Stanley Fatmax V20 18V Combo Kit - with BONUS V20 18V Angle Grinder Skin $249 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Mitre 10


Kit Includes:
1 x V20 18V Hammer Drill Driver
1 x Impact Driver
2 x 2.0Ah battery
Charger & carry case
PLUS BONUS V20 18V Angle Grinder Skin

Confirmed that sale is until stocks last. Hope this helps someone looking for a decent DIY set to start out with.

FWIW: These are the same as the Craftsman V20 brand in the US. Was told they are equivalent to Ryobi. Come with a 3 year trade warranty (register online).

Previously expired deal:

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    Spend an extra hundred and grab the equivalent dewalt gear, which can be found anywhere and probably stomps on this stuff.

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      Agree if you are a heavy user. Im lucky to use the tools a dozen times a year so its perfect price point.

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    Doesn't specify brushed or brushless, so I'm assuming brushed

    Up to 1,500 RPM and 50Nm of torque
    2-Speed gearbox with speeds of 0-350/0-1,500 RPM

    That's very slow for high gear, and I wouldn't be surprised if that torque figure was for low gear.

    Grinder is going to suck those 2ah batteries dry in a Heartbeat

    Coworker tried some Stanley fatmax tools, he reckoned they were more aldi-tier

    • They are brushed

    • Maybe Aldi is the better option then?

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    Such a shame…on the ozito path atm as a noob diyer….

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      For a DIY nothing really wrong with Ozito. 5 year no drama warranty is worth it alone.

      If you use a tool to the point of breaking it then buy something better otherwise don't worry about it.

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    Like with most modern Stanley stuff, not really quality. Cheap stuff just trading on the Stanley name.

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    Agree that Stanley is junk these days, might as well get a cheap ozito kit and get that sweet 5 year warranty.

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    The name is misleading too, I can imagine LOTS of people reading V20 as 20 Volt.

    It doesn't even say 18V on the batteries?!

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      No different to DeWalt 20V max and (iirc) Makita 40v

      5 Li Ion cells at 3.6v nominal voltage = 18v
      5 Li Ion cells at 4.2v maximum voltage = 21v

      • But you never see them marketed with anything but nominal voltages in Australia. I believe the laws/regulations prevent them from doing so.

        • Not sure what you mean. They are clearly marketed as 40V (Max). No mention of nominal voltage:

          Voltage 40V Max

          • @bio: Interesting…I hadn't looked at the Makita line, but the 20V DeWalt line looks like it's only marketed like that in North America, but not here (at least, I could only find 18V on the tools on their site).

            The Makita max batteries are really just 36V right?

            There are regulations around how you advertise this stuff, but not as specific as 'though shalt use nominal voltage' that I could find in Australia. I had read somewhere that EU did have restrictions on that sort of practice though.

            It is for this reason that I understood Stanley-Black and Decker was not marketing their tool range as 20V in Australia (or Europe). Example:



            It's pretty much the same tool. Here in Australia, there is no allusion to calling it 20V (but they do slip in the sneaky V20). It's an 18V tool…plain and simple. In the US, they call the Craftsman equivalent the V20 also, but they actually say 20v.

            It was a similar story with the old FatMax/Porter Cable line. They started slapping 20V on the Porter Cable tools, but our Stanley versions were emblazoned with 18V.

            On Porter Cable vs Craftsman…I'm still trying to figure out if they're the same tools.

            Edit: On the voltage thing, I did find some info that there nominal voltages were the required spec up until 2017. This may have been self-regulation by the power tool industry though (via European Power Tools Association). So…no laws, or even regulations around this - you can say whatever you want hoping that you don't fall afoul of 'misleading advertising' type regulations. As you say, Makita does actually spec a Voltage of "40V Max" though…which I guess should tell us all something (or it would if the term "Max" wasn't always being thrown around as a marketing 'bigger is better' type affectation. This is almost like peak power figures in audio systems.

            • @Banj0:

              The Makita max batteries are really just 36V right?

              Yes, Makita XGT batteries are 36V nominal.

              Makita ecosystem is complicated; they also have 2x18V tools (also marketed as 36V), tools that take a single 36V battery (not sure if it is officially sold in AU), and the new 40V system.

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    The price of equivalent DeWalt kit jack up to $400

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    I have a range of the older Fatmax line. They are very decent tools. I'd say they are well above the budget tools such as Ozito or whatever, but not up there with the better Makita or Milwaukee lines (or indeed any of the other trade lines from smaller brands). Where there are plastics on Ozitos, there is alloy on my Fatmax, and mine are a mix of brushless and brushed (they started doing more brushless towards the end of the line). The brushless drills/drivers are quite strong, and I've been able to auger (carefully) through a hardwood sleeper with one of these.

    That same line was marketed under Porter Cable in the US, and generally considered a cut above the budget brands, but beneath the premium stuff. The Porter Cable name is not what it was though. You could buy the old line Porter Cable stuff, modify the battery slot tabs, and interchange with the Stanley FatMax equivalents marketed in Europe and here in Australia.

    The 20V moniker is just BS. All batteries of this chemistry with the same number of series cells will show over 20V at full charge. Some technologies will put out the higher voltage for longer and on higher loads though, so I guess that's what they may be trying to sell (but it's rubbery without numbers to back it up). In Australia, I suspect our advertising and sales regulations may dissuade companies from promoting higher-than-nominal voltages on product - it could very easily be argued to be misleading.

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      Good run down. I have these same set minus the grinder. I am a few rungs above the average DIYer and a few below a qualified tradie but have abused the drill and the impact driver. Both have held up incredibly well many years later. They are probably comparable to the latest Ozito brushless range. The housings are fairly robust, they have taken a fair few ladder falls with no issues. Batteries showing no signs of fatigue 5 odd years later. The bag was crap and fell apart fairly early on, but you can’t expect much at this price point.

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    Great price for an excellent kit.

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    Agree, good kit , grinder is week, but can get you out of a tight spot
    If you don’t have a kit yet, then I recommend going ozito brushless just because of the extra’s and availability At Bunnings, warranty etc

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