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Heymix (2 Pack) 60W Car Charger $21.24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ YESDEX Amazon


I saw the deal on the Samsung charger and considered buying it, but then had a look and found these for cheaper.

Have a few Heymix chargers and they seem to do quite well

They also have more promos if you are ordering more things, like if you buy 2x 2packs you get 10% off

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hmm just bought the sunsung one however these look good, would they super charge a Samsung?

  • +2

    Pay a bit more for the Samsung to not risk the inconvenience of having to change fuses, or possibly a lot worse.

  • Are these as crap as their wall chargers?

    Total garbage in my experience, barely last a few weeks before crapping out.

    • DC to DC conversion should be a lot easier than AC to DC,,,, I guess ^_^

  • Looks to be the same as this one - https://www.amazon.com.au/Charger/dp/B09P1PPQ1F

    Chances are the insides are the same. I would still recommend a better brand.

    Other Heymix products including their 115W USB-C Charger and mains chargers have reviews with significant issues and high chances of being DOA.

    • Those ZUMIST ones came up on a deal recently,
      knee-jerk I bought one without reading about them, they sent me a Heymix, I haven't tested it yet… They must be the same company selling the generic chinese crap under different brand names…

      I looked at other Heymix car chargers a while back, there were a few bad reviews of them frying and filling cars with smoke…

  • I bought an identical item from the Zumist brand a few weeks ago. Which is a rebranded item from Heymix. I test it in my 12V car slot. It won't work for my Dell Vostro and Macbook Air. but it's no problem to charge my normal phone. I guess it may be due to the high voltage output (20V) only happened when you plugged it in a 24V slot.

    So if you want it to charge a laptop please beware this. but if you just use it to charge a phone. then it's good as it has a good built quality and tiny size.

  • Would this charge an iPhone quicker than the cars normal USB port? My port seems to take forever to charge

    • With what iphones are worth these days I'd be inclined to buy a better quality name-brand car charger…

      • Any good, but cheap charger recommendations?

  • I'm glad for the commentary, might make me want to return mine :/

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