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Hisense U9G 65" 4K Mini-LED ULED TV $1196 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


After my absolute phone written verbal diarrhea on the cheap U7G post I present to you the U9G for only $1196.

New release is surely coming with the lower end A6HAU (2022) model now available in stores and U7HAU (65" $1699) with HDMI 2.1 on the hisense website (https://hisense.com.au/product/65-uled-4k-tv-series-u7hau/) and expecting higher end models from that such as the U8HAU and U9HAU that specs for probably US models can be found here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/560769085751820309/99...


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    I hear the blooming is quite bad hey. Sucks we got such terrible versions compared to US

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      Good comment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkC0s0tbVIQ&ab_channel=InLay...

      If you're wanting to purchase I guess watch this and struggle through listening to his voice. comparing it to a $4000 tv will ofcourse make it look quite le average. but looks like the U8G amount of blooming too from videos i've watched and the U7G outperformed it in that sense.

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    I have an inherent issue with what Hisense does. Downgrade their tvs for Australia but use the same model numbers. Disgusting practice and should be banned.

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      I used to work for this joke of a company.
      Try being on the other end of a phone call.
      Don't ever believe what the spec sheet says.

    • Is the oversea version priced similarly?

    • +1

      If they don't respect Oz consumers, why do we give them the business?

      • I agree - it'd hard for people not to buy cheap products - especially when people read the reviews from the states and think they are buying that same product

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    yeah agree with comments above though at that money it would be hard to beat.

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    For anyone looking for a normal loungeroom TV; we returned our one, because the upscaling of SD stations is a blurry mess.
    Ended up going Sony X80J, less features on paper, more pleasure using it.

    • Same with my parents Q8, but they had issues with the antenna cable but HD cables were fine.

      That X80J is however over 40% more expensive currently

      • Yeah, my parents tend to keep TVs a long time though. 4-5 years would be an easy estimate, doube that if it 'survives';(samsung we replaced was 13yo) so an extra $50-100 a year was 'nothing' to them, when its such a core feature of their TV use.

        To each their own of course; I didnt even tell them, and just paid the difference.

        • +1

          Our Sony was bought back in 2011 so a similar age to your Samsung. TV before that was a HMV Little Nipper which the cat preferred at the time. Cats struggle to sleep on LCD TV's.
          Good reading on this thread. I think I will be sticking to Sony as yes, I do hate it when we get the lower spec models.. Australia seems to be a dumping ground for tech.

        • people dont normally keep their TVs 5+ years?!

          • +1

            @surg3on: My Sony's 11 yrs old, my neighbour's is older, seems pretty reasonable to me

          • -1

            @surg3on: With "smart" tv's you'd run out of updates and such, if you did use the apps.

            But it was more a point that $50ish per year ownership isnt a lot to budget for over the product life.

            • @MasterScythe: Neg votes?

              In all honesty, and with concern, Who's having trouble finding $50 a year?

              Reach out; many of us here are interested in money management, and can surely find that small amount if its causing you enough stress to shoot another down over.

            • @MasterScythe: Judging by the negs, may I ask who's 13+ year old smart TV is still getting updates? Mine is stuck on Android Gingerbread (2).

              I wish to support this brand!

              • @MasterScythe: Sony kd-65x800c 6 years of updates so far. 13 would be… astounding

                • +1

                  @surg3on: Wow, that is genuinely impressive.
                  Ive seen many get security patches that long, but never actual updates.

                  That honestly beats out every manufacturer of anything running an upgradeable OS I can think of. Even famously 'long supporting' Apple. Dayum.

                  Glad we supported them; even before I knew, lol.

                  • @MasterScythe: Well i got the latest google TV UI update (good? arguable) and just recently Google Home now allows a software remote control and 'hey google turn off the TV' which is great with kids :D

  • Is this a decent TV ?

    • Get the u7g for the price at $796 if it’s available for your store

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