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NordVPN: 96% Cashback for New VPN Plan Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


IT’S BACK! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704547
Last time, I paid ~$7 for 2 years of VPN after cashback

Deal ends 11:59pm Tuesday, 28 June.

For those who decided to sit on it last time.

Please READ this before you purchase:

  1. Use the Cashrewards mobile app for best tracking results. Personally, I never had an instances where it didn’t track with Cashrewards app. I learnt it hard way with the browsers.
  2. Before you purchase NordVPN, make sure you scrolled down and Nord didn’t add any add-on products with additional costs (some add-ons are automatically ticked, ensure it is unticked)
  3. To avoid GST, select non-GST countries such as US. Personally, I used post code/zip code ‘90210’. GST component is excluded from the cashback. At this point, your USD amount should be $78.96 for 2 years. If not, check again.
  4. Use international/foreign-transaction-fee free card like Macq, Citi, 28 degrees etc.


  • When do I get tracking email?
    o Based on my previous experience, you will get cashreward tracking email within 1 hour. If you don’t get this within a day, something has gone wrong, enjoy for few more days and cancel for a full refund

  • When do I get paid?
    o Up to 90 days, should be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How do they classify ‘New customer’
    o It is based on your email address, if you had one before even free trials, use new/another email address.

  • What are some of the things that I can use with VPN?
    o Youtube premium Argentina (only once off required during sign up) ~AUD$2.20 - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix Turkey (only once off required during sign up) - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix US or UK contents (VPN required at the time of viewing)
    o BBC iPlayer (VPN required at the time of viewing).
    o EPL / MLB / Golf / NFL / Tennis via Peacock. AUD ~$7.20 (VPN required at the time of viewing)

Also, refer to TA's comment from last time

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • How long does it take for tracking?

    • +2

      Tracked in just under an hour for me

      • Thanks, mine just got tracked too.

  • +1

    For anyone using Mikrotik to do the connection, I tried Nord, PIA and Surfshark and Nord worked the best. The guide on their website worked straight off. I actually got it working with Surfshark but extra steps were required outside the guide. PIA I gave up on.

    I would be interested to hear feedback from other Mikrotik users

  • What are you guys using vpn for besides netflix

    • +3

      If you have to ask, don't worry about it..

    • Making sure no one else knows my dirty porn habits.

  • The price is showing as US$95.75. I selected the standard plan

    • +2

      That doesnt look right. Please go back and check

    • I selected the standard plan and it shows US$95.75 for me too.

      • +1

        Both of you have chosen “Plus” package
        Choose standard

        • I have 100% chosen standard and not plus. The plus option is $112.56 and the complete is $143.76. The standard still shows as 95.76. It's not really a deal breaker as it's still 96% off I presume

        • Nope.

          I tried a few times and the 'standard' plan was also this price.
          I had to open it in a private window before I saw the standard plan at the correct price.

          • +1

            @BluBoy: I just bought it at $95.76. I've confirmed the cost on my card and the cashback at cash rewards and the difference was $9.19. I can live with that.

            • @MikeKulls: Lol guys are you sure it's not the GST. You have to select a non-tax location on checkout.

              • @bargainluvr: definitely not GST. As blueboy said he had to open in a private window to get the deal. I think it's remembering something. I did sign up recently for Nord and cancel so I presume it's that. They are just offering a lower discount.

              • @bargainluvr: It's really not worth worrying about, the difference was only $2 in the end

    • Did you go through the app?
      When I went through my desktop it was $95 - but when I went through the app it went to $78.

  • Best disposable card?

    Does anyone know the international fee on Revolut virtual cards? 3%?

    • +1

      personally, I use macq debit card as deposable credit card.
      Only put the amount required before the transaction (or $1 for pre-auth), all the other times balance is zero.

      • Macquarie debit card can be used as a disposable credit card?

        • +1

          I am saying, i use it like that. just a credit card number with no balance. or only put amount when I need to use it.
          i.e. even if I forget to cancel a subscription, it will just get declined.

          • @superbass: Oh got it. So macq debit card doesn't have any international transaction fees?

