Australian Made P2 4-Layer White Face Mask with Earloops - 100 Pack $98 (Was $140) Delivered @ PPE Tech


Been meaning to buy some more disposable masks and these were fantastic last time.

Wasn't too happy with the $140 at checkout and couldn't find any good codes online so I tried some keywords in the coupon field… SAVE seems to save you an additional 30%. Under $1 per mask.

I tried a few other items too and seems to work on everything, happy to be corrected though. (EDIT; looks like only white masks, black masks code doesn't work?)

Why? Next wave coming and all that jazz

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    Thanks OP
    I find these to be very comfortable masks to wear

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      Comfortable because they don't form a tight seal? Or comfortable regardless

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        Bit of both columns. They are much more comfortable than any N95 I've worn.

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    Yes, these are quite comfortable to wear for long hours.

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    nice mask, easy to wear & comfortable

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    Purchased. I have got through long haul international flights wearing these with lots of sick people on board.

    I haven't come down with covid after wearing these on the flights and they made me feel more comfortable.

    • Planes are one of the safest indoor environments to be in, second only to surgery rooms in terms of air circulation.

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        Yes that is true. pity about the airports though.

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          Exactly. The airports seem to have done jack all to improve circulation.

          In fact, Melbourne Airport were actively campaigning to remove masks. Wearing masks are proven to keep us all safer so I was disgusted at their approach.

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            @arcticmonkey: They must be targeting all the crazy Americans. Who else cares so much about masks?

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            @arcticmonkey: Melbourne Airport weren't the only ones - Canberra Airport are also a bunch of jerks..


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            @arcticmonkey: The case for wearing masks is not as compelling as you suggest. There are a number of studies showing they are ineffective.
            Recent studies also suggest that mandatory masking increased case mortality. It seems that deep re-inhalation of condensed droplets or pure virions which were trapped in the mask as droplets can worsen the prognosis.

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              @prahran: Utter nonsense. They're extraordinarily effective when you consider how few health care workers on Covid wards actually contract Covid.

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    Good masks for sure but don't seal well enough for me, I tend to stick with AMD P2's which are styled more like a kf94, just mentioning in case anyone has issues with these fitting well like me.

    • Agree having used both styles, obvious when wearing sunnies or opticals. This style is more prone to give you foggy lens than the AMD.

      • Yeah, glasses wearer here, wouldn't notice it otherwise but kinda good that I do, better seal = better protection

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      AMD Ryzen 5000 series or Intel 12th gen masks?

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        It genuinely annoys me wearing a mask with AMD printed on it! 😂 Luckily the black ones don't have it!

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    Doesn't work for the black masks unfortunately. :(

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    Good deal on good masks. If you have a slightly larger than average head though these will pull on your ears and you’ll need a large “ear saver” unless wearing for a quick shopping visit etc. Or go for the AMD P2s which have a larger fit I find.

    • Is there a source for anywhere even close to this price though? Im seeing almost $2 a mask, not sub$1

      • I've not tried the AMD P2s but these ones by PPE tech are way more comfortable than N95s or even those blue medical masks everyone wore early pandemic. I have a decent sized noggin too.

        Had a look and agree, can't find any at a good price point. I might buy a 10 pack of AMDs to try and if they are bigger, ill wear them when I need one many hours at a time instead of a 30 mins shopping trip.

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    I think the AMD ones are far superior comfort wise because the larger surface areas reduces restriction when inhaling.

    • restriction when inhaling means the mask works. It's filtering the air you breath in.

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        Larger surface area means larger filtration area, which in turn means more air gets filtered through. Restriction got nothing to do with filtering the air. There is a reason car air filters are baffled, to create surface area to allow for maximal airflow while filtering particles.

        • I reckon I might fancy a baffled mask.

      • There are other factors such as surface area. They meet P2 standards just as well.

    • Can you send the link of the AMD one? Thanks

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    Thanks OP. Got some.
    Buying 3 packs of 100 worked out cheaper than buying the 250 pack last time.
    I couldn't apply the code to the 250 pack for some reason.

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    my wife loves these but as I have a larger nose they hurt the bridge of my nose after extended periods

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    You mean a 4th wave?

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      The next wave. Gotta get them pronouns right :p

    • Yeah I swear we've had more than 3 waves already

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      Mexican Wave?

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      Wearing ppe has nothing to do with fear. It's called infection control. Maybe in the future if you need surgery ask the surgeon to not wear any PPEs because they shouldn't fear infection.

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          P2 (Australia/New Zealand AUS/NZ 1716:2012) Respiratory protective devices describe three classes of particulate filter, Class P1, P2 and P3.

