NSW- At fault car accident - No insurance

I know i may get the flak for this. Have been a safe driver and had been delaying getting my car insurance due to lack of time and abundant tasks at hand…. However i learnt the lesson today. I was involved in 3 car accident in wet slippery road. Guy in front of me was a Red P .

Long story short the Red P in front of me braked hard, i braked hard but skid through and hit his car and his car hit the one at front(he had a tow bar hence tow entered through the grill of the Red P car, so had to call Towing.

I understand i would naturally be at fault however i only have CTP AND NO other insurance. What are my options to cover all our cars without going through big bill from their insurance to me. Can immediately get an insurance that can cover me instantly. I have learnt my lesson but i really don't have the cash to fix all these cars especially if there are write offs. Please help urgently.


            • @Jackson: It doesn't matter until it does. Most people would accept responsibility, in fact even OP has said they are responsible, they're just also trying to avoid/minimise the consequences. Most people also have insurance so they don't have to try to weasel their way out of the consequences. Most people who knew they needed insurance, but couldn't possibly find 5 minutes to sign up for insurance, would be damn sure they kept a safe distance.

              Having said that, OP is probably just trolling us.

        • 2-3 second gap should have allowed for brake-checking and/or rapid braking (unless you’re asleep at the wheel.)

        • So if you hit someone getting brake-checked, you’re happy to be 100% liable?

          If the person in front causes the collision deliberately then you are not liable at all.

          Hard to prove though, will need witnesses or video, even then could be hard.

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      Sudden-stopper stopped because the car in front stopped. They both appear to have stopped in time. OP was the one who didn't stop in time, because they obviously didn't leave a big enough gap for the conditions.

      If you can stop at an amber traffic light, you must stop, the car behind is responsible for stopping behind you. If you have to stop suddenly because traffic ahead of you stopped, as long as you stop in time, you have fulfilled your responsibility, other people are responsible for ensuring they stop. If the front car stopped because of a cat on the road or something, OP might be able to claim they were partially responsible. Essentially, as long as the front car had a legitimate (based on road rules) reason to stop and they managed to stop in time, it's not their fault if OP couldn't stop in time.

      What's 100% certain is OP didn't leave a safe distance between themselves and the car in front, or they weren't paying attention. Perhaps they can clarify the reason for the front car stopping, but if it was for an intersection or something legitimate it's 100% on OP.

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        Yeah, if OP hit them with enough inertia to force them into the car in front it’s pretty clearly their f-up.

        I was just playing devils advocate but it went down like a lead balloon 😂

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          bull you were, but nice try at back pedaling your silly idea

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      Op trying to pass blame on the driver in front for having a Red P. Reality, op is the shit driver who should have been driving for the conditions. Poor Red P is now with a damaged car and possible increased insurance premiums because of Op being too lazy to pay insurance policy

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    "I have learnt my lesson"

    Let's hope so…

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    People like you are why I have to have comprehensive insurance.

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        Bwcause in a not a fault crash your comprehensive will repair your car, then chase the other driver for payment. If you only have Third Party Property you might only get up to $5k, or have to spend lots of time trying to collect from someone who doesn’t have any money.

        It’s why I also got comprehensive on my car worth a lot more than $5k after reading several threads about people who got shafted by an uninsured driver that hit them when they only had TPP.

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    And these are the people round us….

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    Troll thread

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    What are my options to cover all our cars without going through big bill from their insurance to me.

    Wait for the big bill to arrive, then declare bankruptcy.

    Can immediately get an insurance that can cover me instantly

    From the point you take the policy out, not a minute before that. Otherwise why bother having insurance, you just take it out when you have a crash.

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    I'm starting to believe posts like this are made by undercover reps of insurance companies to scare anyone out there who doesn't have cover to get one, or made by OzBargain mods to generate engaging discussion. It's interesting how they often disappear as soon as they publish the post(s). 🤔

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      Haha that would be an incredible tactic by their marketing/sales team!

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        especially for a guy that registered 10 years ago!

    • In this day and age, I'd believe it so.

    • There's a lot of idiots unfortunately.

