t expire for the next few years. After tonight it is hard to say whether you will be able to log in to YouTube India through a vpn

            • @tryingtohelp: Do you have the Ovpn config files for India. Just wanted to try and config my router to check if it still works.

    • It works but quite slow and you don’t get 4K (if playing on fire stick/shield) Some people have had better success by playing on laptop and mirroring etc

  • Got it last time, it stays off because it slows everything down too much

    • +2

      Hey not so loud you'll hurt the VPN's feelings

  • +1

    Nordvpn recently added MeshNet to their offering. Just this service itself is already worth the $.
    Sample use case: renting a property that doesnt come with ethernet - add all device to MeshNet and share files/data over private VPN. Caveat: you need fast download/upload speed which 5G service provides

    • didnt know about this. Thanks for the tip!

  • How long does CR will take… And I paid out of gpay… Is that a fine?

    • +2
      1. Please refer to FAQ. 2. Any accepted payment is fine
      • Cool so PayPal attached to credit card but use credit card exchange rate is fine too?

  • +1

    Upvoted, fingers crossed that the cashback comes through

    • +1

      CR x Nord have a great track record on this, so I am quite optimistic on this

  • Connection is okay, the annoying part is continually being logged out and having to log back in. Seems to happen once a fortnight at minimum. And no, I'm not over the device limit.

    • +1

      If you don't mind sharing, why would one need to keep the connection live more than 2 weeks?

      • +2

        For me at least, it's that I often get logged out of the extension - not continuous usage. 75% time I go to use it, I have to log in again.

      • +2

        I don't keep the connection live that long. I mean, when I restart the nord app, it often tells me I have to login again. It's pretty annoying because it takes you to the browser to log in, then back to the app.

        Just a waste of time, that's all.

  • Nice. With those one-off VPN purchases like YouTube Premium from Argentina, I usually just use Opera Browser's built-in VPN and it works. Also done it for NBA League Pass, usually from South America and I get it for about $75 AUD rather than nearly $300 AUD

    • Agree. I used free ones when I did youtube premium as well.
      I am not a heavy user of VPN either, just want to have it when I need it every so often, so only $7 for 2 yrs make sense.

  • i'm interested in vpn with a dedicated IP.. nord faq says this extra costs $70/year usd. pia currently offer this at $79usd for 3 years.. so nord works out more expensive for me.

  • Just signed up for the first time hope it works.

    • should be all good. As mentioned above, if you dont get tracked with 1 day, cancel for a full refund

      • how to cancel trial ?

        • Contact Nord customer service

      • Can confirm CR tracked perfectly. The same couldn't be said with CR/Pizza Hut.

        On the other hand, Netflix is noticeably slower when using NordVPN, however for everyday use it is a decent service.

  • Which NORDVPN plan does everyone jump on? Noticed there were 3 options. Assuming Standard.

    • +1

      Standard unless you are really keen on their additional features

  • How can I change my google play location so that I can make purchases in Turkey currency?

    • I believe transaction goes in USD regardless

    • +2

      Look up the Disney+ turkey account making here on Ozbargain. Basically you'll need to make a new gmail account and add a turkey payment option. My bank australia card worked fine on this with a turkish address.

  • not able to login to cashrewards. Any one experience this ?

    • Okay on my end. is that from your app? reset password and login again if its keep happening

      • tried everything.
        on browsers it shows
        RED banner : We’re having trouble connecting. Please try again later.

        will keep trying

  • This offer didn't work last time it was around. Ended up getting my cashback denied even though I clicked through using the optimal method. Even after contacting support they still didn't credit.

    • +1

      Slightly confused. Can you advise if the cashback was tracked but then it got declined or if it was never tracked?

  • Massive congestion on Australian servers in the evening in recent months.

    • +5

      agreed, its always off for this reason, sometimes i think people must comment without actually getting things and using them

  • I think I made an error… I was charged Aud 176 (i didint notice the add ons)and CB tracked only 102…

    Should I cancel and start with a new email or can I cancel the addition made…?

    • +1

      Yes, unless that is what you wanted

      • Thanks mate just cancelled it now.. going for a new email lol

        • I have same mistakes
          How can I cancel it? I look for a cancel button and cannot find it

          • @seniordoc: Chat with them… There is no cancel button :(

            But they are quick…:)

  • Click8ng on the link 'only' seeing 68% off.

    • +3

      Thats not cashback.
      68% off from NordVPN and you get 96% cashback from CR

  • I have windscribe, is there a reason to get this one as well?

    • Compare and see what’s best for you?

  • +2

    Great for claiming those awesome Disney, Netflix, YouTube, NBA League Pass etc. deals on OzBargain!

    Hit and miss getting around those geo-blocks to watch foreign streaming services. Although it seems everyone's experience with this is different.

    Not so great for blocking ads anymore (especially Facebook), and entering competitions, when you have to turn it off to enter your details (which kinda defeats the purpose).

    For 96% cashback, you can't go wrong …just make sure you follow the OP's directions above and you'll be 'right!

  • Just bought and it was $120.39 with $101.86 cashback

    So about $18-$19 total. Looks like the 96% cashback is not applied to GST so you pay about $10 more than I was expecting

    • +1

      When buying, change your tax country from Australia to something else with $0 tax. Boom boom.

    • +1

      Change country to USA and buy then. No GST.

    • +2

      Should have read the post before buying..

  • +1

    Great deal - thanks OP. Just renewed the other week, but cancelled for a refund and re-signed via this deal.

    • +1

      This is the way

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