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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G (128GB) $1099 (Less Trade-in Value & $500 Trade-in Coupon) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Similar to this Z Fold 3 JB Hi-Fi deal.

The Samsung Z Flip 3 currently retails for $1099 ($400 off). If you trade in a phone with JB Hi-Fi trade in, you get a bonus $500 trade in offer in addition to your normal trade in value.

Get it for less with a JB Trade-in, plus an extra $500 JB coupon!

Upgrade faster with immediate credit. Trade in your old phone before July 18th and get trade-in credit PLUS a $500 JB coupon to redeem on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

Trade your old phone in now

Coupon is redeemable until 18/07/2022 11:59pm AEST. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Offer ends 18 July 2022

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  • Can you trade in ANY phone and still get the $500 trade in value?

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      Looking at the FAQ's - https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/faqs - it looks like it has to have at least a $10 value to get the bonus trade in value.

      • -1

        Looking at the FAQs any phone they list on their website can be traded in. I wonder has anyone tried buying a brand new phone (the cheapest they have on their website) and then trading it back in for an extra $500 bonus?
        For example. First, buy this $99 phone https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/opel-mobile-easybigbutton... . then trading it back in for its trade-in value +$500 bonus and get the phone you want.

        • wont work for unknown brand.. have a look on the accepted android brand: https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/androidphone-c

          • +1

            @elcheapo: Aaahhh. Scrolling through the list of HTC phones.


        • +1

          then trading it back in for its trade-in value +$500 bonus and get the phone you want.

          Doesn't work like that. Only very recent mid-range or ~3 year old flagship phones have any trade in value, everything else has a $0 trade in value (therefore won't qualify) . For example the oldest Samsung Galaxy S you can trade in is a Galaxy S10 in working condition. But such a phone usually sells for over $300 on eBay. Anything newer like a S20 will sell for more than $500 so there is no point trading in something like that. So at best you can save $200 with the trade in offer if you have the right flagship to trade in.

          • +2

            @opt: You can buy a Galaxy S10 4G (G973) for $319 off Kogan and trade it in for ($150 (+ $500)) = $650.

            You're still $331 ahead. ($650 - $319)

            Seems like a decent return for the effort.

      • I don't understand this, why do they want to buy old phones worth $10 and give us $500 ?

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    Its JB $500 voucher right? Not straight discount $500

    Trade your old phone in now

    Get it for less with a JB Trade-in, plus an extra $500 JB coupon!

    Upgrade faster with immediate credit. Trade in your old phone before July 18th and get trade-in credit PLUS a $500 JB coupon to redeem on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

    • +1

      Yeah - its a trade in value which they take off the phone (ie you cant use it for anything else)

  • +11

    I've had my Z flip 3 for 6 months direct dron Samsung and screen is developing a crack/crease where fold is. waiting for new flip 4 in September(better battery) to be released to claim warranty.. but it's an awesome little phone.

    • +8

      You may have trouble claiming warranty. I had the same issue with my fold 2. Eventually the screen stopped working. Samsung said I broke the screen somehow and would not budge.

      It was a long process and I went legal but eventually got my money back.

      • +2

        Can you elaborate the " went legal" part?

        • +10

          Perhaps it's similar to "going postal".

        • +4

          Not OP but friend of mine had success at VCAT claiming warranty related issues. They had a TV that died just out of warranty and successfully claimed they were entitled to a refund as it was a major failure within the expected lifetime of the product.

          • +4

            @nigel deborah: Similar to this.
            The screen on the fold went all green down the middle of the fold similar to when someone throws something at a TV screen and it goes funny colours.

            Went to samsung who gave it to tecworks.
            Tecworks said I caused physical damage around the edge of phone which there was none.

            Samsung said too bad, pay for the screen replacement.

            I took it to office of fair trading who tried to help but samsung refused to budge.

            I took it to QCAT and was found in my favour and i got a full refund. especially when they could not see any physical damage of me dropping the phone or scratches or anything.

