[NSW] Round Timber Panels 400mm Diameter $1, 600mm $2 @ Bunnings (Northmead)


Crazy cheap!
600mm was red oak and pine, 400mm had the same timbers as well as teak and one other I forgot.

They're either 17mm or 18mm thick, depending on the type of timber.

Marketed as table tops, but you can obviously use it for whatever you want.

I saw them marked down at another Bunnings (but not by as much), so it might be nation wide.

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    Purchased for my project to reinvent the wheel

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      Can we see an MS Paint diagram?

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    I notice a review on this pine one:
    Should not be sold anywhere there is humidity. Once you open it from the plastic film Sydney’s humidity begins to warp the wood. In 24 hours it warped by 1.5/2cm making it completely useless. The packaging warns against exposing it to humidity so they actually know it should not be sold in humid climates like sydney

    Probably wise to seal them….

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      To be fair, it does say to keep them away from humidity and it won't be different from any other raw pine panel.

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        Agree, I only posted as a "heads up", and to add the suggestion to seal them…

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          Absolutely agree with you! 👍

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      Buy 5 and turn them into ply.

    • I don't believe this.

  • Hit and miss with these in the stores I've been too.
    All the nicer ones (i.e. anything not pine lol) were still the $10~$30 price at mine.

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    They were still around $5-$10 at Bunnings Keysborough during the week, heaps!

  • Doggos gonna luv this new frisbee.

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    What would you use these for?

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      We sealed ours with wax food safe sealer and use it as a cheese / chopping / display style board thingy :)

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        You’d have to be careful doing this as the glue they laminated the boards together with, maybe toxic

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          so far so good - to be fair haven't really used it with food just left wine bottles on top of it :)

    • Dog flyer disc maybe.

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      For me, it lets me convert my ottomon into the occasional coffee table.

    • Discus

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      Space saver wheel for your car.

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      I got one small and one big plus a spinner thing and made a lazy Susan. Gave them a few coats first and it's rocking round the table easy.

    • Wheels for horse cart.

    • Target practice

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      Trojan Horse or Avi Yemini could use as a chopping board

  • But why?

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  • These might turn out as good wood boards for artworks if they are sealed

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    Clocks people.

  • can you buy me like 10? Still thinking about what for but bread boards could be good.

  • None left at Northmead

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