Rebel Whopper with Cheese $5, Medium Double Cheeseburger Meal $5, 2x Whoppers with Cheese $12 @ Hungry Jack's via App


Here are some decent Hungry Jack's app exclusive deals:

Jack's App Deals - One per order (Can be ordered multiple times) Working for multiple in 1 order.

  • Rebel Whopper with Cheese $5 (Usually $8.90)
  • Medium Double Cheeseburger Meal $5 (Usually $10.50)

App Rewards - One order per user (Limited time offer expires 18/07/2022)

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  • +35

    The rebel whopper is actually pretty good, I'm not a vegetarian but I like it. Tastes fresh and meaty enough, at least the two I have tried. For this price, worth it.

    • +10

      Yeah I don’t mind the Rebel Whopper.
      Their other vegan burger is crap IMO.

      • +2

        Agreed the vegan burger is terrible

        • i prefer the vegan patties than the rebel meat makes me sickly

      • +9

        Everyone agrees the Vegan burger sucks.
        The rebel whopper can be made vegan by replacing the mayo with vegan mayo and cheese with vegan cheese.

        • +6

          Technically not vegan as they cook the rebel whopper patties on the same griddle as the regular whopper. It's why they don't label it as vegetarian either.

          • +14

            @Theycott: I choose not to make the distinction but thats just my POV. Its good enough for me.

          • @Theycott: Didnt know that, thanks for posting this info. Wont be buying it now.

        • +3

          I must be the only one who likes the vegan whopper.
          I'd agree it's still crap compared to what you can cook at home with plant based patties for a fraction of the price. But compared to a normal whopper it's totally fine imo.

          • @Pandaroo: It's basically the old vege whopper but with two patties - bubble and squeak burgers were a sunday morning treat for us haha.

            • +2

              @lulzenberg: The couple of times I've had the vegan cheeseburger at HJ's it's really taken me back to my childhood and my grandmother cooking bubble'n'squeak. Those were the days. We didn't have much but we enjoyed what we got.

        • +7

          I eat the vegan burger because vegan. Its edible and I remember the bad old days when all I could eat on long road trips was peanuts and plain potato chips.

          They took the freaking vegan burger off the Jacks app deals!!!! Farout. From $6 to $8.60. They can kiss me Im not going to pay that.

        • -1

          Nothing vegan about the Rebel. Vegan is an ethical position, and the company that makes those patties, test on animals.
          No Bueno from a vegan perspective.

          • +2

            @kbo5000: Thats your perspective. You can argue anything you buy at super market is not vegan.

        • I disagree.

    • Is it really plant based ? Clear smell of beef on the burger

      • +7

        I mean they are probably cooked on the same equipment lol

      • +5

        The Rebel Whopper is not promised to be meat free, vegan, or vegetarian. It's just a healthier choice for meat eaters. The patty is plant based and it contains plant based heme to make the meat red and juicy. It's cooked on the same equipment as the meat so that's where the beefy smell comes from.

        • -5

          It’s not healthier. Look at the nutrition info (barf). It’s just cheaper for them to make. They would love for customers to eat more fake meat. It will increasingly be the pleb/default option & real meat will become premium priced.

          • @kiteo: I don't know why you are down voted, but you are totally right.

            Fake meat is ultra processed:
            Vegetables oils & protein isolates are the main ingredients.

            Real meat is much healthier even if it's grain fed.

            • +1

              @Mavicair98: Red meat, particularly processed meat has a strong, well documented link with significantly higher rates of colorectal cancer. I doubt anything in that vegge burger would be nearly as carcinogenic as processed red meat which increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 20%, and lung cancer by 10%

              I love red meat, and I'm not going to stop eating it, but it's just not true that it's healthy.

              • +2


                I doubt anything in that vegge burger would be nearly as carcinogenic as…

                Have you seen how they make that stuff? It is all processed chemicals out of a tin. I'll take my chances with real food thanks…

              • -2

                @Ark94: I highly recommend you to read our get the audiobook version of:

                THE GREAT PLANT-BASED CON by Jayne Buxton

                I've been getting into nutrition for the last two years and this book pretty much summaries everything I've learned.

                The studies on nutrition and especially red meat are vastly misleading.

                Grass-fed red meat is one of the healthiest things you can eat. That's what's our physiology is made for.

