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Oral-B PRO-HEALTH Clinical Rinse Mouthwash, 1L $5.99 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU (OOS) or Chemist Warehouse (Pickup)

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Price matching CW I guess. But you can subscribe and save on Amazon for $5.39.
Chemist Warehouse https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/78538/oral-b-clinica…

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    Further discount applied for my order placed - only being charged by $0.38!

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      Was the 75 gift card offer a $5 credit on next spend?

      • Yes, I bet that’s why.

  • Before or after brushing? That is the question.

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      Use as toothpaste

      • Or instead?

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        Lol but really, please do not do this! Unless you want to give us more $$$ down the line then I welcome it.

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      Dental student here, I think the opinion tends to be split between dental professionals but I'm more of an advocate for before. Reason is that typically after you brush (especially with a fluoride toothpaste) it's ideal to let the fluoride sit in your mouth for around 30 mins. By using a mouthwash directly after it washes away that fluoride. I guess since this contains fluoride it could be fine, but I still stand with using mouthwash before you brush.


      • I've heard other dental students say the same, but do you know that the fluoride in supermarket toothpaste is different to the stuff you use at Dental Surgery, Supermarket fluoride is acidic, the reason for this is that it absorbs into the teeth faster, it's made to be washed out completely at end of brushing.
        The fluoride you use is ph neutral, it takes a long time to absorb into tooth, and also because it's neutral it's not damaging staying on your teeth for 30mins

        • Hmm I'm not totally convinced if you're indicating to rinse instead of spitting any excess toothpaste after brushing. This is what the ADA at least says about it Could you elaborate on that if you don't mind?

          To be honest all toothpastes are abrasive in their own ways (which is similar to the function of acid) and ware down enamel. Here's a nice table with some toothpastes for reference

          • @NoiceMemes: I think it depends on the toothpaste you use. I have seen the description of spitting out toothpaste but don't wash out, but only on schedule3 pharmacy toothpaste - example NeutaFlour5000, but it contains the same fluoride you use in dentistry - ph neutral. The fluorides in supermarket toothpastes vary but have a level of acidity to help absorption . This is why I think the supermarket toothpastes don't make your recommendation, you only want a PH neutral solution staying on your teeth for 30minutes

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              @bobvegas: I mean if there's more fluoride in the toothpaste then it can help to further prevent dental caries from forming. Though in saying that this toothpaste isn't quite necessary for most people. Typically this would be ideal for patients with high risk of dental caries… and also technically speaking but too much fluoride can be bad for children as it may lead to fluorosis (hence not advisable for all patients).

              It's just that for the average person, I don't believe this product is necessary and especially for pH reasons - plus it's more costly. Would like to know if other dental professionals think the same.

              Here's some links where high fluoride content may be beneficial for patients:
              - https://www.drjenkinsdentist.com/blog/advantages-to-using-a-…
              - https://www.nps.org.au/medicine-finder/neutra-fluor-5000-plu…

          • @NoiceMemes: I brush with paste on the brush and mouthwash instead of water. Spit 3/4 and keep the rest in my mouth until I’m ready to sleep (I guess around 45 minutes min).

            Never considered it might not be recommended to keep it in my mouth for that period of time.

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              @0jay: You can keep it (the toothpaste) in for 45 mins or longer, doesn't really matter. 30 mins is recommended as a general baseline because the enamel is a bit sensitive after brushing. At least with mouthwash it's probably best to use it before brushing imo, and spitting out excess toothpaste (if it's 3/4 for you) seems to be fine.

              • @NoiceMemes: Thanks, it’s a mixture of paste and mouthwash (which I use instead of water when brushing).

                Sounds as though maybe I should just brush with water.

        • Do you have source for this?

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              @bobvegas: Also one last thing but taking care of one's diet is substantially more important than whether a toothpaste's fluoride content is causing greater acidity in the mouth. Regardless the fluoride content, it is still going to help with the following even if it has a slight increase in acidic properties.

              Its benefits

              • Rebuild (remineralize) weakened tooth enamel
              • Slow down the loss of minerals from tooth enamel
              • Reverse early signs of tooth decay
              • Prevent the growth of harmful oral bacteria
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                @NoiceMemes: Dentist here. I definitely agree with diet too. I see so many kids brush fairly well but still have decay because they graze all day on junk food (doesn't have to be sweet) or eat lots of lollies. There's the hopewood house dental caries study where the children grew their own food and had no toothbrushes but they didn't have much caries. Mouthwash is useless but not harmful. Diet, toothbrush, and flossing are enough

      • Thanks for sharing. Interesting.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 via Amazon with S&S. Good find!

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    Thanks for the find, Bought one for myself from Amazon….

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    Birthday present for missus sorted. Thank you

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      You are very generous and get sure she’s keeping up with her mouth hygiene. Smart boy!

    • This will be a gift: yes

  • Great price

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    Just beware that for a small population of people the active ingredient in this mouthwash (cetylpyridinium chloride) stains teeth brown.

    And despite what the label says about brushing can remove the stains, it won't when they are on the edges between your teeth, so the only way to remove the stains is by a dentist or hygenist.

    • Oh so this is no good?

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        Really depends on the type of bacteria in your mouth, but the staining only affects something like 3% of people.

        I forget which type causes the stains (gram negative or gram positive), but you definitely know the mouthwash works because the stain only occurs when the bacteria dies.

    • Maybe it doesn’t matter too much, if you rinse with this product before brushing your teeth?

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    S&s option is gone now!

  • This one better deal

    Oral-B Pro Health Multi Protection Anti Plaque Mouthwash, Refreshing Mint, 500 mL https://amzn.asia/d/9ViRpOy

    $3.99 plus SS

    • +1

      Better deal? It costs more per 100mL. Ingredients mostly look the same except mint flavour. The only advantage I see is smaller bottle size and it's not out of stock

    • It costs more and doesn't have fluoride (like the Oral-B one does). Seems like an objectively worse deal.

      • It does have sodium fluoride listed as an ingredient but per comment above, it's suggested as being better to use mouthwash before brushing teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, so it wouldn't matter anyway.

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