Cuckoo 3-Cup Rice Cooker $139.99 Shipped @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Was looking for a Small Rice-Cooker for a friend and found this from Costco for $139.99

The Cuckoo Au website wants $159.99

Very good quality and cute/sexy looking Rice Cooker.

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  • How long does it take to cook the rice with these?

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      usually 30 mins. not sure these have express cook but in normal mode it takes about 30 mins for white/medium grain rice

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        usually 30 mins.

        Wow… it only takes 7 mins in a saucepan…

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      @myfeetarehappy, they do have an express-cook function but I have never had to use it.
      It only takes 30-45 minutest to cook.

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    Anyone know if this plays a song when done?
    I hate that this is so important to me, but it is

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      u can cancel the song in the settings if you don't like.

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        No, i want the song

  • Is the internal pot dishwasher safe?

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      Yes it is dishwasher safe, but hubby didnt like using it.
      Actually hand-washing is so easy with rice, more so with porridge, I had never find a need to use the DishWasher and take-up space.
      Had done some Sausage Rice before and no issue with washing.
      Sausage tastes better the second time round LOL

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    How does it compare to Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker?
    I have Xiaomi and its a great rice cooker. The bowl is round at the bottom and the rice comes out fluffy and consistent.
    Oh this one is 3 cups, will be a bit small.

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      I don't have experience with either but cuckoo is one of the highest rated brands of rice cookers in South Korea, and I think technology wise SK care more about their high tech rice cookers than china, Japan, rest of SEA.

      At home we use a buffalo brand (one of cuckoo's rivals, another popular brand in SK)

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    I have one of these. Perhaps not so pretty but it does the job just fine.

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    Living in South Korea myself, I can highly recommended Cuckoo rice cookers. Fast, easy and creates amazingly cooked rice. I was tempted to bring my cuckoo back to Australia but at these prices, it's worth buying in Australia.

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    The cuck of rice cookers

  • Also look into a zojirushi…

    Or the silver cuckoo

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