            This is a very summarised version but took 6 months and lots of evidence and documentation.

            Big companies don't care because they know alot of individuals will not want to fight.

        • +16

          Can you elaborate the " went legal" part?

          OP was 17 when the screen broke. The process took so long that he was 18 when he got his money back.

          • +3

            @eug: Still almost 4 hours remain today but confident this will be the funniest comment I read on the interwebz this day. thank you.

      • Could you elaborate on that? had a note 20 ultra that got the black screen of death. samsung wouldnt repair or replace due to a small crack in the bottom corner of the screen that had nothing to do with the BSOD. never was able to get it fixed and had to get a new phone. of course switched to iphone

    • +1

      If it's just the laminate (factory screen protector) then Samsung store in town said they'd replace for free over about three days.. I might wait until upgrade time before taking them up on it

      • +2

        The screen protector on my Fold 3 started peeling after a few months. I brought it to a Samsung service centre who replaced the screen protector on the spot after calling ahead.

      • +3

        The screen protector on mine developed an unpleasant raised crack in the folding surface. In early January, I took it to the Samsung Store in Sydney CBD and was told it was just the screen protector which could be replaced. I had the choice of

        (a) leaving my phone there and coming back in 10-14 days after it had been fixed as their machine was out of action; or
        (b) going out to Silverwater and having it done while I waited.

        I chose option (c) buy a pack of aftermarket screen protectors from Amazon and go DIY. It's very simple if you take your time and are gentle with the peel of the original protector. Took me 15mins the first time and now I can get it done in 5mins.

        • Just wondering which brand you got and how they compare to the original in terms of feel and visibility… Thanks

          • +1

            @PTS: The brand I ended up with was 'T Tersely' but any of the so-called "HydroGel" (TPU) screen protectors will do the trick.

            Compared to the original:
            * No difference in clarity or colour pass-through
            * Smoother swipes
            * More of a "dull thud" than a "sharp tap" if you hit it with a fingernail
            * Far more resistant to accidental scratching
            * Less screen coverage - maybe 0.5mm all around
            * 95% lower cost

            Prepare to destroy one set as a learning experience (a 2pk set is around $10). After then, you'll realise that removing and applying a screen protector on a foldable isn't rocket science and the same rules for a clean fitment (no dust or bubbles) apply as with any other device.

    • +2

      I had the same and just took the screen protector off and it's fine now. Just going to run it without a protector.

    • +2

      Mine was the same, just the screen protector. Took it in store, they replaced it for free. Only thing is they have to send it somewhere else to do it so took about 2 -3 business day.

      It looks as new now.

    • +1

      I have the exact same problem… It started off as a small crack and just kept expanding along the crease.

    • -2

      why? so they will replace your flip 3 with a flip 4? never gonna happen, mate, they have millions of flip 3 in stock and they have trouble moving them because no one wants it.

      • I would hazard, at worse they can fix the screen and you can sell it in good condition.

    • +1

      I'm sending in mine for the screen protector replacement. 3 weeks later, Samsung is yet to return my phone.

      3 weeks for changing a screen protector.

      Well, I know I can't count on Samsung when fault occurs, so I won't touch their phone again.

      • +1

        You should have tried a different service centre. I called Tecworks here in Brisbane, they were out of screen protectors so they ordered some in. I went in a few days later and they installed the new screen protector on the spot while I waited. Took maybe 15 mins.

        • +1

          Theres no screen protector in entire Melbourne except one shop, which was then recommended by Samsung themselves.

          I'd imagine my phone would be returned around one week mark. 3 week+ turnaround for a simple fix is just stupid.

    • I am developing the same issue now. Had it for about 7 months now.

    • Same experience here. Crease formed 6 months into normal usage and dirt gets stuck underneath. Hinge also refuses to open fully to 180 degrees so the phone is never 100% flat.

