Ryobi 18V ONE+ Brushless Stick Vacuum - Tool Only $199 (Save $100) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bunnings


High-tech brushless motor delivers greater power, stronger suction and longer runtime
High or low, up or down – the ONE+ Stick Vac is a flexible solution to all cleaning jobs
Canister can be easily removed from the vacuum unit and emptied with the press of a button, so you can quickly get back to the task at hand
The ONE+ battery is compatible with more than 100 tools across the home, workshop and garden
Included wall mount can keep your Stick Vac easy to reach and ready for action
The new RYOBI 18V ONE+ Stick Vac (SV8) has even more features than the previous popular Stick Vac. This model incorporates a manoeuvrable power head with an easily removable brush bar, with inbuilt cutting grooves for removing pet hair. It also has a powerful LED light to illuminate dark areas, such as under furniture and inside wardrobes.

Rather than scrolling through options on a single button, this new model has a 2-button selector for On-Off and High-Low. The high-low button allows you to select the speed at which the brush bar spins – best for when you’re vacuuming surfaces that need the extra boost such as thick carpets.

As you would expect, the RYOBI Stick Vac comes with all the accessories you need for an all-over clean home. For tight and narrow spaces, the crevice tool delivers powerful suction into the smallest gaps, and is great for curtains and blinds. And for delicate surfaces, the dust brush is perfect for optimum pick-up. To keep your gear in order, you’ll even find a wall mount with accessory storage.

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  • +1

    How does it go compared to xiaomi similar priced ones?

  • No stock in Sydney, delivery is $10

  • +1

    Was keen on getting one till I read the reviews

  • +6

    I've had one. Would not recommend. I have a xiaomi v9 and that works a lot better. The movement of this was hard to manoeuvre in comparison

    • Happy with the V9?

      • Yeah I'm waiting for it to die so i can upgrade. Going strong for 2.5 years

  • So I'm assuming no where close to dyson v8

  • +2

    I have one. It's very loud and not a great performance, still does not suck everything in and leaves stuff behind.

  • +1

    Bit of a failure for Ryobi it seems…. unfortunately

  • I don't mind my one of these. Already had the batteries so why not. Yes it is noisy but so is my old Dyson upright.

    You do need to keep the filter cleaned regularly to maintain the suction strength (soft brush or compressed air works) and batteries charged, but there lies its' strength. As long as you have a second battery, can just swap and go, no waiting.

    If I didn't have the batteries, would probably buy a different branded device, otherwise this is good

  • +1

    I wouldn't waste money on this junk, better off getting a viomi a9

  • +1

    There is a new Ryobi vac coming out which has more power and is cyclonic. It will be more expensive than $100.

    • This model is $199 when discounted

  • +1

    dont bother….very low airwatts

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