  • +1

    Does the gmail "+" addresses trick still work for Nord to make them think you are a new customer?

    • +3

      Seems to be working at this stage. Got the requisite new customer emails.

      • +1

        Thank you for your feedback. I managed to buy it using a new suffix to my old gmail address and Cashrewards is tracking the purchase. Fingers crossed it works.

  • +1

    Can you watch Amazon prime US via this VPN? Anyone got that setup on Firestick 4k?

    • I wanted to try but dont have prime currently.
      Does it work?

  • Damit somehow signed up for premium even though I was sure I hit the standard one.

    • +1

      Mistake made somewhere.
      If it is not usd $78.96 for 2 years, something didnt go right. Please check before committing to pay.

  • Noob question: If the email address registered in NordVpn is separate to cashrewards email address, how can my cashrewards account track the order?

    First time cashrewards user here.

    • +2

      Because you are going from cashrewards app to the nordvpn website, CR tracks via cookie

      • +1

        Learned something new. Thanks superbass. That clears up. 'em cookies sometimes do favours too it seems. No wonder why the cash rewards website doesn't work on my Brave browser.

        • +4

          Please don’t use Brave browser with any cashback sites. Nothing will track. It’s a cookie killer by its very nature.

          • @tightarse: if you just disable brave shield on both websites before you make the purchase then it should be good right?

            • +2

              @desync: No. We’ve done some testing and tracking still fails on some occasions. Simply use a clean browser or the CR app. No reason at all to use Brave via cashback sites when there’s so many other options available.

          • @tightarse: Not only that I found out the Cashrewards app if you try to access deals like this NordVPN one, if you got anything adblocking not browser but pihole equivalent or Asus Merlin Diversion on your router (which is what I'm using) you can't access the deals properly with CR app. I had to connect to 4G mobile turn off wifi to get this deal working. However the Web browser works as long as you got no adblockers. It's weird

  • I just joined it. However it charged me $175, ignoring the GST. Then I checked the invoice, it also charged me Nordpass and Nordlocker, which I don't need.
    I did not tick it. I actually looked hard, and could not find any options for addon before I confirm the transaction. Where was the option for addon?

    How can I reverse those charges? I only need VPN, with the cashrewards.
    Thank you.

    • Cancel, get refunded and do it again with a new email.
      Make sure its standard plan for 2 yrs.

    • +1

      Get on to Nord and cancel the account and start again.

      • How do you cancel.. i only see option to complete form to delete account. Is this the same thing. will they reverse the charge?

        • +1

          you managed to cancel now, right? (as per pm)

    • you clicked the 1st column offer

      you need the standard plan - it's the last column offer

  • Ah crap just renewed with private internet access for two years for full price :(

    • Even without this deal I wouldn't have gone with PIA. They got bought by a hedge fund about two years ago which is reason enough to not use something these days.

      • Not to mention the "Full Price" bit as well. There are often discounts for PIA should that be your preferred VPM client!

    • serious or joke?
      Do you know that PIA has 30 days moneyback guarantee as well?
      Cancel it. get your moneyback. Sign up to this.

      or if you are really keen on PIA, cancel and sign up to PIA via below, CR has 96% cashback on PIA as well


      • Serious. Didn't know but know now for future. Ah well the OzBargain way is being instilled in me bit by bit

        • +1

          and you are not cancelling it to get moneyback? why………..

  • Got charged 109.44AUD for the standard plan and change location to the US. PURCHASED using Cashreward app browser. Haven’t received tracking email after 1hour. Is that normal?

    • Still few more hours if not, use for couple more day and cancel.

    • Same - got charged $109.44, but CR tracked in a bit under an hour for $101.86 (USD $76.02, approval date in 3 months time).

      • @opposablethumbs Exactly the same here and got the tracked email in under 5 minutes.

  • Awesome. I'm with SurfShark and despite having 6 months left of a 2 year plan, I'm fed up with the unreliability of their VPN. Pure junk.

