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[Uber Pass] $15 off Selected Asian Restaurants (Min Spend $30) @ Uber Eats (Pick up / Delivery)


A lot of us have the 6 months uber pass from mastercard deal

Free delivery with Uber Pass, but you can pick it up to avoid the 10% service fee

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    Is it same as Uber one?

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    Is this targetted? I've got Uber pass but not promo.

    • I don't think it is. It comes up under one of the banner on front page.

      Says Uber Pass Perk Members Exclusive so should be available to all uber pass members.

      • Sweet hopefully its just a slow rollout!

      • +1

        It could be targeted as I received the deal but brandogs didn’t


        • dont think its targeted. This is just part of the weekly deals that Uber pass includes, last week was the same but with burger places

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            @bteng99: I definitely don’t have it, and am an Uber pass holder.

            • @exc3113nce: Scroll down until you find the banner promos, then slide left and right and it should be there.

              I've used it in the past so it's not once only, and I think it shows the promo even if you don't have the pass.

          • +1

            @bteng99: It isnt available in certain areas. That's why it doesn't show up for some users. Can anyone in QLD confirm if this offer shows up for them?

            • @brandogs: I had used it earlier today and it worked fine, am about 20 minutes from CBD of Brisbane. Personally I found it in "Account > Restaurant Rewards" under the offers tab.

    • These don't need to be 'claimed' per se like with other uber offers you're probably used to.

      You just need to scroll down a bit until you see some banners and swipe across till you find this one. These are just part of the usual, ~weekly uber pass promos.

  • Thanks OP. I can see the deal.
    Going to get some sushi tonight :)

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    off Selected Asian Restaurants

    Is Turkey part of Asia?

    • +2

      As long as they are delivering from the Asian side of Istanbul

      • Which parts of Beijing are they delivering from?

    • parts of Istanbul are

      • +1

        I only order from Constantinople.

        Are Turkish/Persian/Lebanese restaurants included in this deal though?

  • expiry date?

    • 📅 Unknown

      • +4

        3 July 2022 11pm

        I've updated the deal

    • +2

      📅 3 Jul 11:00pm 2 days left

  • Thanks OP - dinner sorted :)

    • What are you ordering?

      • +1

        Still deciding between Thai or Dumplings

        • +1

          Please post back when you decide…

          • @jv: Is this perk only for single use btw?

            • +1

              @foxes28: Someone in a previous burger promo said it is once per restaurant, but I haven't tested it myself.

            • +2

              @foxes28: Looks like single use. Used it once this afternoon, and the offer isnt there anymore now (even on a different restaurant)

              • @richrichie: I haven't tested but may be unlimited but once for each restaurant. I managed to order twice through separate restaurants for the burger offer.

                • @Craze: Looks like its 1 per account now, or maybe once per day?

                  Made an order for dinner, and the banner is gone from the front page. Tried to make an order with a different eligible restaurant and no $15 off.

                  • @CodeXD: This would explain why I can't see it on my uber account, since I have used it previously.

  • Geeze, even with the discount it is $18 for a donburi and sushi delivered.. prices have gone up a lot..

  • Don’t seem to have the discounts in my app today? Was there yesterday

    • Same. Almost tempted to cancel

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