          The P2 respirator is equivalent to the USA standard N95

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        Surgeons wear masks to inhibit respiratory droplets. As in saliva.

        lnfection via corona transmission is predominately vectored by aerosols, and far less likely to be droplets, unless you go around spitting in people's mouths.

        Asbestos particulate is on average twice the size. Compare the necessary PPE and then tell me how that 'control' requires extensive equipment, whereas a leopard print piece of cotton that has been washed 82 times can do the same.

        Perhaps it's the print. 🙃

        • Tldr?


          So tell me where does the aerosols come from?

          Pretty sure from mouth and nose… And where does the mask go?

          Any mask is better than nothing. Also no ppe is 100%. It comes down to chance and luck but we do whatever to mitigate the risk. It is like saying smoking increases risk of lung cancer but does it cause all smokers to get cancer, the answer is no.

          • @azukay: Aerosols and droplets are as similar as salt and smoke. Get a handful of salt crystals, throw them at a cloth barrier and see them land there.
            Blow smoke at the same cloth barrier and see it wisp and willow around any obstacles.

            You're analogy is like saying, if my eyes can't see it, it doesn't exist.

            Air, and this is a law of physics…air always takes the path of least resistance.

            N95s are great at preventing at least 95% of droplets, in a controlled environment (absence of leakages). And unless they effect the laws of physics, cannot do anything for aerosols which are much, much smaller.

            If you fart and are wearing your trousers and undies, can you smell it?

            • @Rickysupertramp: Did you even read the journal article. 90% efficiency against aerosol with n95. Show me a journal that says n95 is ineffective against aerosol.

              As it stands you are just farting out bs. There are leakages but does it mean every aerosolised air particle contains covid, no. The study was done with face mask on a mannequin and shown a significant reduction in absorbed particles. Stop sprouting generalised fluid and air dynamics.

              • @azukay: 90% efficiency grandma could still die

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                  @the cringe: My friend's 99 year old dad died after contracting covid who caught it from cleaners who weren't wearing masks due to no mandate as they werent in a nursing home.

                  It could have been a far lower risk if they wore masks. Watch the states covid daily cases drop once mask mandates come back.

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                    @azukay: He had a lot of years ahead of him

                    My 19 year old friend died after getting hit by a truck, it would of been a far lower risk if he didn't ride a motorbike or go outside or if we banned the truck driver from earning a living 🤔

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              @Rickysupertramp: It's pointless making quotes about particulate sizes when you don't understand how viruses or the masks work. A mask doesn't work like a tea strainer or water filter. Viral particulates are always bonded to something else when they leave the body and an effect called 'Brownian movement' says that the smaller the particulate the more erratic it's movement, meaning that the masks are actually more effective on smaller particulates because they don't travel in a straight line. It's time people learn to accept the fact that others with a greater knowledge of the science involved have performed the necessary test to prove the efficacy of the masks, and to stop quoting irrelevant cherry-picked and unrelated facts to defend their ignorance.

              • -2

                @bigpallooka: It's a bit stretch to insinuate you have it all worked out. I'm fully aware about the bonding. That is pre-school stuff mate. The viral particulate clearly don't fly out by themselves, they are attached to aerosolized vapours and respiratory particulates. Aerosol being the important word here, as it describes its flow pattern and characteristics.

                It can easily illustrated by the condensation that wisps up into people's spectacles. By the warm breath that funnels out in a cold day, or much more effectively, for any smokers out there, if you were to breathe out smoke or vape emission, place the mask on and watch it pour out every available minute gap. But obviously "Brownian movement" saves the day…

                Ironically, you came in with a cherry picked theory. You're living in a fairy tale if you think gaps in the mask are irrelevant. 😅

                • @Rickysupertramp: Lol! Good one! None of us have to figure anything out, as the experts have already done all the work. You do know surgical grade masks are electrostatically charged to attract the particulates, right? I'm pretty sure you do. Unfortunately, you seem fixated on a single non-issue without taking into account the plethora of facts that make it moot. The only reason I'm bothering to answer you is in case someone is foolish enough to read your posts without their own means to filter opinion from fact. I'm not up to the pointless task of directing you to the multitudes of official, correct and easily understood explanations on why masks work, as you obviously don't believe them already. You are entitled to an opinion, I just wanted to give others somewhere to start to research the facts if they want to.

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    Are these individually wrapped?

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      the page says "Note: These masks will be sent individually wrapped into a satchel."

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      yes they are.

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    How many consecutive days will you use them before feeling it is time to dispose them? I am using the cheap surgical one, 5$ a box :-D

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