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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Eagle OC 8G Graphics Card $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


This seems to be cheaper than recent 3060 Ti deals. The page says that it's a hot deal which lasts 5 days.

Less than $100 more than the 3060s, and about a 10-40% performance increase on the base 3060 depending on the title.

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    Need to do a lot better. Spent most of our life's saving on a lettuce the other day.

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      Lettuce this day, or our daily bread?

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      when lettuce does another 10x and goes to $100 you'll be able to buy all the GPUs, hodl!!!

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        I'm riding this thing until it reaches $500 each. Going to put my son through college with it.

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      Invest in lettuce, just remember to sell at peak, then buy 4xxx cards. Just be careful, don't want another Tulip scenario

    • what sort of FPS @4k do you get with lettuce?

      • At least 40 I reckon.

    • Well the deal ended and they still have stock so yep it looks like they'll have to do a lot better to get people to buy these.

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    Mmmmmm hope that means it’ll actually drop in price this time, last time prices got to $700 they then jumped up $100 for a month

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    Terrible price

  • What price should we be looking for with these? I want to replace my partners 1660ti to get her a 1440p screen

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      I buy at mid $500 range

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      6600XT for $400 looks like a better bang for buck. This 3060Ti is $700, a 75% price increase for sub 20% performance increase. The ray tracing isn't performant enough to make it a major consideration.


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        Yeah AMD cards are definitely better value for pure gaming, except some of us need NVidia cards for various production reasons (I need pytorch to work on windows).

      • I've never experienced ray tracing and was thinking it is worth to try it in cyberpunk or metro exodus. Is it really something that worth spending extra compare with mentioned 6600XT?

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          You've got to YouTube that to get an idea.

          I will be getting a higher end GPU so I can use raytracing, and I'll be moving away from my beloved AMD to do that. From what I can see, you need at least a RTX 3070 or higher to make raytracing worth while.

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        for the same price should get the 6700xt. Or spend 60 more (from previous deal but is now expired) for the 3070 if nvidia is more suitable.

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    everywhere is cheaper than this deal man

    • Ah totally fair, I just searched for 3060 Ti on here and they all were higher. Though $10 cheaper isn't that big of a difference, and personally I'd pay the extra $10 to keep all my hardware shopping at umart with local pickup, since they've been reliable for me for ~20 years now.

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    I'm a bit behind the times and using a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660, is this a worthy upgrade or should I look elsewhere?

    • Similar boat with a 1660 Super haha

    • Your best bet is to google 1660 vs 3060 Ti and check out some side-by-side gameplay videos with the fps on screen etc, or sites which publish detailed benchmarks per game. Just avoid userbenchmarks since apparently it's no good, but is frequently the top of google results. There's a few big youtube channels which do pretty good benchmarking tests.

    • The performance increase is substantial, at 200%, but it isn't worth getting at this price.

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    I sold my 1070 for $550 last year when the prices were ridiculous, and I'm hodling until I can get one of these for the same price. The long con.

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      So you have just been waiting for at least half a year to save $150? I'd rather spend those $150 and play some games (which I did).

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    The page says that it's a hot deal which lasts 5 days.

    Umart hot deals are just a shitty FOMO tactic. Some of their AMD cards have been on a "HOT DEAL" for the last 3 months, they just renew it every time it expires. They don't want to lower the list price.

    • I think it just has to do with lazy indexing, and not this conspiratorial tail

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        Retailers using "dark patterns" aren't conspiratorial, and i assume you mean "tale" as in i'm "telling a tale"? If you're trying to say it's laziness rather than a deliberate decision, then yeah it's possible, but hardly likely. What sort of inventory and CMS system makes it so much harder to update a list price rather than make weekly deals? Especially since there are sometimes gaps between when the hot deal ends and is initiated again.
        Do you think businesses in general just stumble randomly onto pricing and sales strategies?

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