      Sent to Samsung for repair and they wanted to charge me for it but eventually repaired on "goodwill"

  • +2

    hmm trade in P6 Pro get this for $99…
    then trade Flip3 in for Fold 4 later…decisions decisions

    • You want to trade a Pixel 6 pro for $500?

      • +3

        I think you get the trade in value and an addition $500, if I understand OP correctly. You're probably not going to get a great price for the P6 though.

        • Yes, but why would someone sell it for $500. I just sold mine for $850

          • +1

            @dosada: Total $1000 value you're getting.

    • Flip 3 trade in for fold 4? For free?

  • +1

    Do they send $500 for zero valued mobile as well?

    • minimum $10 trade in value

  • -2

    What if I don't send back the trade in phone?. They don't mention anything about the bonus coupon

    • you can only do it once, otherwise your account is blocked from making another trade in.

      • -1

        Which account?

        • your account with squareup
          you can get around it with a different email address though

          • @mouski: Have you done this before?
            It says they take your credit card and will charge back the amount if you don't send.

            • @brandonstrandy: they will charge you the amount of the trade in if they don't receive it.

              • @mouski: Have you done this? That's even better than Samsung then as there's no admin fee here.

    • +9

      Always has to be a flog here trying to scam.

      • i dont think its a scam, if they don't want to protect themselves and only charge you the value of the handset, thats really on them. there is no breach of t&c.
        morally though is really each to there own where they stand on it.

        • The deal is to trade in a phone, for the discount, just like Samsung do on phone launches.

          Not sending the phone in is scummy.

          • @scuderiarmani: Thats why Samsung charge an extra admin fee on top of the handset value nowdays

            • +6

              @mouski: Yeah because of people trying to abuse the system. This is why we can't have nice things.

  • Wait just to make sure I can bring I my ZTE phone for $9 from woollies to trade in to get the $500 voucher and then use that to get this for $599?

    • +1

      If it's listed in the accepted devices, yes

  • +1

    Can I trade my iPhone 13 for the offer?

    • +2

      Why would you?

    • ask steve jobs

  • +1

    Hmm what's the cheapest phone that's accepted for trade in

    • +3

      You can buy a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S10 from eBay for $300 then trade in from this website for $150 + $500 JB credit.

    • A broken phone off marketplace would still be eligible as long as the value doesn't drop below $10.

  • +1

    Where can you check the device eligibility? Looked around for the website and can't find it. S22 256gb for $850 seems pretty decent

    Edit : nvm found it in the other deal

  • +4

    i thought fold…

    omg people please just dont get this phone - battery is VERY bad

    • +1 for battery

    • Screen damaged after 3 months of normal use.
      Aftercare is so bad
      battery lasted for less than a day
      overall good looking phone but useless

  • Awesome phone. I've had one for a few months and noticing a stress line in the middle of the crease. Yes, there is a noticeable factory crease in the middle however a stress crease in the same area (like plastic that has been bent permanently/line). I will take it for warranty repairs. BTW factor bringing a charger everywhere you go as it has poor battery life. Apart from that, it is an awesome unit without a massive bulge from your pocket .. the end pockets I mean :P

    • When you say it has bad battery life, what do you mean? I get a day out of my iPhone XR. Is that similar?

      • Battery is poor on the Z Flip 3

        • +1

          Not sure why you got negged. To answer the question above if you use the phone say, from 8:30am answering a few calls and approx ~ 1 hour browsing & watching some youtube clips, you'll need to recharge by 2pm

          • @vinni9284:

            To answer the question above if you use the phone say, from 8:30am answering a few calls and approx ~ 1 hour browsing & watching some youtube clips, you'll need to recharge by 2pm

            Do you have any battery-draining background apps? Here are some other reports:


            this lasts me easily a day but wouldn't make two, not a heavy user no gaming just calls, emails, and some Utube content – battery life does improve after a few days when it learns your habits right now at 10.48am – after unplugging at 7.00am – it's on 92% so it's not terrible certainly livable for me.
            WP post

