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30% off All Coffee Blends + Free Express Shipping @ AIRJO Coffee Roasters


Hey guys and gals - Happy NEW Financial Year!!!

Here’s today's deal: - use the code NEW30 at checkout.

30% off all blends until Midnight Wednesday AEST.
Roasted Tuesday to Wednesday and shipped Express Post Tuesday to Thursday.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, AIRJO rocks.

Here’s why:
QUALITY - All of your orders are FRESH roasted.
SPEED - All of your orders are EXPRESS shipped for no extra charge.
HEALTHY - All of your orders are made with 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Arabica beans.
SUSTAINABLE - All AIRJO blends are now 100% FairTrade Certified
APPROACHABLE - Any problems at all just reach out, we want to help.

BONUS Stuff:
We care about your happiness with our products.
Trying a new blend for the first time and it's not for you?
Send it back and we will refund you the purchase price or swap for something else.

Did you pay full price in the last 48hrs for the same blend and then this deal popped up??
Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

Need help choosing a blend?
Need help dialling in your machine?
Not sure what grind to choose for your kit?
Any questions at all?

Ask Dan!

You can reach out any time, any day, by email [email protected] or the chat app on the website. We will always try and help where we can.

Your feedback is super important to us, good or bad. Please let us know by email or reviews or social, wherever it suits you, how we are doing.

Thanks so much….

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  • +2

    Next 2 weeks, I will working from home as well as looking after my daughter. So I know I will run out of coffee. Thunderchild ordered. Thanks AIRJO/Dan.

    • +1

      Great to hear junji82 - family time and good coffee!
      Thanks so much for your order.


    • +2

      Plus 1 on thunderchild. It’s our new fav.

    • +1

      as well as looking after my daughter

      Thunderchild ordered

      good choice

  • Have only good things to say about Airjo. Will be ordering some today. Thanks

    • Thank you soundawake - really appreciate the feedback.

  • Anything for filter?

    • Hey there williamk30 - we can grind any of the blends for filter depending on your preferences.
      Enterprise Blend is popular with filter users.

      I hope that helps.


    • I would enjoy a light roast for filter coffee. A taste which regular cafes do not regualrly accomodate. Airjo has light roasts

  • Either 30% off all coffee or 40% off Sumatra Blend are good deals. Will you ever do 40% off all coffee? That would be a great deal.

    • +1

      sween64 that certainly would be a great deal!

    • Sumatra has a higher RRP so it can take the extra 10% hit

      • +4

        I bought the Sumatra last time. Definitely prefer the enterprise blend

  • +1

    What's best in an auto? Magnifica s

  • +1

    Just hold out for the regular 40% off deal folks - trust me it's coming

    • Only for Sumatra

    • +1

      Being an overt ozbargainer versus running out of coffee… I know where my priorities are!

    • OP now goes
      "now I don't want to do it!! 😠"

    • What is everyone's favourite blend?

      • +1

        Colombia id my preference
        While I am here can I just say that these guys rock and are extremely helpful.

        • Thanks. Ended up getting Colombia and decaf blend actually.

  • +1

    I had a minor issue which Dan promptly took care of. Excellent beans and even better customer service.

    My go-to OzBargain beans now.

  • Bummer, I just bought a 1 1/2 kilos somewhere else, otherwise I'm keen to try. I will try next time.

  • Glad to see they’re 100% fair trade.
    I actually was looking on the website last night for details about sustainability.
    Didn’t find anything about it under the About Us info or elsewhere, so was a little concerned.

    • +2

      FYI the Fair Trade certification is the absolute bare minimum of ethical trade. It's mostly a marketing term, and much like paying minimum wage in the US; better than exploitation, but only just.

      Look for direct trade, transparency reports by roasters, and roasters who disclose the farmer or co-ops who produced the coffee, if ethics in the industry is something you care about.

  • Hi Dan

    I love this coffee Brasilia Royal Expresso Coffee Beans and have been drinking for a few years now.

    I have tried your Sumatra a while ago and did not like it because it has this taste similar to kinda sour. I am trying my best to describe the taste LOL.

    So my question to you is. Not sure if you know this or not. Are there any coffee in your range with is similar to the Brasilia I mention above?

    Please don't take this as a negative and not suppose to be. I am trying to convert to your coffee because your service is awesome 🙂

    • I tried the pegasus and found this didn't have the acidity (sour) taste of the Sumatra

    • +1

      Sour taste sounds like you under-extracted. Try grinding your bean finer or compacting the portafilter a little more… Rough guide as a starting point is "30 for 30" that is - 30mls of coffee in around 30 seconds - adjust from there to taste.