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    If you hurry you might be able to get over the international date line and take out insurance before the accident

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    3rd party property insurance should really be compulsory. Why would it ever make sense for someone to drive around without it? A millionaire who can afford to cover anything they hit?

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      Agree, this should have been law a long time ago.

      A nation without a spine.

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      Self insuring is a thing, just not a thing for OP.

      • Sure, but I think there should be a rigorous process to apply for an exemption to self-insure, not have it be the default. It rarely makes sense to self insure for liability or 3rd-party property damage. You could drive into a property and cause hundreds of thousands of damage accidentally, you'd have to be pretty well off for that to not have any impact on your finances.

    • Why, it would only be protecting people from themselves. If you don't like sharing the road with uninsured drivers you can take out your own insurance.

      • Why, it would only be protecting people from themselves

        Yes, many laws are put in place for this reason. The average person is pretty stupid

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      Yes if I am a millionaire why should I be forced to pay insurance?

      • Because you might spend all your money buying "stuff" and won't have money to pay for the repair of someone else's Ferrari.

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          No I won't .

          I can just sell my own Ferrari

          • @Tleyx: But we don't know if you really have one to sell only because you say you are a millionaire, and if you will be willing to sell it to pay someone else's car.

            If you are a millionaire and can afford a Ferrari and its insurance , choosing not to pay nsurance is just stupid.

            People's stupidity and poor judgement is the reason why third party insurance might have to be mandatory.

            Food for thought…

      • why is CTP compulsory?

    • Most governments self insure, so they wouldn't be so keen on passing legislation requiring them to get insurance!

    • Lot's of things could be compulsory though…

      At some point we need to accept that adults have the agency to make their own decisions.

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    Prepare the lube…….

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    had been delaying getting my car insurance due to lack of time and abundant tasks at hand….

    It takes around 10 minutes to get a quote and make payment. I did it yesterday. In fact it took longer to cancel my old policy than it did to start the new one.

    More fool you. Better start negotiating a payment plan or skip the country.

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    Now usually i'd go hard on someone with no insurance
    But i do have sympathy as something like this could easily bankrupt someone if they're young.

    Unfortunately you'll get the bill and just pay up.
    The difficulty is if the company chooses the easy option and writes off the cars, getting a second opinion can be tough, but it is your right if you think the repair bill is less than the car's value to push back.

    Hopefully the two cars weren't the most expensive ones… If it were a P plater then it should be alright (unless daddy bought them a mercedes, then it gets expenno).

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    i really don't have the cash to fix all these cars especially if there are write offs.

    This is why you SHOULD have insurance, but you claim you were too time poor to take it out … Now you're wasting your time sorting out this headache.

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      Sounds like Penny wise, pound foolish with OPs priorities.

  • F in chat for OP

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    but i really don't have the cash to fix all these cars

    Then you should have realised you didn't have enough money to effectively self insure and be driving on the road.

    I do think there should be reform where both CTP and third party are required for registration, but then we'd miss out on classic posts like this.

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    The law should not allow cars on the road without insurance. Or Vic Regio shud include min 3rd party insurance instead of hefty TAC insurance ($400+).

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      Some people don't need insurance because they self insure but most people don't have the required money to self insure. So I agree with you but the law works need to somehow accommodate self insurers.

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        mum was in insurance, she used to tell me, if I cant afford to pay for a written off benz, you cant afford to NOT have insurance. She has seen people have to sell their property to pay for their mistake.

        Doesnt matter how careful you are, shit happens.

        20 years ago very few cars cost 100k, these days any time you stop at a traffic light, chances are you are stopped next to one if you live in a major metro city.

        OP has been on ozb for a decade, hundreds of posts like this in that time and has to find out the hard way

        • OP has not mentioned the cars involved yet.

          $10k- or $100k+, which will makes the difference.

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            @Neoika: Thats not the point I was making

            Point is the house always wins, as in its a gamble.

            I did self insure at one point but these days the odds are stacked, more cars/population, more expensive cars, generally worse drivers etc.