    • +1

      Vegan cheeseburger is best in the plant based imo

    • +2

      The rebel whopper is actually pretty good, I'm not a vegetarian but I like it.

      I've had a couple and thought the taste was pretty close to a real burger, although both times I felt hungry again 5 minute later. Also, looking into how meat substitutes are made, I'm not sure I'd want to put that much highly processed artificial junk into my body. So I'll stick with real meat and veg for now.

      • +3

        I wonder what the protein content actually is. Not that high compared to meat probably.

        ETA: Lol I stand corrected. “Rebel” Whopper vs beef Whopper actually more calories, grams and protein, & comparable fat.

        Rebel didn’t go well with my digestion though, it kind of rejected it. Depends on the person. Eg long term vegan digestion would get pretty sick from meat burgers.

        • Rebel didn’t go well with my digestion though, it kind of rejected it.

          I'm glad it was followed by hungryjacks links. I was expecting imgur.

    • -1

      Is the rebel whopper vego???? Ohhh that’s why a) I thought it tasted a bit dry and iffy, and b) aggravated my digestion. I actually eat vego a fair bit but have to be careful & most packaged vegan/vego stuff is full of weird additives. I guess if you know what you’re getting it’s fine.

      • -2

        Of course it's vego, you flatulent buffoon.

    • Unless they serve you a reheated dried rebel patty…. Depends on the HJ you go to

  • I was able to get multiple of the jacks app Medium double cheeseburger meals in the one order the other day

    So I don't think its one per order

    • +1

      Yeah you're right, just tested and I can add more than one, as well as add multiple different Jack's App Deals to the one order.

    • I think I tried shake&win and jacks app orders in a single order once and it wouldnt let me though

  • Would love a comparison on the double beef bacon from maccas (5.95)…

    Drinks - Maccas Coke is 397 kJ vs. HJ 588 KJ -> perhaps HJ offers more liquid?
    Chips - Mc -> 860 KJ vs HJ 1060 KJ
    Burger - Mc -> 1800 kJ with 27.8 g protein vs HJ 1880 kJ with 26.9 g protein.

    …no need a fat comparison -> you are eating this to increase your fat content.

    Hmm… maybe HJ is slightly better for price. Just no collecting of points.

    Whoops … that was with small chips and drink for HJ…so even more content for price!

  • +5

    Honestly dont mind the Rebel Whopper dont feel as crap after it, compared to some of the other burgers haha

  • +4

    Sadness. I don't have the Rebel Whopper one in my app. The burgers actually are better at Hungry Jacks. Fresh onions, tomatoes, big burger. The Big Mac is so small in comparison.

    • Burgers seem to shrink as i get older.

      • +3

        Maybe cos you're getting bigger??

        • Could be, but “shrinkflation” is also an established phenomenon. Especially recently. We need a museum of mummified burgers to compare.

          ETA: Lol, there’s a current Florida lawsuit against HJ/BK over shrinking burgers. This’ll be fun.

          • @kiteo: If anything, they should sue the shrinking Big Mac first!
            Me brother calls it "Small Mac" now

    • Are you looking in Jack's App Deals? Everyone would have it. It's not in the Rewards section.

      • +1

        I found it! I had to go into the order section and the Jack's App Deals section is there. All is well holds up clawed hand to heavens dramatically

    • -1

      Big Macs are rancid imo. I don’t eat HJs except out of convenience but I will drive out of my way to get it to avoid McD.

    • So how would I use the vouchers? Do I show them on my screen?

      • Yes this is how I’ve used them previously.

      • +1

        At drive through I'd say "Two whoppers on the voucher", in store the vouchers are often taped to the counter.

      • "phone is fine"

  • +1

    Love the rebel whopper

  • Actually, since some of the ingredients in these burger patties aren't from actual vegetables ( just like vegetable oils aren't from vegetables either but from other plant seeds ) and that also that some other ingredients are mixed in, that vegan is the wrong name. If anything they are plant burgers, which means a more correct name of the supporters of these items should be pagans.

  • -1

    Not as good as yesterday's deal…

    • What was that?

  • I just want them to bring back the Big Jack 😕

  • Another top deal from happy crap. I know ir crap but still taste good

  • Can’t see it in my app

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