      Take a read here: https://killercoffeeco.com.au/brewing-guide-how-to-pull-the-...

    • Sumatra isn’t sour though? Your setup might have difficulty extracting medium roasts

  • Shit, I was waiting for an Airjo deal, and caved and bought some from Aldi

    • Does Aldi do freshly roasted beans?

      • Ii would not buy beans from a Supermarket - FRESH is king
        Of course you also need good beans and a good Roaster

    • How are the Aldi beans?

      • I think they are great. Bought Brazil single origin and they suit my taste. Of course it largely depends on what you like.

        • i mean you can't compare them to fresh beans, but for a grocery store, they're pretty good.. and they were like $6 or something for 500g

          • @supasaiyan: It is quite possible I cannot tell the difference between fresh and non-fresh beans. However I do like the flavour of these particular ones over some of the ones from the coffee shops.

  • +1

    I've ordered twice from AIRJO, tried the Sumatra first and more recently tried the Twlight blend… We are very happy! Freshly roasted beans that delivers cafe style coffee at home :)

  • I'm gonna enjoy this!

  • giving Enterprise a try - keen to see how these go against the pricier beans i usually buy!

  • Hi guys what's a good medium roast yet a strong blend? I was going to try Enterprise but is it strong enough for a morning coffee?

  • +1

    Damn! just ordered a kilo from P&R. Definitely wanted to try Airjo.
    Any chance I can put in an order now but to be delivered at a later date???

  • Any chance of a delayed dispatch? Just opened a 1kg bag

  • Always Great service and quality as usual from Airjo just bought some Thunderchild beans there now first time trying these ones.


  • Love your coffee beans, thanks for the discount

  • Enterprise ordered. Great coffee. Thanks guys

  • +1

    Great beans. I've ordered just this morning so not quite with the deal, but still recommend. My usual is Enterprise, but decided to try something else this time :)

    • +1

      In case you haven't already:

      Did you pay full price in the last 48hrs for the same blend and then this deal popped up??
      Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

      If you bought one of the blends in this deal for higher price then you can get refunded the difference, per OP.

      • +1

        I saw, thanks. But I didn't pay full price, I'm using VIP discount from the previous bag.

  • This is just cruel. Still waiting on delivery from last deal.

  • Awesome. Ordered decaf beans. Thanks!

    • +1

      Also going to try the decaf this time.

      • +3

        The decaf is great

  • Loved the enterprise, now looking forward to twilight

    • I'm switching to Twilight from enterprise too.

  • +1 for Enterprise. Is there even smoother low acidity blend that you can recommend

  • I just ordered my coffee last Saturday for the first time, waiting for it and curious to try!
    Was waiting for this promo again but couldn't find when I ordered haha
    Bad timing for me lol

  • Always love the quality of product from you guys, and I buy pretty much every 30% off deal lol.

    2 bags ordered. Love that you guys are local too.

  • How long do the beans stay fresh in the bag if unopened? I'm starting to get a collection of different coffees and don't want to go opening any more just yet.

    • I would like to know too??

    • You can freeze the extra beans but make sure they go into an airtight container first

    • 2-3 weeks

  • Best for black coffee?

  • You guys don’t do smaller bags do you? My coffee snob friends insist that the beans are only good for 5 days after opening them. And even if I pull 6 or so shots a day I’d probably only go through about 250g in 5 days.

    Anyone know if the Airscape containers work? Buying 500g/1kg bag would certainly be more convenient.

  • Do these guys put the roast date on the bag or do we just assume that the “roasted daily” means that the beans in each bag are no more than a couple of days old?

      • Thanks! When did you buy the bag?

        • I bought it the day before (15/06).

          June 17 - 2:04 PM Awaiting collection at PARCEL LOCKER
          June 17 - 1:12 PM Associated to Parcel Locker
          June 16 - 7:26 PM In transit to next facility in OAKLEIGH SOUTH VIC
          June 16 - 7:22 PM Item processed at facility Brisbane airport QLD
          June 16 - 7:57 AM Shipping information received by Australia Post

  • Hi!

    I'm only about half way through my last order, how long can beans be generally be stored for in the original bag?


  • Great coffee! Ordered next batch :)
    Thanks Dan.

  • Can I layby order? Still have about 250g left which should last me another 2-3 weeks.

  • Damn I just missed this deal ;(

  • These guys are unreal. Impressed with how good the coffee is and delivery is super quick.

    Will buy again next time and will buy some for my boss to try.

    Thank you Airjo!

  • Is there any traceability on what coffee the blends are? Seems there is not much visibility or proof that the coffee is speciality grade

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