        • I used to work with a guy that self insured, he had $250k he could liquidate in a month, he was an odd guy but he made a lot of $$$ doing share trading during office hours

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            @reactor-au: A fool. Third-party property costs a few hudred bucks. $250k might not be even enough. Imagine he causes an accident where a truck rolls over. He would be responsible for damage to the truck, its load, cars around it, and public property around it. That can be easily over a million.

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          Your potential liability from a motor vehicle accident goes well beyond $100K. You could be responsible for multiple other vehicles, the contents of other vehicles (like a truckload of rare supercars), a damaged or derailed train and the damage that caused, buildings and other infrastructure. A motor scooter could cause a prime mover to hit and collapse a bridge. Self insurance is a foolish option for anyone with assets to protect, like a home, short of the very wealthy. (250K is not wealthy)

    • Yeah or waiving the TAC on multiple registrations

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    I think I have finally seen the business opportunity in this constant stream of "I don't have insurance and smashed another car" threads… Drum roll… Millions of tiny violins, made from recycled smashed cars, ready for sale to uninsured drivers.

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    If you really want to make it right without insurance company profiteering, you need to contact the other drivers, get them to get quotes, and agree to pay them directly the average of all quotes or something else THEY agree too (you might also want to put the agreement in writing with signatures in case it comes back to bite you) :P

    If you had no time to get insurance, your definitively going to have no time to sort this out :/

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    You are toast, you took a gamble (knowingly) and lost so now you will pay the price.

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    Take it to court and tell the judge the reason you didn't stop before colliding was

    due to lack of time and abundant tasks at hand

    I'm sure he'll understand

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    I highly doubt the op will be returning with updates anytime soon.
    They wanted solutions not criticism.

    But by posting on a forum that regularly roasts people in these silly situations, that too was poor judgement.

    • So what's the solution? If there is none, effectively, what outcome would you like to see?

      Back in the day a bloke I went to school with drove drunk and took out a council bricked up garden bed and a new dual cab ute (in addition to his car). The bill was ~80k at the time. He worked at an abattoir and (unfortunately) before the accident was settled he cut two of his fingers off at work. The payout exceeded the total he owed. Phew, crisis averted.

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        So what's the solution?

        Pay the bill, learn their lesson and next time at least get 3rd party insurance.

        what outcome would you like to see?

        Personally, not overly fussed on any outcome.
        I would have thought it was pretty straightforward that if you have an accident whilst uninsured, you will be in big trouble.

        But the people demand updates, they don’t pay for ozbargain premium accounts to only get half a story.

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        He worked at an abattoir and (unfortunately) before the accident was settled he cut two of his fingers off at work. The payout exceeded the total he owed.

        Do you work at an abattoir, OP? Or can you think of a way to lose a couple of fingers at work?

        Otherwise, maybe sell your kidney? Finally someone with an anecdote that may help OP.

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          Plot twist… Op is the same bloke that drove drunk and took out a council bricked up garden bed and a new dual cab ute.

          The abundant tasks he had at hand were difficult to manage because he was missing several fingers and couldn’t quite grasp what needed to be done.

        • Seems like the five finger discount on insurance is even better than rating 1 and multi-policy.

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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to be in serious debt, I have no sympathy for people like you.

  • Doesn't matter if the car is a P plate, L plate or full licence it's the responsibility of the driver following to leave ample stopping space.

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    Be careful on how you handle this because of how common place accident hire cars is nowadays. Dragging out the issue could add a lot more to the damage claim.

    If it looks like the cars you hit are write-offs, investigate and pay them out ASAP as the claimant is entitled to hire a car which can cost a lot extra

  • Silly you… you should have at least basic cover. That insures the other car only.

    You could have done this ON LINE is 5min. It only cost around $200

    Now you are in a life time of SHIT… aren't you.

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    Clearly the “Red P” has superior driving skills than the “OP”.

    • Maybe the "Red P" would have hit the front car on its own anyway, but OP hit him first so that it is attributed to OP.