            It is common for me to wake up at 8am and get to midnight with over 20% left, so maybe we have a big difference in screen time or you use some battery draining apps.
            WP post

            I have the flip 3 and battery is great for me. Up to 6.5hr SOT gets me about 13- 15 hours use. If I have a slow day where only 3hr SOT then I get 24 hours easy. Connected to gear s3 watch. 5G on. 120hz on.
            WP post

      • +1

        You'll get 5 hours out of it with normal use

      • Thanks everyone for the clarification. The phone’s definitely not for me then

  • The flip 3 came out in August of last year, the 4 should be announced pretty soon.

  • -3

    What if you don't send your trade in device?
    Do you still get the bonus?

  • You will need to upload your Australian driver’s license or Australian passport to an approved platform called OCR Labs.


  • "You can trade in any of your devices that power on and that are listed on our website."

    Hm, my dog bit my Z flip and it technically powers on but the screen only lights up when its plugged in and only about 70% of the touch screen works.. Wonder if they'll take it haha.

    Anyone had any luck with a phone that isn't 100% working?

    • +1

      It asks you if there's damage later on

  • Thanks! Trade in my 128G Huawei P30 for $80 and bought the Flip 3 dark green colour for $524.99 minus $13.12 Shopback cashback, including the delivery fee.

    • -1

      Jesus why would you trade such a good phone for a worse one..

      • +1

        OMG ! very solid statement, snake!

      • Does P30 better than the Flip 3? The P30 is a few years old already and it seems slow now. And no more update from Huawei.

        • Seems slow.. lol factory reset it.. I'm using a Mate 20 Pro, OLED screen, battery life 1.5 days, fantastic camera, no lag and runs fine on 6gb ram and no 90-120fps screen but that would kill battery life and I guess some people need new phones and to always upgrade and with reports of screen cracking and poor battery would turn me off as well as Samsung name is just that these days with poor warranty support..

        • +1

          Once you're used to the battery of Huawei, it's hard to accept the flip/fold with just half day capacity.
          In the meantime, if you don't care about the battery issue, that's a great option.

          • @Toxinor: I had a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It had really good battery life but it killed all my background apps so I would miss notifications. If I manually allow them to run in the background, they will shorten the battery life. Can't win.

          • @Toxinor: Mate, this is a tough decision. I really like a small phone but the half-day battery life is really a big problem.

            • @OMG: Samsung has the least aggressive battery management while Huawei the most… The SD888 gets the situation worse. The charging rate is good enough to mitigate this, tho.
              If you travel a lot without a supplier, bring your second one…

              • @Toxinor: Thanks mate, I have put my Filp3 on eBay already.

  • -1

    If you have are a Costco membership, they got it online for $1029.99 delivered

    • But it's $500 even cheaper if you trade a crappy phone…

  • +2

    I just can't bring myself to trade in my s10 plus.
    Not willing to give up headphone jack yet 😢
    But so many good deals.

    • +1

      I've got a note 10+ and s10+, probably time OT to upgrade but I really don't wanna lose my micro sd slot lol. Got 300 gb used so far in total

      • +1

        that's why i can't move on from my s20 5g. it nearly matches the performance of the S21,S22, same pixel resolution and refresh rate but with the benefit of expandable memory…

        • +1

          But I don't think the samsungs going forward will go back to having the sd card slot, so this will probably be my last chance for my phone to have any trade in value lol. THE DILLEMMAAAAA

    • Same I still use my micro SD 🥲

      • The A73 Actually seems to tick more boxes for me, 108mp camera and 5000mah battery + microsd. The ram is lower and obviously the chip but in reality I would just be waiting 1-2 seconds more for things. It's about the same price so I dunno if I'll get FOMO for choosing a "mid range" over a "flagship"

    • My thoughts exactly.

  • Ehh just gonna wait for flip/fold 4 with the better chipset that won't hopefully have overheat and throttling problem

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