    • +2

      Ditto, I am somewahat relieved I am not the only one, my Surfshark VPN disconnects randomly and the Kill switch no longer works for the last few months. It was fine for the first 2 yrs, now despite uninstall and reinstall, Killswitch never works now, so will give this a go for 4% of the price hopefully will track as cashrewards tracking has been fine but iy was denied thereafter been in pending for more than 1.5mths for me recently, it has been so poor despite using the same ways as I always does, since the early days of Cashrewards on OZB….fingers crossed, at least hopefully will still have TA to assist, which had been great to help a while back for denied transactions failure.

      • Yep, kill switch which doesnt work, doesnt always hide my ISP IP when I'm connected to their VPN, randomly logs me off of the application and despite kill switch being on, my internet is still running.

    • I thought I was the only one! I am 3 months away to finish a 3-year plan with Surfshark. For me, the Bypasser option never works, and quite a few websites can actually pick up I use VPN and stopped me from visiting (That is the whole purpose of a VPN right?) Used Nord for two days and it has been great.

  • -< selected standard at some point but ended up on premium. $15 for two years isn’t the worst deal

  • So… what if I want to pay in AUD. and do not mind paying GST? Is this an option?

    • Yes, auto-option is Australia with GST.

  • +1

    Thanks got it and will change from Surfshark. Will create a VLAN in openwrt with an ongoing openvpn connection.

    • I have no idea what that means but glad that you got one.

  • awesome! thanks so much. My cash rewards is back on my app and pending. do you know how long it will take nord to approve?

    • Up to 90 days, typically 6 to 8 weeks.

    • I subscribed tonight and the tracking said 29/09/22 for approval

      • Wow. Long time

        • +1

          that date is estimated as well. Historically, it's around 6 to 8 weeks

          • @superbass: Sweet. Cheers mate

            • @cheapjew22: This ^^ is correct. Please note they are only estimated dates. Most times, transactions are approved well in advance :)

  • Do these guys have a Sydney based server?

  • how using cashreward apps does not have any way to uncheck the extra add on ?

    • select standard plan

      • Thanks, and when will this ~$7 ~ bargain will end ?

        • +1

          Tuesday 11:59pm

      • i got charged $132 AUD for standard plan , dont know what Im doing wrong. Even in incognito saw 95 USD

  • Does the subscription start from when you purchase the plan or when you activate the account? I still have an account active and would like the new plan to start ticking as late as possible..

    • when you purchase, it starts as its new account.

  • Does it stack? Mine expiring soon

    • “New customer” only

  • is there a way to know which email I have used before so Nord thinks i'm a new customer or just make a new one just for this case is easier

    • Make a new one

  • A quick question on using this from multiple locations i.e. I want to set it up on the router from 2 different locations i.e. from 2 different IP addresses. Is this possible or do I have to have 2 subscriptions for that. Thanks

  • Do I have to use cash rewards mobile app? Does the website work via pc?

    • +1

      At your risk with pc.
      Mobile app has the most reliable for tracking

      • +1

        It's probably because the app has no adblockers and allows all cookies by default using the Android or iOS webkit natively.

        However from my testing if you got adblocking on your router the app doesn't work for any deals. So you have to ensure you got zero adblocking on your network plus no software add-ons browsers to work

    • +1

      worked with PC for me. Tracked about 1 hr later

      • +1

        Right ok I used mobile just in case. I think as long as you are not using adblocker should be ok

  • +1

    if you pay in crypto (cardano) do you still quality for cashback rewards?

    • I assume it is. Give it a go and let us know if it doesn’t track

      • didn't want to chance it

        besides, cardano is far too cheap to spend right now hah

  • +8

    Not that many will scroll to this comment but:
    - remember to turn off auto renew subscription!
    Even if you would like to keep the service they will offer a better price once the subscription expires.

    • Legend mate! Didn't see that and as expected it was enabled.

      I've disabled it now so can always hop onto the next deal.

    • Thank you, done!

    • I had a feeling I needed to do this.
      Thanks for the reminder.

  • I'm using Nord with Wireguard. No dropouts and all's working great! Hardly any speed loss.

  • why does the complete package show USD 126.96?

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