  • You rear ended someone, that's the classic "your fault" accident scenario. If you had insurance then your insurer's would be worrying about handling this all behind the scenes. You didn't have insurance so now you need to handle it, which means paying up. You should get insurance right now, before you roll the dice and get behind the wheel of another car again.

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      Would you be sympathetic if they crashed into your car and played the no insurance card because they lacked the time to spend ten minutes buying a policy?

      • When did OP play the no insurance card to get out of paying? A lot of people here are judging OP because he made the dumb decision of not getting insurance which I can understand but it's the self-righteous attitude that ticks me off.

        The thing is a lot of people on Ozbargain think they are much smarter than the other people here who decided to not get insurance and paid the price for it but I bet the only reason they got insurance in the first place is because they were told to by their parents.

        My sympathy comes from the fact that I can see a lot of young people falling into the trap of thinking it will never happen to them because many people simply think they are smarter or in this case, better drivers than those around them and they don't realize the consequences that one bad crash can have on their financial life. It could happen from something as simple as their parents failing to tell their son/daughter to make sure to get insurance on their first vehicle because they live in seperate households. I even catch myself thinking like this from time to time despite constantly reminding myself that I am not so special e.g. when I discovered crypto I thought I had found a way to make easy money from buying low and selling high even though deep down I knew if it was so easy everyone would be doing it.

        Is it wrong for me to be sympathetic for someone who made a simple mistake that isn't even illegal or unethical in nature, just unwise and as such they could be paying for it for decades? I'm not saying he shouldn't pay back every cent but I don't see whats wrong with showing a little sympathy in these circumstances, I bet most people here wouldn't be acting like they are now if it was being discussed in real life.

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          What are my options to cover all our cars without going through big bill from their insurance to me.

          To get out of paying the big bill they deserve to pay.

          • @kerfuffle: What's unethical about asking for the best way to reduce the cost of their expenses? He didn't ask for anything unethical. This is standard negotiation. You don't think the insurance companies are doing the same?.

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              Can immediately get an insurance that can cover me instantly.

              The unethical part where he was hoping if he got insurance immediately, it would cover his accident.

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              @baskinghobo: I'm not sympathetic. The cheapest car is more expensive than the dearest insurance policy. Basically, if you can afford a car, you can afford afford to insure it. This isn't a fancy hidden perk like premium airport lounge access, it's common sense. If you drive uninsured, you're basically gambling every time you're on the road. These 'help, I'm uninsured!' auto threads always pop up, and always abandoned when OP doesn't get what they want to hear.

        • Zero sympathy.
          If you're not able to afford to insure a vehicle, or you think you don't need insurance for whatever stupid reason or excuse (like OP not having time) then you don't deserve to be on the roads with the rest of us.
          OP and others like them are the worst, uninsured drivers end up costing the rest of us more in premiums to cover losses.
          Also many home and automotive policies auto renew if you don't do anything at all and payments continue to come out of nominated cards etc, so I'd suggest that OP hasn't had insurance for quite a while, intentionally.
          Welcome to being an adult, hope the cars and repairs are cheap but not cheap enough for them to forget this lesson in stupidity.

        • Should we blame OP's parents then?

          Yes, my father wouldn't take the car from the dealer without insurance.

          I've learned that without crashing and having to pay a huge amount of money. I thought it was common sense but in a world where people are proud to be risk takers, common sense can't be trusted.

  • Doesn't CTP cover the other vehicles?

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      Please read up on the difference between CTP and car insurance.

      To answer your question, no.

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        kiwimex has no cover, either (or does not own a vehicle).

        • Nope I have full cover on 4 vehicles……….never even bothered to read what CTP covered. I just assumed it was to cover a third party's vehicle.

      • haha i have now….I just assumed it was third party vehicle coverage.

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      This question is big yikes.

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      It covers the other vehicles'… drivers (for personal injury, not property).

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      Lol no. If you only have CTP I recommend you go take out an insurance policy for your car now, at least 3rd party.

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      Nope, pedestrians are fair game but not other cars.

    • NO!!

  • Is the P plater insured? Maybe you hit a kindred spirit…

  • It been 5 years since you bought your car?

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